Chapter 1- Crushes
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~*~ Orange Steve's POV ~*~

Sabre and I were in the Rainbow hub and I was feeding my pigs (had to add the pigs and Gerald) and I don't know where Sabre went then I hear this faint "Orange Steve" and I remember who else was in the Rainbow hub was Sabre

"Sabre, I'm over by my pigs," I said as I feel my face heat up when I saw that face of the smoll bean

"Are you okay Orange Steve?" Sabre asked

"Yeah I'm okay man why do you ask" I asked

"You are red in the face," Sabre said

"Oh I promise I'm okay," I said as I continued to feed my pigs

"What are their names?" Sabre asked


(Belongs to FavreMySabre)

"Hey Sabre can I tell you something?" I asked

"Yeah sure man what's up?" Sabre asked

"I have a crush on you Sabre," I said

~*~ Sabre's POV ~*~

"I have a crush on you Sabre," Orange Steve said

'My crush likes me back' I thought

"Well so do I," I said blushing

~*~ Orange Steve's POV ~*~ ~*~ sorry for the short POV ~*~

"Sabre, will you be my boyfriend?" I asked

"YES!!" Sabre said jumping into my arms

"I love you Sabre," I said

"I love you too Orange," Sabre said falling asleep in my arms

Love ya guys