Chapter 2: At the beginning of every game, there is a “terms and conditions”
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Bob opened his white eyes, found himself in a world of white. He walked down the white hallway, entered a white room and in front of him, there was a white desk.


The desk’s shadow and Bob’s shadow were also white.


Bob then looked down at the white paper on the table.


“Woah, a poem!” he gasped, “It’s even written in white ink! But I can still somehow read it!”


Thou have been shosen.

To become the helo in a game world.

Now pick a cheat, and thou shalt proceed.

But first thou mus read

the terms and conditions.

♥ ♥ ♥

-By Awesome and Kawaii Goddess teehee.-


“What a poem,” Bob rolled his eyes unimpressed. He then proceeded to read the terms and conditions.


There were only 10 rules.


  1. I am the LORD thy Goddess.
  2. Thou shalt not mention thy reinkarnation to any persan.
  3. Thou shalt not eat yellow snow.
  4. Thou mus wipe thy ass clean after shit.
  5. Thou shalt not masturbate at midnight.
  6. Thou shalt wash thy peenis spotlessly clean after pee as well.
  7. Thou shalt not insult peeple waifus.
  8. Thou shalt not bang lolis.
  9. But legal lolis art fine for thou.
  10. Traps art not gay. Bang em freeli.


“This is…” reading the terms and conditions, Bob’s brows furrowed. “Nonsense!” he shouted angrily and ripped the paper apart. “I must wash my penis!? Seriously!? Can’t I just shake them vigorously!?”


The paper for some unknown reason, regenerated and appeared on top of the desk again. Bob then looked at it one more time.


There was a new line written on it.


Shake it and I’ll cut it.


“WHAT!?” Bob shouted in surprise.


Another line appeared.


In half.


And then, another.


Like dis.


Vzzt! Cutting sound out of nowhere!


A sharp pain shot through Bob’s spine. He then dropped the paper and instantly fell down onto the white floor. His crotch bled out white blood.


“Aaaaaaa…” he wailed. “A-alright! Understood!”


The pain disappeared right after that. Bob stood up. "Shit... So there's no choice but to obey this fucking God!" he thought, and then looked at the paper again.


Now say, I agree.


“I... agree...”


Twinkle twinkle!


Instantly after Bob said that, the paper turned into millions of tiny white particles and was absorbed into Bob’s body.  And then, Bob's back now displayed the whole terms and conditions as a tattoo.


It's irremovable.