Prologue 1
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It was another fine day in my hometown.

I am a student of local university and my name is Steve. You might have heard of me. No? Alright…

I have an average appearance. A mediocre character with mediocre everything. I am your average Joe. With one slight difference.

My luck is not common. It is not because I am the unluckiest person in the world. But enough of my whining. Let`s get back to the story.

After today`s lectures have ended I went to a cinema to watch some new films and then I met another well-known character. I met the infamous Truck-kun.

When I woke up I was in a white empty room. If novels were right then I was about to meet the God. And then reincarnate as a hero with cheat abilities.

I was standing and waiting. Then waiting more. Then some more.

I decided to look around the room and found out that it is not that empty as I thought before.

There were a clock and an armchair with a smartphone on it. The clock showed 2:20 PM. Only 20 minutes after I was ran over…

The smartphone drew my  attention. It was an unknown model with Samsung markings. Considering that my old phone had Android OS as well I easily found my way with the phone.

What surprised me was the phone`s contents. Only one app, called AL. When I opened it I was thrown into another world. The world of gatcha games… The waiting was much easier while I was playing.

I don`t know for how long was I playing but when I lifted my eyes off the touchscreen, I saw a typical God-grandpa sitting in front of me in another armchair. He didn`t appear to be bored or impatient. He was just looking in HIS phone. And I can imagine what he was looking at.

When I spent everything I had obtained ingame I turned off my phone and looked up at the God. He did the same.

“Greeting, kid. Did you enjoy the time you were left with?”

“What do you mean?”

“You have died. And soon you will be no more.”

My face turned pale. I was too shocked by his scary phrase. What did he mean with this ‘you will be no more’?

“Am I going to disappear? Just puff and I am gone, like if I never even existed?”

“Well, yes. What did you expect?”

He answered me like if that was the most obvious thing in the universe.

“But what about the tales of heaven and hell? What about reincarnation?! Why just vanish without a trace?!” I was in hysterics. All my hopes were wrong. No reincarnation for me? That was my last concern. I don`t want to just disappear. I want to live!

“Well… I have an option…”