647 An Irref*table Reason
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Song Yu Zheng indeed didn’t know that feeling. He didn’t have biological siblings and when it came to his martial siblings studying under the same Master ors those that were at least from the same sect … well, few Masters were like Baili Chao who would especially emphasize being there for each other. This was the case in the righteous faction and even more so in the demonic faction.

Someone like Song Yu Zheng naturally hadn’t been exhorted to protect others. Rather than that, he was of the impression that those who couldn’t even protect themselves had no business trying to be cultivators and should better leave this path. He certainly didn’t believe that they should expect the help of others until they had grown strong enough to protect themselves. Nobody had done that for him and he wouldn’t do it for others either.

He definitely was somebody who somewhat looked down on the weak and admired the strong. That was why he had taken a liking to Zhi Guan almost as soon as he met him and was trying his best to poach him for the sect. As for his sister, well, beauty and charisma was also a certain kind of strength. Between family members or lovers, protecting one another was definitely possible in his eyes, and anyway, could somebody as excellent as Zhi Guan really have a sister who knew nothing? No, most likely, she was at least a decent cultivator as well.

Listening to Zhi Guan’s words, he could only sigh though. It seemed that he couldn’t keep him from going to check up on how things stood. Well, it wasn’t too strange. At the end of the day, this person was his younger sister and it seemed like their feelings were deep. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made such a fuss about her substandard boyfriend. Of course, he was still worried even if the other person was somebody as excellent as senior martial brother Mu.

In a sense, it was even very understandable. That person had been part of a righteous sect for so long. Who could really say where his loyalty lay? He might have followed his Master here but there was also the fiancee he was still hung up on. Having some doubts about him wasn’t too odd.

He finally made up his mind and patted Zhi Guan’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, junior martial brother Zhi, I understand very well. If it was my sister, I would also be worried. Since you’ve made up your mind, let’s go and check on her then.”

Zhi Guan looked at him quietly, wondering if Song Yu Zheng intended to stick to his side all the time from now on. If that were the case, doing anything to prepare for the big battle would be problematic.

He thought for a moment and finally shook his head. “Thank you for understanding but I think it would be better if you stayed here.”

Song Yu Zheng raised his brows. Was he being despised? Certainly not, right?

Zhi Guan naturally saw the change in his expression and hurriedly motioned down the corridor. “For one, we still need to make sure that nobody else bothers them. While senior martial brother Lu and senior martial brother Wei can certainly keep an eye out, you have the highest deterrence. Those disciples definitely won’t dare to quibble if you stand here and tell them not to go any further.

“And two … this is my sister. If I interrupt something it’ll be awkward but she’ll understand. If it’s you … I’m afraid her impression of you would drop. The same might be true for senior martial brother Mu. You’re trying to do a good deed here so I wouldn’t want you to be despised because of it.”

Song Yu Zheng immediately smiled behind the veil. Well, look at this! He indeed wasn’t being despised. On the contrary, it seemed that this Zhi Lin really cared about him. Otherwise, why would he think so much on his behalf? Since this was the case … he should naturally show his goodwill too!

He patted Zhi Guan’s shoulder, his eyes brimming with smiles. “I’m flattered that you care so much for me. But really, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for a friend. Even if senior martial brother Mu despises me, I am willing to risk it for the sake of your peace of mind. Anyway, we can still explain later on. Also, would he dare to be angry at his future brother-in-law’s friend for long? I don’t think so. Let’s go!”

He took back his hand and stepped past Zhi Guan, fully intending to follow Mu Qing and Liu Bao Ru. To his surprise, the person who had wanted to leave just now didn’t move a single step. He turned back, raising his brows in confusion. “What’s the matter?”

Of course, the matter was that this person was incredibly meddlesome and that Zhi Guan could hardly keep up with the twists and turns of his mind. He had given such logical reasons as to why they shouldn’t go there together and yet, here they were, still arguing about it. It was slowly giving him a headache.

He furrowed his brows, trying to think of an irrefutable reason as to why Song Yu Zheng definitely couldn’t accompany him. As usual, his mind went to his third junior martial brother and his relationship to find an acceptable explanation. In short, the question was: If Liu Bao Ru were Luo Lin and Mu Qing were Shen Lei, then what would the latter not let go with a simple apology or enough time? The only possible answer …

Zhi Guan continued to furrow his brows and gave Song Yu Zheng a deep look. “To put it bluntly, I think he would hate for you to see her naked. With me, it’s different.”

“Huh?” Song Yu Zheng froze, having trouble getting the image of Zhi Guan’s sister without that flamboyant red robe out of his mind.

Meanwhile, Lu Wei couldn’t help but slowly raise his brows. “How is it different if it’s you?”

Zhi Guan looked at him in confusion. “But we’re siblings. Naturally, I have already seen it.” Anyway, Luo Lin tended to lose his robes every now and then and Yun Bei Fen had been so small back then that the two of them would sometimes help him get dressed. So really, what hadn’t he seen?

The three demonic cultivators next to him could only exchange a dumbfounded look though. Still, in the end, Zhi Guan got his wish and they all gave way, letting him go by himself to check up on his sister. They all looked like they had a lot of questions though.