628 A Mysterious Scroll
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Mei Chao Bing finally inclined his head. “I will. You should also understand that I have only just found out about having a special constitution though. So whether I can do as you ask of me and how fast it’ll be might still depend on the information you can give me.”

For now, he couldn’t do anything so giving in was the only way. Still, he hadn’t completely given up hope. Senior martial sister Xi and senior martial sister Liu were still out there gathering information from Mu Qing while senior martial brother Shen and his lover were winning over the Zhen Yan Sect. If he kept his Master busy for long enough, maybe those endeavors would work out and bring about new possibilities. It might be unlikely but he had to try.

Feng Bai Xiao glanced at him lightly, not speaking.

Mei Chao Bing felt as if his scalp grew numb. His Master … could probably see right through him. It probably wasn’t difficult to do so either at this moment but he refused to admit it. “Do you not agree? But you never bothered to tell me so it has only been literal days since this has come to my knowledge. Even though I am indeed talented, with nothing to go off, is there still a way for me to figure out perfectly how it works?”

Feng Bai Xiao kept quiet for another moment before he gave a hum. “Of course, you likely haven’t realized the full extent of your gift. But I am not worried. You were always a fast learner and with your lover’s life on the line, I am sure you would only put in more effort to comprehend.”

Mei Chao Bing didn’t respond. Naturally, he also heard the veiled threat contained in those words. If his Master thought he was holding back, he would definitely make use of Yun Bei Fen’s presence here. He gritted his teeth and reminded himself once again that he had to stay calm. “Don’t worry. I won’t put him in jeopardy. Since you have him as your hostage, I will naturally do as you say.”

“I know.” Feng Bai Xiao raised a hand. “Ah Chen, you show him.”

The Elder Lei who had quietly blended into the background got up again, walked to a desk deeper into the hall, and picked up a scroll. Then, he slowly walked around the cultivation platform and up to Mei Chao Bing, handing it over.

Mei Chao Bing quietly took the scroll from his hands, giving Lei Chen another doubtful look. He seemed to be in the know about all these things, considering that his Master hadn’t made him leave and even let him handle whatever this scroll was. So … just who was he?

He still couldn’t find any clues about that so instead, he lowered his head to look at the scroll and slowly unfurled it. Seeing what was inside, his heart dropped. At first glance, it seemed like unintelligible scribbles but after some consideration, this was obviously a classification of skills that were used by both the righteous and demonic sects. The worst of it was that they were not classified in the way he was familiar with but by some other metric that he couldn’t make sense of for some time. He didn’t have a good feeling about it though.

Mei Chao Bing furrowed his brows and slowly took in the details, trying to understand how each of these were related. Thanks to the sect’s early teachings, he was familiar with most of the sects on the righteous side and his Master had at least taught him about the major sects on both sides so he had a rough understanding of what each of them stood for. The ones he hadn’t heard of were mostly smaller sects on either side but he felt like this wasn’t important. He should be able to figure it out from the context.

The major distinction seemed to be between sects that focused on the cultivation through spiritual energy and those that put more attention on martial arts. When looking at the details, it seemed that they were further separated according to … well, maybe you could call it the philosophy of their techniques.

Every sect had a special way they approached cultivation which was the basis for any skills they produced later on. Disciples would learn these systematically after entering the sect, starting from the rules each sect set for their members to the basic skills and the stories left by those who had come before them. Some of these philosophies were naturally similar in nature as there were only so many ways to interpret cultivation. Those who were had been placed closer together on the scroll while they were farthest from the sects with teachings that were directly opposed to theirs.

Mei Chao Bing felt that he somewhat understood and raised his gaze to look at his Master again. “Was this left behind by the Lin family?” He still paid close attention to this point. If this was inherited from them in some way, it meant that his Master likely knew the truth about the constitution and it was he who hadn’t figured it out. If it wasn’t … then maybe he was right that he couldn’t do what his Master wanted while his Master wasn’t aware of that. He had to figure out this point.

Feng Bai Xiao raised his brows. “Of course not. Nothing of theirs is left. You should know as much. This is what I painstakingly pieced together during the time I was residing in the Teng Yong Sect.”

Mei Chao Bing narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t help but notice how his Master called it ‘residing in the Teng Yong Sect’ as if he had only ever temporarily lived there and not become a disciple and moved his way up to the position of an Elder. This man … really had his very own view of the situation.

Anyway, personal feelings aside, this wasn’t important right now. “Then what is it for? I am afraid I still don’t understand. You’ll have to condescend to tell me a few more words if you want this to make any sense to me.”