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So that's the end of this adventure. 

When I originally began writing Relevance, it was in the spirit of experimentation, to break with the established tropes of Isekai novels. I had consciously tried to break every single rule of the genre. The Protag was thrown not into the starter village but a city where no one cared about him. And not in an edgy way as is so common. Real indifference. The Protag did not get any party members or harem. He had an ability that looked OP, but was incredibly small fry compared to what his real opponents would be packing. A small cast of characters and limited power ups for the Protag. Minimal fluffy moments and a tight script. And so on. 

But there's another inspiration to this novel, and that's the "I am a demon lord" genre. 

The Voice was originally conceived as a bumbling demon lord and the novel was meant to be far more lighthearted. But then I realized that if I was already experimenting with breaking rules for one genre, falling into the tropes of another would defeat the whole purpose. I also came up with a problem because no serious demon lord would actually say, "Hey I'm the demon lord. Want to work for me and do evil stuff?" Of course that would not happen. No one sane thinks of themselves as evil. Everyone is the hero of their own story. 

So that's how Transmigrator and Voice came into being. Two self-interested individuals committed to their own "good ends" and being a hero not in the eyes of the world, but in their own respective stories. This approach also got around the tortured reasoning many "demon lord" stories use to get round the fact that their protags are not acting like proper demon lords. 

As this story takes a dump on almost every conventional expectation the reader has, I am surprised that its as popular as it has become. For sticking with this story, I thank you. 


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