632 Nothing to Be Done
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Yun Bei Fen didn’t pay much attention to what Feng Bai Xiao was saying. He had never liked him much because of how strictly he had treated Mei Chao Bing and after his betrayal and seeing how it had affected him, his opinion of him sunk even lower. So, after he came here, he really didn’t want to waste a single thought on him.

At first, he had just squatted in the boundaries of the array that Lei Chen had set up, wondering if he had done something wrong. Later, he started to worry about what this might mean for Mei Chao Bing and the others. Had he added to their worries? It seemed like it. Then, Mei Chao Bing appeared and all those thoughts were thrown out the window. Anyway, no matter what, he was just happy to see him. Of course, in the current situation, even Yun Bei Fen who was easy to cheer up again couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room.

Mei Chao Bing hadn’t looked at him even once since speaking to his Master but had made sure to stand between the two of them as if he was afraid that Feng Bai Xiao would attack. When his Master finally said those threats, he became even tenser but there was nothing else he could do.

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips. Mei Chao Bing’s Master was really bad. He was actually using him to threaten his own disciple. How could he do that?

He picked up Xiao Hui again and kneaded the spiritual beast’s fluffy body, feeling aggrieved. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be anything else he could do. Even Mei Chao Bing didn’t seem to think that he could win against his Master or he would have tried to attack him already. Since that was the case, what was he supposed to do?

He glanced up at Lei Chen, wondering if he could at least defeat him so Mei Chao Bing wouldn’t have to deal with two people. Unfortunately … it didn’t seem likely. Their level actually wasn’t that different but just judging by the fact that Lei Chen had managed to set up this kind of difficult array around him, it was clear that he was a lot more knowledgeable. In a fight, that was definitely a big advantage so he couldn’t risk it.

Yun Bei Fen retracted his gaze and instead looked at Mei Chao Bing’s back again. He definitely trusted that Mei Chao Bing would manage to deal with the situation. He was afraid that he might drag him down though. He didn’t want that. Unfortunately, they couldn’t even talk this through so he had no idea what he could do to … well, not do that. It was really vexing!

Yun Bei Fen pouted but he didn’t have any ideas and he didn’t want to disturb Mei Chao Bing either so he could only stay quiet and continue watching while kneading his spiritual beast. Who knew? Maybe later, there would be some kind of opportunity or maybe Mei Chao Bing would give him some sign of what he should do next. It was absolutely possible!

Of course, Mei Chao Bing wasn’t considering that. Right now, he didn’t even dare to think about delaying the time too much. His Master had made clear that he knew about everything they had done in the past weeks and he had likely adjusted his plan accordingly. He also wasn’t the understanding kind. This was something he knew from his childhood and it certainly hadn’t changed in the past five years. So clearly, if he gave him any reason to doubt that he was giving this his all, he’d draw consequences from that.

Yun Bei Fen was his means of controlling him. He wouldn’t kill him off directly but there was no reason not to harm him. If he felt something was off, one casual attack could take half of his little bunny’s life. Even if he didn’t want to go that far, just letting that Elder Lei do something would result in serious injuries over time or at least pain in the short run. Since he loved Yun Bei Fen, he naturally couldn’t just watch that happen.

It really had to be said that his Master was doing a splendid job. He had identified the one thing that could be used to hurt him and he was shamelessly making use of it. In fact, he didn’t even have to do much. A vague threat was enough. After that, he only needed to rely on the understanding Mei Chao Bing had formed of him throughout the years of learning from him as his disciple.

In short, he knew that Feng Bai Xiao wasn’t just bluffing but would indeed harm Yun Bei Fen at the slightest offense. Naturally, this also meant that he wouldn’t dare to do anything that could give his Master the wrong impression. No, even though he didn’t want to, he had to comply for the time being. And unless an almost miraculous situation occurred later on which would allow him to save Yun Bei Fen while also directly killing his Master … he might actually have to comply with this whole plan.

He wasn’t happy about it but what could he do? To him, nothing was more important than Yun Bei Fen. He could give up the righteous faction or the Teng Yong Sect, he could even give up his ideals or his own life but he couldn’t let Yun Bei Fen be harmed in the slightest. Maybe this was wrong. Maybe as cultivators, they should expect something like this to be a possibility and had to accept whatever the outcome might be. Still, even if it was wrong, he wouldn’t decide any differently. In this one regard, he simply had to be selfish.

Whatever the consequences of this decision would be, he’d live with them. If he couldn’t stay in the Teng Yong Sect, that was alright. If the Teng Yong Sect ceased to exist … well, even then, he wouldn’t change a thing. Anyway, deep down, he had stopped caring about many things in these years and he wouldn’t let go of the only light in his life. He simply couldn’t.