The Relevance of Irrelevance
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I waive the backpack full of plastic explosives vaguely at the PC monitor while asking Mystery Voice, "So then how do I get all this into the warehouse?"

"Tell me Transmigrator," Mystery Voice warbles, "Have you noticed anything strange about your body ever since being summoned into this world?" 

Strange? My whole day has been strange thanks to you, twat. No. Mystery Voice was referring specifically to my body being strange. Did I notice anything about it earlier? Well I had showered just now, so if there was anything strange I would certainly notice it then. I think back. I showered and put on a fluffy bathrobe. I showered and put on a fluffy bathrobe. I showered and put on a fluffy bathrobe. 

Then all of a sudden it hits me. I don't have any impression of my body despite showering. I can't remember what I look like even after using the bathroom mirror to get myself presentable. 

I charge back into the bathroom and face the mirror. Don't tell me I have gotten some bizarre mutation that my memory has chosen to suppress. I look into the mirror and see -


Bright light. Its like staring into the clear sky. Nothing but clear sky all round. Nothing to see here. Nothing to see. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. 

"Perhaps I was wrong not to give an explanation on the metaphysics of this world." Mystery Voice speaks from all around me. "It is easy to forget about something that you usually take for granted."

Don't keep me in suspense here. Better yet, get me out of this void!

"Fate is a power in this world. It permeates the lives of every single living being. Every human, angel or demon, no matter how powerful, ultimately is a puppet that dances to its whim. To live free from the dictates of Fate is unthinkable and impossible. All of this reality's natives, regardless of their personal views, unconsciously accept this proposition as the truth."

I hear a buzzing noise in the back of my head. The headache. Its coming back.  

"As all living beings exist at the whim of Fate, anything that exists outside of its authority cannot qualify as a living being. That is the logical conclusion of the proposition I have laid out."

That's nonsense Mystery Voice. We both know that I was summoned because I am not bound to the Fate of this world. And the last time I checked, I was still drawing breath. 

"People see only what they want to see. Throw proof in their faces that their most deeply held beliefs are wrong, and they will double down on those beliefs, disregarding anything to the contrary."

What does this have to do with what I am experiencing now? I most certainly don't share those stupid beliefs. Unless you are saying - no. No way. 

"Make no mistake Transmigrator. Not only are you wearing another man's clothes, you are also wearing another man's skin. Mr Gallant's eyes refuse to accept the reality in front of him. The reality of his situation."

The buzzing in my head builds. The headache is not just coming back, its coming back with a vengeance. 

"You are irrelevant to the ultimate fate of this reality Transmigrator. It is that irrelevance that will protect you during the course of your mission. People have difficulty noticing, or even remembering, something that is irrelevant."

Bile starts to build in my throat as a figure starts to form before me, suspended in the clear blue sky. What is that? Who is that? I can almost make it out, just a bit more - 

"Nevertheless, facts can only be denied for so long. For those of strong will or trained spirituality will sooner, rather than later, break past their preconceptions and see what you truly are. An alien interloper to this world."

I try focusing on the figure forming in front of me. But my head hurts. It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts - 

"For anyone else though? Their minds will break. Permanently."

My body pitches forward and my vision clears just in time for me to see my puke explosively scatter across the wash basin. 


I shakily pick up the smart phone that had fallen on the floor. "What did you do to Gallant?" I ask with a quavering voice.

"I have made Mr Gallant your vessel for the duration of your stay in this reality. His autonomous control over the body has merely been suppressed to allow you to effectively carry out your mission. Do not worry though. Mr Gallant's consciousness is fully unimpaired and his spirituality has not been harmed. Once you depart to your home dimension, control of the body will be restored to him. Do try to treat him well." The Voice says with an unmistakable smirk.

I understand now. 

I was not summoned to this world by a pretty, desperate goddess. I will not be anointed as the hero of this world. I will not build a harem of legendary beauties. There will be no gratitude from anyone once I complete my quest. 

My summoner is an uncaring elder god who sees me as nothing more than a disposable pawn. I have no bargaining power. There is no destiny that will protect me from harm here. 

The Voice rasps from the phone once more. 

"I have scheduled your mission to begin tomorrow night. In the remaining time available to us, I shall familiarize you in the use of the equipment that I have provided. Are you ready to begin your training?"

"Yes." What else can I say? What else was there to be said?

"I am glad we finally understand each other, Transmigrator."