61. ~Hot Chocolate~
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After a nice shower, Sasha sat down at the kitchen table with clean clothes and damp hair. Having prepared herself a hot beverage, she stared at her cup.

I shouldn’t have gone first.

Now I have to wait.

Sasha forgot Yatsu’s fuzzy touch wore away in the shower, and after she stepped out, Yatsu snuck passed her before she could renew it. Her hands stung when she so much as touched her bandages, when before there was no pain. For now though, she could still raise a cup.

Sasha blew on her hot chocolate before taking a cautious sip.

The basement door opened. Miya yelled out a couple words from downstairs before the door shut again. Luna ran around and pulled out a chair, sitting beside Sasha.

Her eyes sparkled with anticipation.

“Where’s Miya?” Sasha asked.

“Downstairs,” Luna responded quickly.

Sasha glared at her.

“Her hands are tied around a support beam,” she added.

Sasha looked away from Luna sparkling eyes, ignoring the fact her sisters switched rolls. With only one explanation for Luna’s presence beside her, Sasha took another cautious sip from her cup and prepared to spill the latest events between Yatsu and herself.

The shower stopped running, Sasha stopped talking. Luna hopped off her chair and disappeared behind the basement door. Sasha gulped down the rest of her hot chocolate. Waiting, she tapped on her cup impatiently.

He’s taking too long.

Sasha stood up and walked to the bathroom door. She waited there, wanting the door to open. Needing the door to open. Her heart leapt in excitement at every noise Yatsu made inside.

Finally, something fiddled with the doorknob and the door opened.

Yatsu stepped out, and Sasha tackled him, pressing her lips against his.

Fire melted away the pain from her wounds, a wave of electricity shot down her legs. She stopped to breathe and kissed him again.

Yatsu suddenly kissed her back, then pulled away breathing heavily.

“Are… are you okay?” He asked.

Sasha wrapped herself around his arm, nuzzling his shoulder. “I am now,” she answered.

“Okay,” Yatsu pulled up on the pants he wore. “Can we quickly wash my clothes? These are too big on me. Is there anything else I can wear? The belt is even too big!”

Sasha nudged him toward the laundry room. “Dad is a lot bigger than you, can’t help it, but… you might fit in one of my dresses.”

“A dress? Haha, no thank you.”

After they ate and Yatsu replaced Sasha’s bandages, Sasha ignored the beeping sound of the washing machine warning her that the laundry was finished, and cuddled into Yatsu on the couch.

He rubbed the top of her head, absorbed in a movie about a kid transported to the distant past to deliver a staff.

It was a silly movie. The kid was lucky to run into a kung fu master, strong enough to fend off a small army of warriors. Eventually they run into another strong master, and taking turns, the masters teach the kid how to fight. He doesn’t become that strong, but he could fend for himself in the end.

Sasha yawned, laying against Yatsu. She closed her eyes.