644 A Lot of Useful Tools
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Fa Ai Jun and Ximen Chang exchanged a glance. This sounded almost too good to be true. If the message could be sent and received in time while they didn’t even have to divert too much of their workforce, then that was naturally ideal. It truly was hard to believe.

“Can this prototype really work? I mean, in time?”

Ximen Chang nodded along with her question. “How exactly does it work?”

Shen Lei could only smile wryly. This was why staying with the truth was always easier: You didn’t have to make up some shit to cover up anything else. Still, he didn’t dare to expose Luo Lin’s ability so he had to do this. “Well … frankly, I’m not sure if I understand all of it. It sounded really complicated when he explained it. But the gist was that everybody had some mark on their body that is created through cultivation and … with the right materials, a device can be created that can interact with that.”

He thought for a bit and then pulled out one of the flower maps that had been hastily made by the disciples back in the sect under Yan Hong Min’s instructions while Mei Chao Bing was there the last time. There weren’t many of them but as one of the stronger disciples with lots of experience who was likely to lead others in the final battle, he had been chosen to receive one. Now, it was coming in handy.

“This is the device. Some of the other disciples of our sect have a similar one but this is a special prototype. It was fitted to the mark on Ah Lin’s and my body so it only works for us. Something this and the regular ones can do though is to make the mark of other cultivators visible.”

The two Elders leaned over the table and looked at the flower-shaped thing in Shen Lei’s hands doubtfully. It really didn’t look like much. Definitely not like something that would allow them to deliver a message in a short time. After examining it for a moment, they both looked up at him questioningly.

Shen Lei coughed and then motioned at the flower map again. “I can show you the general use. The … special function he created for us might be limited in how often we can use it. Since it’s a prototype without extensive testing, he warned us about this. Unless it’s an emergency, we definitely can’t use it.”

Luo Lin had naturally caught onto what his lover was doing and hurriedly nodded. “Yes, we used it to come here so one time is already gone. We don’t know exactly what the upper limit will be but the function is naturally limited by the materials according to what my second senior martial brother said. They will be used up further with each use and at the end, it might even be that we can’t go the whole way.”

“So this is how you delivered that letter to me?” Fa Ai Jun finally grasped onto a point she had been wondering about before and felt that this device might be a lot more reliable than she had thought at first glance.

The two disciples nodded, their expressions innocent as if they weren’t completely hoodwinking these two Elders.

“Yes, exactly that. It allows us to travel to a place unseen while transporting anything on our bodies. The place to go to will be chosen based on the marks shown on here. Let me demonstrate that.” Shen Lei knew that they probably shouldn’t say too much but it was also important to let the Elders see some sort of function or they would only become doubtful. Since they had an excuse for why they couldn’t show them the travel function, doing this should assuage them slightly.

He hurriedly imbued some spiritual energy and several dots lit up on the surface of the flower map. Pointing at the ones directly in the middle, he explained. “These refer to the four of us. Other dots are the marks of other cultivators. For now, the regular map only distinguishes the marks based on which sect a person comes from. In the travel mode of our prototype, it is more differentiated but, well, I can’t show you that right now.”

The two Elders nodded, not too surprised.

Elder Fa hurriedly motioned at the flower map. “You’d better turn it off if the materials will be exhausted by use. Delivering the message to the Jian Chu Sect and the Li Ren Sect is of utmost importance. You definitely can’t fail halfway. Otherwise, we’ll be in trouble.”

Shen Lei nodded and turned it off while Luo Lin shook his head. “Don’t worry, Elder Fa. The regular use of the map is sustained by our own spiritual energy so it won’t interfere with the travel option. We will definitely accomplish the task we’ve agreed to take on. My second senior martial brother might have said that the use is limited but I trust in his ability as a spiritual tool forger. Whatever he makes can’t be bad.”

Shen Lei nodded once again. “Yes, he has created a lot of devices that will be useful in the fight against the demonic faction. Speaking of which …” He looked at Elder Fa and Elder Ximen and tried to keep a straight face. “When you arrive at our Teng Yong Sect’s camp, you should ask Elder Baili and Elder Xing if they still have a few ears for your lower-level disciples.”


“Mn.” Shen Lei hummed and turned to his lover who had kept a pair for himself.

Luo Lin pulled Yan Hong Min’s creation out and put the hair band with the bunny ears on his head to show the two Elders.

Fa Ai Jun and Ximen Chang stared in a daze. The previous device hadn’t looked like it could do much but had that kind of function. Now this …

Ximen Chang coughed, feeling a little embarrassed. “So … what does it do?”

“It raises the range of one’s own spiritual perception.”

“Oh. I see.” Ximen Chang nodded slowly. That was indeed a useful tool. Thankfully, he was at a level where he didn’t need it though. Because, to be honest, he wouldn’t want to be caught with this thing on his head even if dead. Otherwise, he might die a second time from embarrassment.