Sagrado Chapter 17
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(Rena Simpson POV)

I asked the other staff to find the source of all these codes and used the CCTV to search for his location. My eyes opened wide when we found the guardian who was protecting us against the villainous hacker.

"I-I-It can't be. It's him?" I got surprised by the sudden appearance of the man I had met earlier. The person who I ordered around earlier to stay inside the Mothersource main room.

The Director tilted his head and turned his gaze at me, "Y'know the man?" I got startled and fixed my composure from my exaggerated reaction. I replied with a smile, "The truth is, I don't know him. I had just met him earlier."

The Director rubbed his jaw, "Incredible. He is fighting the hacker with all his might. I have never seen such a man like him before. His typing skills are incredibly faster than mine. Who would have thought someone like him existed in this organization."

I nodded, "Indeed, all of the codes he is using were rarely been used by the others. His knowledge of computer codes is outstanding. He surpassed my level of understanding of the cyberworld."

"Ooh," the Director's eyebrow raised in surprise, "I can't believe that Assistant Director Rena Simpson would acknowledge his skills and accepted her defeat."

"Totally, I can't believe this man has existed in this world. Our agency is lucky to have a man like him."

"We found the culprit. His coordinates are 59°19′46″N 18°4′7."

I asked, "What is the name of the place? Which country?"

"Stockholm, Sweden. What is your order, sir?" asked the staff who was responsible for the search.

"Send all of our agents that are near to his place and arrest that man to pay for his crime." the Director commanded.

"Sir, yes, sir!" they responded in unison.

After ten minutes, the fight was over. The agents who were sent to arrest the hacker had successfully captured him alive. We found out that he was the infamous hacker codename Armada Crusader who had a bounty of two billion dollars on his head. His achievements and skills were incredible and no one could defeat him with only their mere hands. But a single man who had low-rank class and a Southeast Asian man from the Pacific defeated the notorious hacker.

"Incredible. He defeated the infamous Armada Crusader. The first SS ranker of the International Crime Syndicate.," the Director couldn't hide his happiness.

"Indeed. What a monster." I added.

"Assistant Director Simpson, shall we meet the hero?" he asked, smiling.

I returned with a smile too, "Of course, sir. Let's meet him up. He must be tired after that fierce battle."