1. ~First Day~
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Part One
Sasha's Rise to Popularity

Seven years later.

Sasha took her seat beside the black haired girl in the front row of the classroom before the bell rang.

Students took their seats, grouping with friends from previous years, whispering to each other about the new girl. Sasha overheard them asking about her background, others criticized how she dressed.

The black haired girl shuffled uncomfortably in her seat. She will make a quick first friend.

The teacher wrote his name on the chalkboard and introduced himself, along with the course he taught. The introduction dragged on, just like every other first day of school.

The teacher’s voice blanketed the room, putting black expressions on everyone’s faces, boredom in their eyes. They all turned into hypnotized slaves deprived of the choice to explore the world’s possibilities on their own.

Everything was the same. They are all the same.

The only time someone can get rid of that look is when they experience pain, or shocked by something that excites them, but that only lasts seconds before they fall right back into it again. After the pain dies down, or the event loses its excitement, the look always comes back. Everyone had it, Sasha is forced to mask herself, pretend she’s the same. If not for the fake demeanor, she’d be treated like someone different.

Sasha tried opening the eyes of a friend once. It ended in disaster.

"H-hello," greeted a brown haired boy on the other side of her, his face turning pink.

Brave or stupid? Sasha caught a few pairs of eyes looking their way, smirks on their faces.


"You’re new here, right? I-I could show you around the school later, if you don't mind," he twiddled his thumbs and then mumbled under his breath like he forgot something. "My name is-"

Sasha interrupted him with the wave of her hand. "I don't know if I'm sticking around for the entire school year or not. Don’t bother."

The boy pouted, and for a split-second that look vanished, but returned just as fast. He walked back to his friends, who all laughed as he rejoined them.

At nine the school bell rang, signalling the end of the first class. Students packed up their things. Sasha glanced at the girl beside her time to make a temporary friend again.

"Hello," Sasha greeted the black haired girl. Except her hair wasn’t really black, the roots were snow white. Her black jacket complimented the look. "I like your jacket."

"Thank you, I-I like yours too," the girl replied shyly. "I’m Eva."

They walked out together. Eva showed her around the school while Sasha pestered her with questions. Sasha learned that Eva transferred to this school last year, and didn’t have a circle of friends. Like Sasha, she’d also transferred several times before.

Walking down a crowded hallway, the girls brushed by a male athlete and Sasha felt her new friend tense up.

"Have eyes on a boy already?" Sasha smirked.

Eva slapped her hand over Sasha’s mouth and took her hostage, until they rounded a corner and let go.

"Don't do that!" Her cheeks turned red.

Sasha laughed. Honest and shy, Eva showed no trace of her earlier boredom. Not since Sasha first spoke to her.

"You know, I think you would look a lot better if your hair wasn't black," Sasha said.

Eva’s smile turned to a frown and she looked away.

Oh, so that’s how it was. She’s been told differently.

"I’m serious!" said Sasha, and pulled Eva’s attention back. "I'll beat up anyone that doesn't think so!"

Eva grinned, and her emerald eyes sparkled. “Would you really beat them up?”

“Of course!” Sasha said and punched the air. “bare-handed.”

“But you’re small and cute,” Eva patted Sasha’s pink head and giggled. “What could you do?”

Sasha smiled back.