Chapter 12- Gone for Business
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3rd person POV

Sabre and Orange were cuddling on the couch. Sabre was sleeping on Orange and Orange was playing with Sabre's hair and he got a call and reached for it and answered it. He didn't want to wake his adorable sleeping lover.

O- Hello?

???- Hello. I need you to come here for 4 months. I also need you to leave at 2:00 PM

O- What... Why?

Sabre woke up to Orange talking and Sabre looked up at Orange and gave him a kiss on the cheek and he also felt someone playing with his hair. He knew it was Orange because when he was either stressed or was having a nightmare that helps calm him down. Sabre wasn't feeling good and he went to the bathroom and puked into the toilet and somehow Orange heard him and knowing Orange he was worried about Sabre

"Sab?" Orange asked

"Yes Ora?" Sabre asked

"Are you okay?" Orange asked

"No. Can you get Rainbow for me?" Sabre asked

"Ok I'll be right back," Orange said

Sabre heard the front door open then close. He puked some more until he heard the front door open then close then heard someone running up the stairs and he looked over at the door to see Rainbow with pure panic written all over his face

"Sab, your pregnant again," Rainbow said rubbing Sabre's back

"I can't wait to tell Orange," Sabre said giggling

"I don't know the gender of my baby is yet," Rainbow said laughing softly and Sabre joined in later

Sabre suggested Rainbow the doctor that helped him find out what genders he was having when he was pregnant with Kai and Johnathan because he was really good

*I'm on my way back. Does Rainbow know what's wrong with you?*

*Yeah and I'll tell you when you get here*

Orange went to where Sabre and Rainbow was and Sabre got up to walk over to Orange and Orange's arms wrapped around Sabre's waist

"Love I have to tell you something and I know you have something to tell me," Orange said

"You go first," Sabre said

"I have to leave for 4 months and I have to leave at 2:00 PM today," Orange said

When Orange said that he was leaving Sabre started crying because one he was pregnant two he didn't want Orange to leave three he was scared that Nightmare Steve was going to attack while he was gone and Orange had a good idea of him and Sabre spending the next 2 hours together before Orange left for the next 4 months