Melas Book One is now on Amazon!
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Melas Book One: Bound and Broken

Is now available on Amazon as a Kindle Unlimited book! I'll be trying to breach new audiences, and this is my attempt at it. I do hope you guys will support me. You don't have to buy it, but I hope that those of you who do have Kindle Unlimited would consider downloading the book as each download counts as a sale. And while I might not earn any money from it, it would certainly help boost my ABSR up for more people to see!

Consider leaving a review or rating on Amazon for it too! You don't have to buy a book to review it, and since most of you have read it, I hope you would give it just a few ratings cause that helps a lot as well.

You can read it by clicking here!

Otherwise, thanks for reading this far!

Anyway, I'll be flying over the weekend because of personal issues, and I'm going to spend most of my time writing. So, hopefully, no promises. More chaps maybe.