Welcome to Dos 06.5 – Ymma’s Diary: 1-3
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Entry 1:

I find this new technology... unnerving. The shop gives Dos, which is required to purchase items in the shop. But I do not know where this 'Dos' goes.

Do the Hyrmn test our greed? Giving us a taste of the forbidden marrow. Do we partake in this open feast?

My partner has purchased food for our young, which I am thankful for, but the rest of the convent will not find such a thing so blessed.

We buy our food from the next pack over. I am doubtful that they will receive our decreased payments willingly. Lggia has been losing eyesight, I fear he would not stand up to a challenge as strongly as he used to.

Entry 2:

A gathering has been called to discuss our usage of this new provider. As I predicted, our neighbors do not welcome the drop in trade. I can see her eyeing my children each cycle I walk past their hovel.

A party is being gathered to visit the hive. I fear I have no choice but to attend, as I have been voted as the Speaker. I would curse my prestigious upbringing, but the effort my birthers went through to acquire it shall not be wasted with disgusting words.

My partner shall have to defend the hovel without me, with or without his blind eye, there is still a hidden strength within him.

Entry 3:

We departed in the early light, filling the path with solemn waves. My children cry for me as I leave, but I cannot show weakness. The speaker is to be respected, and to be respected is to show confidence in all things.

My partner understands me, pulling the children back inside. I do not wish to lead the convoy, but there is no other place for me to be than at the mandible.

My escort had evolved with sharpened blades to cover their arms, I can only hope I do not hear them sing.

The journey to the hive will take eight cycles, provided we do not run into any danger. The way is fraught with winding paths and thick swamps, crying for an ambush.

Perhaps this new system has distracted our would-be assassins, what a joy that would be.