Ch 10. The Last Stand
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My eyesight is better than the humans so I saw that the attackers are a large pack of wolves.

For now I can handle them with the naginata.

The wolves are coming!

“Those are the wolves?!” Elina doesn`t see them and had to rely on my eyes.

I see a hundred of them. Either I let my companions die, or I use my powers. For now I should try to kill the wolves without the air support.

With one slash I killed two or three of the wolves. 97 remaining?

I am killing wolves, many of them, today`s luck is not over?

Elina and Albert were standing back to back and killing wolves. I hope they will be alright.

I leaped into a group of wolves and pierced one of them.

Meanwhile, the others were killing wolves one after one. I was doing the same. Still, that is not enough.

HAAA!Oh, no! Elina was bitten!

Just die, already!” I am only getting warmed up! Come and be killed, beasts!

Even after being wounded, Elina kills more and more wolves, for now she manages to fight. Albert has to cover her and protect himself. They are going to be overwhelmed.

[Why am I getting anxious? This is weird…]

“Damn you!” Albert is going to require assistance as well…

Shit! They are going to attack me as well.

The battle is lost, even considering my zero experience in strategy and battle, it is evident. I must retreat. I might have some feelings for those two but I must save myself. I shook my head.

JUST HOLD ON!” No, I must not abandon them!

Tears filled my eyes and started to stream down my cheeks. I am too sentimental but no longer I am concerned about it. I don`t know if my actions will be for the better… or lead to more suffering.

They might be a couple of bastards but no longer I shall be worried about it. They will not understand it, they might hate me for that. I will be crying about it later. But I will not be mourning them today, that is for sure!

Fuji, run away while you still can!” Elina, I am sorry. I shall not.

“Fuji, damn you, stop this struggle! Run away, save yourself!” Albert, I am no longer running.

[Time to summon the gear.]

The coughing of starting up engines resounded on my flight deck.

What is going on?!” They both were shocked. Nothing I should be caring about.


All 12 aircraft are carrying bombs and their machine guns are fully loaded.

The battlefield will no longer be the same. Today, the war will change forever. And I am the herald of these changes.


All 3 rifles fired, none of the shots hit, but the wolves were scared and with howling started to run.

“Brave new world!”

And 2 more groups of A1N and B1M were launched.


Boom – Ratatatata

The air attacks are killing more and more wolves.

My own gunfire is mostly missing, only a few shots have wounded running beasts.

My flight deck is getting crowded but the angled part of my deck allows for the simultaneous landing and taking off of the aircraft, thanks to the arresting wires. I only rearm the aircraft, I have no time for refueling.

Now that the guns were brought, the fight, a hopeless struggle, became a one-sided slaughter.

Mostly my role on the field was now to command the aircraft and coordinate their actions.

What is happening?” (E)

“I will explain everything later. Right now, you better to bandage your wounds.”

They are very surprised, however, they have no right to object. Not when every few minutes an aircraft takes off the flight deck. I must handle the combat and they see that clearly. I murmur commands without stopping even for a second. That will hold my feelings away from my thoughts.

Finally the wolves were either eradicated or ran away. I don`t care about that.

After the last plane landed and was stored in my hangar I faced Elina and Albert.


What are you?” (E)

“Fuji is Fuji.” I cannot outright tell them that I am a ship. Better to let them think that I am some sort of a mage.

“You are you but what was that flat board? What were those birds? What was making those flashes?” (A)

I summoned my deck again and deployed an A1N.

“I am an aircraft carrier. Meaning, I can summon those little guys.” I pointed at the fighter.

For now I decided to let them think about what happened and to have some rest.

I left them to their own thoughts and went to search for a better observation spot. The aircraft require time to refuel and reload.


You received 230 copper coins, 15 upgrade points, 3 B1M torpedo bombers group, Type 11 LMG (Main Gun), Type 99 (Secondary Gun), 1 weapon point

Time to use what I gained. [‘Details’]

IJN Fuji – CV. Level  1/7. (Upgrade cap 40)

FP – 5

AA – 3

AV – 5

RD – 3

AC – 15

  Aircraft groups  
Fighters - A1N Torpedo bombers - B1M Dive bombers
Installed - 1 of 8 Installed - 5 of 16 Uninstalled - 0 of 6
Weapon systems  
Main Gun Type 11 LMG
Secondary Guns 3 Type 99 Rifle (4 Max)
Anti-aircraft Guns 0 Installed (8 Max)

I closed my eyes and let the wind flow through my hair. I ceased to think and just stood on a small cliff, without a single move.

The tears streamed from my eyes again and I started weeping.

Tomorrow there might be no chapters released. Too much stuff going on.
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