73 Owing an Apology
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Mei Chao Bing’s gaze was burning. He actually hadn’t expected Elder Baili to do something like that. That wasn’t what they had agreed upon. Originally, the plan had only been for the Elder to be there when Yang Wu Huang confronted him so that his own words would have more weight and then for Baili Chao to make sure that the rumors about Yun Bei Fen would be dispelled so that nobody would think badly of him.

At most, he had expected the Elder to insinuate that Yang Wu Huang’s role in all of this was wasn’t as simple as he wanted people to believe. But even that was something he hadn’t brought up with him. After all, he had wanted to make the best possible impression on Baili Chao.

He didn’t want the Master of the person he loved to think badly of him even though he felt that Yang Wu Huang certainly deserved worse. But now … Not only had Elder Baili chastised Yang Wu Huang in that manner, but he had also absolved him of the crime his Master had committed and told the disciples that were present that he wasn’t a traitor.

He had known that Elder Baili thought differently from many others and that he hadn’t ever expected him to betray the Teng Yong Sect. Otherwise, the Elder never would’ve told him to give Yun Bei Fen time to grow up.

No, if he had thought that he was a traitor pr might become one, he would’ve made sure that he stayed away from his disciple. He wouldn’t have told him to wait. He wouldn’t have thrown his disciple at him when they were on the way to the border region. He also wouldn’t have let him live in the house after they arrived. That wasn’t something you did if you thought that the other person might be a traitor.

No, Elder Baili had long accepted him. Even though he had known that, it was still a different thing altogether to hear him admit that openly in front of all the other disciples. For the first time since his Master had betrayed the sect, somebody had stood up for him in public combating all those dirty looks he would get whenever he walked by.

Elder Baili really was a good Master. He would never let his disciple down. And even this person that had been associated with his disciple would be taken care of. He just was that type of person.

Baili Chao watched Mei Chao Bing’s expression and imperceptibly raised his brows. This boy … Even though he always pretended that he didn’t care, he was obviously very happy that he had said these things. Well, it was to be expected. Having Yun Bei Fen was certainly good but just he alone couldn’t make up for everything that had happened over the years.

No, if this boy was supposed to make his peace with what had happened in the past, then he had to be allowed to get a role that wasn’t just being the disciple of a traitor. He had to be allowed to make his own identity in the sect.

But that wouldn’t work as long as everybody always referred to that old incident and judged him based on that. No, they first had to absolve him of the guilt his Master had put on his shoulders.

While Mei Chao Bing experienced a bout of happiness, Yang Wu Huang felt anger rise in his chest. Why would Elder Baili actually say such things about this traitor?! Why would Yun Bei Fen still cling to him like that? Hadn’t Mei Chao Bing already lost everything? He shouldn’t get such treatment!

What about him? After being suppressed by Mei Chao Bing for years, he had finally managed to achieve the greatest heights. He was the most respected disciple of the younger generation of the Teng Yong Sect. He was the most morally upright cultivator, the most eligible bachelor, the one most people would want to ask questions about cultivation since he had the highest cultivation base among the youth.

So why was he being reprimanded? Shouldn’t the Elder encourage him to continue on the way that he had taken? Why did they have to listen to something like this? He didn’t want to acknowledge it. He wouldn’t acknowledge it!

Unfortunately for him, Baili Chao hadn’t forgotten about him yet. "Yang Wu Huang, didn’t you hear what I said? Don’t you feel that you owe Mei Chao Bing an apology?"

Yang Wu Huang gnashed his teeth but with Elder Baili insisting and all these people watching, he couldn’t get around this. He turned to Mei Chao Bing and forced himself to smile while he glared daggers at him at the same time. "Senior martial brother Mei, I’m very sorry. I shouldn’t have doubted you. Regardless of how the situation was, I should’ve given you the benefit of the doubt."

Mei Chao Bing lowered his gaze, his lips curving into a smile. Ah, he had never really taken this guy seriously. And since everybody knew now that nothing had happened to Yun Bei Fen, there wasn’t any harm done.

The others already hadn’t trusted him originally. That wasn’t Yang Wu Huang’s fault even though he had made use of that. From now on, these people might think at least a moment longer before they judged somebody. If that was the outcome of the situation, then maybe he actually had to thank Yang Wu Huang for making such drama.

"Junior martial brother Yang, it is nothing. You had your doubts about me. That is a little sad but it can’t be changed. What has happened, has happened. Let’s not dwell on it any longer. Maybe in the future, we’ll be able to react to things differently."

The disciples around them couldn’t help but whisper. "Who would have thought! That Mei Chao Bing actually isn’t that troublesome to get along with!"

Mei Chao Bing’s gaze flickered. He still knew most of these disciples from the time when he had still been Elder Feng’s disciple. Hearing such things from them now … He really didn’t know what to say about that.

Hadn’t they known him quite well back then? Had he ever been difficult? But now they actually made it sound as if he had made trouble for them in the last years. It was actually kind of funny if he considered that he had been in closed-door cultivation for most of the time to get around meeting these people and getting strong enough so he wouldn’t let Yun Bei Fen and his Master down.

Well, he would have to live with it. Even if he found their behavior insincere, that was still much better than letting Yun Bei Fen see each day how he was slandered. As long as they treated him like a stranger instead of an outcast, that would already be very good. He wouldn’t ask for more. Not now, anyway.