645 Involving All The Sects
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Luo Lin didn’t seem to have similar thoughts. He happily wore the bunny ear hair band on his head as if showing off his second senior martial brother’s invention.

Shen Lei looked at him and finally fell silent. He had been with Luo Lin for years and had seen all kinds of looks on him. A lot of them were deliberately seductive. He knew and he certainly wasn’t complaining. That was to his own benefit after all. But seeing Luo Lin like this … to be honest, he also liked that very much. There was a certain playfulness to it that he seldom saw in his lover. It really was a good look.

A minute passed by with everyone keeping silent. Finally, Shen Lei tore his gaze away and cleared his throat, trying not to focus too much on what he had just seen. Instead, he looked at Fa Ai Jun. “If Elder Fa agrees with our proposal, it would be best to finish a letter soon. Also, maybe include something that can prove it really came from you.”

Fa Ai Jun nodded. “I’ll get to it right away.” This matter indeed couldn’t be delayed. Since time was of the essence, they should hurry every step of the way. Thinking of this, while she got ready to write two letters for the two remaining great sects, she glanced at Ximen Chang. “You should get the disciples ready in the meantime. This time, I am afraid the battle is going to be decisive. No matter the outcome, we probably won’t have to return here so the whole camp can be taken down.”

Yes, after this battle, at least one side would be in dire straits, unable to get back up in a short amount of time. In fact, she was a little afraid that it would be their own people. After all, the four great sects only had the disciples in these four camps. While most of them should have sent reinforcements after the first few findings in the border region, it was far from the number of disciples overall.

On the other hand, the people of the demonic faction had their stronghold in the border region. They had gathered here for a long time and even though each sect had also only sent a certain number of disciples, it was all the sects of their faction which still came out to a lot. It definitely wasn’t comparable to only four sects on the righteous side.

Thinking of this, she finally sighed. It was a pity that they would barely have the time to contact the camps of the Jian Chu Sect and the Li Ren Sect. If they were able to inform their actual sects and maybe even reach out to the other sects on the righteous side, the prospects would look a lot different from what they were right now.

Ximen Chang’s thoughts went in a similar direction. He thought for a while and finally cleared his throat. “That … How about asking the Jian Chu Sect to send messages to the sects themselves? I mean, with the help of Blue Butterfly …”

On the other side of the desk, Shen Lei squeezed Luo Lin’s hand. They had tried to hide Luo Lin’s ability as well as they could and it had seemed like the Elders believed them but it felt a little unnerving to suddenly hear about the person who was the source of this copied version. Hopefully, they wouldn’t realize the similarity or at least not think about it any deeper.

Fa Ai Jun didn’t think in that direction at all. Even though it was obviously similar, she had heard of Elder Baili’s disciples being odd and that one was a spiritual tool forger was also something she had heard of. She hadn’t known any further details considering that she wasn’t part of the sect and didn’t often interact with people from the Teng Yong Sect but his inventing something roughly similar to the ability of a guardian definitely wouldn’t raise her eyebrows. At most, she’d want to congratulate his Master for picking up a good disciple who was contributing to the righteous faction’s cause in a very unique and helpful way.

“Even if they contact her, will that help? With only a few days to go …” It didn’t seem likely. After all, first, Luo Lin and Shen Lei had to deliver the message to the Jian Chu Sect’s camp, then the disciples from there would have to rush the message back to the Jian Chu Sect itself, and only after that could their guardian get active and inform the other three sects who would then have to set out to finally arrive at the border region.

When traveling at full speed, a nascent soul stage cultivator could get to the border region from the nearest sect in a few hours but not everyone had reached the nascent soul stage and the other sects were also further away. Not to mention that this style of traveling also cost a lot of energy. After they arrived, would they be ready to fight a prolonged battle? It didn’t seem likely.

Ximen Chang sighed. “I know what you mean but even if only one or two sects make it in time, that would greatly benefit us. Plus, if the others get the message and set off, then even if they come later, we’ll at least know that there will be reinforcements. And by the time they join the battle, the disciples who are already exhausted will be relieved for a while at least. It’s not perfect, yes, but I think it would heighten our chances of winning this battle. With only those already in the border region …” He shook his head, clearly doubting that there was any chance.

Fa Ai Jun wasn’t sure if the sects could really play such a big role but at the end of the day, getting some support was indeed better than having none at all so she finally included a request for sending the message further in the letter to the Jian Chu Sect before handing it to Shen Lei. “There you go. I suppose there is nothing else to talk about between the four of us.

“Elder Ximen and I will go and check out the place our disciples found before heading over to the Teng Yong Sect’s camp. The two of you should go to the Jian Chu Sect first if possible to give them more time, then directly head to the Li Ren Sect before returning to your sect’s camp. Don’t stay out any longer than you absolutely need to.”

Shen Lei nodded and pulled Luo Lin to his feet. “Don’t worry, Elder, we’ll be careful.”

Fa Ai Jun gave a hum, bid the two of them farewell, and then left the tent to join Ximen Chang who had already gone out to supervise the disciples while she was writing the rest of the letter.