646 The Things You Did for Your Younger Siblings
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While Luo Lin and Shen Lei had slowly figured out the use of the dreamscape and finally delivered the news to the people of the Zheng Yan Sect, Zhi Guan who was hanging around the corridor with the three disciples of the Wu Yun Sect in the underground palace started to get slightly worried.

It had been quite some time since Mu Qing left with Liu Bao Ru to see Xi Ju Hai. He knew that there was a lot to speak about so this might not necessarily be odd but he’d rather be careful. If they had been surprised by somebody who was on patrol or someone from the headquarters showed up to deliver a message or something, they could still get in trouble.

He stepped away from the wall, ready to go over, but his actions immediately drew Song Yu Zheng’s attention.

“What’s the matter?”

Zhi Guan pursed his lips and looked from Song Yu Zheng down the corridor and back again. He couldn’t really leave without explaining himself but he was also afraid that the demonic cultivator would try to discourage him from going. In the end, he could only furrow his brows and say a few words after all. “They’ve been gone for rather long. I should go and check on my sister.”

Song Yu Zheng also looked down the corridor, his mind moving fast. Actually, now that Zhi Lin pointed it out, senior martial brother Mu was indeed taking rather long if he was just showing her to another room away from everyone. Could it be …?

He coughed and hurriedly walked to Zhi Guan’s side, patting his shoulder. “I don’t think you should worry. Senior martial brother Mu is a gentleman. He wouldn’t do anything to her. They might just have been talking on the way there and she found out that he was actually really interesting so she invited him to stay a chat for a while. I’m sure it’s nothing more than that.”

Zhi Guan blinked his eyes. He remembered hearing that excuse from Luo Lin once in the past, shortly after he had entered the sect. In actual fact, the other person had treated him badly but he didn’t trust this first senior martial brother of his just yet so he didn’t dare to sue. Thankfully, while Zhi Guan wasn’t somebody who cared about those kinds of relationships at all and definitely couldn’t tell at the time what should or shouldn’t be, he was still observant in general.

For several days in a row, he appeared just when the other cultivator came to see Luo Lin and asked him to compare notes. After losing badly every time, the guy finally never dared to appear around Luo Lin again. It was probably this episode that finally made Luo Lin trust Zhi Guan without reserve. Whenever he felt that somebody was even just looking at him oddly after that time, he always knew to run to Zhi Guan first and have him keep an eye out.

Hearing the familiar sentence again after so many years, Zhi Guan’s brows only furrowed more tightly. “I suddenly more worried. No, I should go and check.”

Song Yu Zheng who had never had a younger sibling, only felt awkward. He had thought he was saying good things about Mu Qing. How come it had turned out like this? He coughed with some embarrassment and glanced at Lu Wei and Wen Xiang, hoping for some help here.

The two of them exchanged and glance and finally also left their chosen spots, coming over. The corridor wasn’t so big that they hadn’t heard what Zhi Guan said earlier so they didn’t need to ask what was going on. As for helping Song Yu Zheng out though …

“Uh … I suppose senior martial brother Song should be right? Senior martial brother Mu has always treated the female disciples with courtesy. There is absolutely no reason to worry that he would do something to your younger sister!”

Zhi Guan listened and quietly nodded along in his heart. Back in the Teng Yong Sect, this was a perfect description of Mu Qing’s behavior and he didn’t think that it would change even after he went to the demonic faction. But then, that wasn’t why he was worried either.

He hummed, then took a deep breath and finally sighed. “I should still go and check. Don’t worry, I won’t be gone for long. You can just wait here.”

He turned around and wanted to leave but Song Yu Zheng hurriedly grabbed his arm and tried to pull him back. “Eh! Do you really want to go? What if … what if something is going on between the two of them? I mean … maybe our plan worked already. Senior martial brother Mu can be really charming. Definitely much better than that other guy.”

Zhi Guan glanced at his arm and gave another hum. “Yes. I should still check though. She is my sister, after all. You wouldn’t understand.” He finally pulled that card and twisted out of Song Yu Zheng’s grasp. “If you have younger siblings, then no matter what, you will always be responsible for them. Their safety and well-being will always come before yours. Even if it’s inconvenient, you will still do anything you can to help them and you won’t stop doing so until you know that they are in safe hands.”

Wasn’t this how it had been with Luo Lin? He wouldn’t interfere with his relationships but he would still keep an eye on those men. Only when he finally got together with Shen Lei and things stayed the same for a while did he relax his vigilance. By now, he was sure that he didn’t need to worry any longer. Now, there was somebody else protecting his third junior martial brother.

In fact, even his little junior was well taken care of. It seemed like only the troublesome second junior martial brother was still an issue but then, he was the one who got himself into trouble so … even if he kept a watchful eye on it, that likely wouldn’t help.