630 An Energetic Cycle
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For the first time since seeing him again, Mei Chao Bing stared at his Master in horror. He had only been somewhat shocked when he realized that he must have reached the demigod stage for sure because he had already feared that this might be the case. Either way, while it might have been his worst guess, it was still something that could be expected. This though … this wasn’t.

He had expected a lot. He had thought that maybe his Master wanted him to make use of all the energy in the southern chasm since that was available but couldn’t be used by others so it was a good source of energy. He could have imagined that his Master wanted to set that person free in a terrible attempt to eradicate the righteous sects while making use of something else to further strengthen the demonic faction. He even would have been on board if somebody suggested he intended to screw over both sides and crown himself the invincible number-one expert of the cultivation worlds for thousands of years to come. Downright stealing the energy of the person the whole cultivation world hadn’t been able to kill and barely managed to seal though? That was … that was nuts even for his own Master.

Mei Chao Bing closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Even though it seemed impossible, his Master was clearly serious about this. Also, what he had said about opening up the way meant that he knew exactly what he had done in the southern chasm. He was well aware of the magical box so any attempt to use it on him would be futile. He could really only go along with what his Master wanted.

He exhaled slowly and opened his eyes again, his expression turning serious. “I am afraid you will have to expand on that. From what I know, the person sealed beneath the continent was a peerless expert that the righteous faction as a whole couldn’t defeat and barely managed to contain by using an array.” And this array was even one that was supplied with energy by all the members of the four great righteous sects. The strength of that person could be imagined. “I am afraid I can’t see how I am supposed to take in their energy.”

Feng Bai Xiao didn’t look as if this would be an issue at all. He unhurriedly turned to Lei Chen, motioning again.

Lei Chen took out another scroll, handing it to Mei Chao Bing without a word.

Taking the scroll with a bad feeling, Mei Chao Bing slowly unfurled it. He wasn’t sure what exactly he was expecting. Obviously, this should have to do with that person and the array but … he couldn’t see any way for this to work. So whatever this was should be rather obscure.

Looking down at the parchment, there was an array drawn on it with dense notes written everywhere around it. Clearly, this was a copy of the array the four great righteous sects had set up to seal that person. The positions of the sects were marked as were several landmarks including the southern chasm.

He narrowed his eyes and read over the notes. Some of them actually referred to the other scroll he was holding: They described the energy generated by the disciples of the respective sect and how they worked together. Apparently, between these four techniques was a natural progression of an energetic cycle that was further aided by the geography surrounding their sects.

The array back then or maybe even the sects themselves had been set up with great care. This should be what had allowed them to maintain the array for so long even when the southern chasm had been opened, interfering with what had originally been created. It was obviously a well-crafted seal that had the potential to run until that person’s strength ran out.

The southern chasm was clearly marked as the weak point of the array. According to the notes next to it, it had torn the boundary between the dimensions, setting free another kind of energy that interfered with this well-coordinated cycle, allowing a gradual change.

Mei Chao Bing quietly pondered as he studied the scroll. This roughly corresponded to what they had figured after their visit to the southern chasm. It was a lot more detailed though. Obviously, his Master had worked on this for a long time, gathering more and more information. Well, it wasn’t strange. His whole plan seemed based on this.

Mei Chao Bing lowered the scroll and looked up, his expression still complicated. “I suppose by using the southern chasm and the remaining energy there, it would be possible to disrupt the energy flow of the array for long enough that the person inside could flee. But how does that help? It’s not like they would obediently come out and let me take their energy. I certainly don’t have the strength to fight them either.” In fact, he wasn’t even sure if his Master did. If that person was truly as strong as the documents from back then had made it seem, then chances were that the demigod stage might not be enough to deal with them.

“Don’t worry about that.” Feng Bai Xiao didn’t seem to see a problem. He still wore the same smile as before as if none of these questions were unexpected but none of the concerns were valid. He didn’t bother to explain though. “You already know what you need to know. We will soon start. Until then … you should practice a bit so as to not screw with my plans. If you try …” He glanced at the array behind Mei Chao Bing where Yun Bei Fen was still trapped by his spiritual energy.

“My word might not mean much to you but as soon as you have done what I’ve asked of you, he will be set free. Until then, you’d better be careful though. I will keep a close eye on you and if you so much as think about sabotaging this, then he will suffer the consequences.”