657 A Different Way of Travel
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Shen Lei and Luo Lin left the Li Ren Sect’s camp by following the same disciple who had brought them to see the Elder. Then, they traveled a little further but, of course, this was only a cover. As soon as they were sure nobody was watching, Luo Lin opened the dreamscape and pulled Shen Lei inside.

“To the Jian Chu Sect’s camp?”

Shen Lei nodded. “Yes, but make sure to stop as far away as possible. It wouldn’t do to be discovered by them. They are the ones who should know most about senior Blue Butterfly’s ability.”

Of course, this was only a possibility. When it came to the Teng Yong Sect, while most disciples knew that there was such a person as the Black Warrior, few would be aware of who exactly he was or what he could do. He himself certainly hadn’t known before they got in contact with the actual person. Who knew if it wasn’t the same in the other three great sects?

To be honest, it would make sense to be similar. He wasn’t all that clear on the circumstances of how the four guardians had come to be in their current positions but it seemed like they were almost being hidden by their sects now. This shouldn’t only be true for their Teng Yong Sect. But if this was the case, then the people at the camp of the Jian Chu Sect might not be too aware of their own guardian’s ability which would benefit him and Luo Lin greatly.

Luo Lin still felt like what Shen Lei had said before made sense though. “Even if the disciples don’t, I suppose the Elders in the camp should. We definitely have to be careful. It’s a bit difficult because I haven’t been to the camp. If we accidentally get too close and they notice somehow …”

Shen Lei nodded. This was indeed a possibility. “We can’t help it though, can we? Without knowing where exactly it is …” Of course, they had a map but without having seen the place with their own eyes, they could hardly synchronize their thoughts enough to travel to exactly the spot they wanted to reach. They could only think of a direction and move forward. At the very least, that was how they had done it before.

He pursed his lips and pulled Luo Lin into his arms, lowering his head a little to look into his eyes. “Do you think … we could use the map?”

Luo Lin looked at him questioningly, not sure what exactly he meant.

“I mean, do you think we could use the map to pinpoint a location? In the sense that … if we focus on a spot on the map, could we travel there without having seen the place ourselves? Could that be possible?”

Luo Lin furrowed his brows. In theory, that idea sounded good. It sure would save them some trouble. He was doubtful though. “I’m not sure if the dreamscape could work that way. It’s unlikely, isn’t it? Even senior Blue Butterfly never used a map, after all, and simply eyeballed things. I doubt she never thought of something this simple so it should be that she tried it and couldn’t make it work.”

Shen Lei had to give a hum even though he was reluctant to give up that easily. “Your ability isn’t the same as hers though. You’re simply copying the concept. Maybe … that also allows for some additional possibilities?” He felt like it should be possible. Just think of how Luo Lin’s copy of White Jade’s ability had turned out! He was sure the Li Ren Sect’s guardian wasn’t glowing in the dark …

Luo Lin also had to admit that this might be true. “Then let’s give it a try?” Anyway, what was the worst that could happen? At most, wouldn’t they fail to travel as far as they wanted to?

Shen Lei nodded and took out the map, holding it in front of the two of them. The camps of the four great sects were clearly marked on it as were all the other things they had discovered in the border region so far.

They both stared at the spot where the Jian Chu Sect was indicated and Luo Lin pointed to a spot a little further to the northwest. “How about trying to travel there? That should be far enough away that we won’t be discovered but close enough that we’ll make it there in a short amount of time.”

Shen Lei nodded. “Then let’s go.”

They both focused on the spot Luo Lin had pointed at and then took a step forward. Then … they found themselves three steps above the ground, and tumbled back down in a heap of limbs, the map falling elsewhere in the resulting chaos.

Luo Lin yelped and instinctively clung to Shen Lei’s body while his lover tried to turn around to catch the impact for him. They both breathed in heavily when they finally stopped moving and stared at one another in a daze.

“What just happened?” Luo Lin lay down, pressing his cheek to Shen Lei’s chest. That had really scared him. For a moment, he hadn’t even known where above and where beneath were.

Shen Lei wrapped his arms around Luo Lin’s waist and held him tightly while his brows twitched. “I’m afraid your ability does work exactly like senior Blue Butterfly’s. And I’m afraid that in this case, focusing on the spot on the map actually made is travel right there, on the map.

“It’s just that we were holding the map so as soon as we moved …” Well, obviously, that would mean they’d move to where the map had been previously which was in the air right in front of them but they couldn’t stand there so they directly came tumbling down.

He sighed and rubbed Luo Lin’s back. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have suggested it. It was a stupid idea.”

Luo Lin shook his head, raised it, and kissed his fiance’s chin. “You were trying to help us figure out more, that can never hurt. Also … this at least proves we can travel not just on the ground but also in the air. Who knows what that will be useful for in the future?”