Ch 11. With all my strength I sever the previous connection with my friends
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In my previous life I never felt such a strong attachment to anyone.

Yes, I know them for a week at most but… They are good to me. They are not some dolls, they both play with me and teach me. I might dislike being treated as a child, however, I forgive them faster than they can do that again. There is no acting in their actions, they don`t try to win me over by flattering me or by praising me for nothing.

That is why it is more painful to part our ways.

They are scared of me now, maybe they even hate me for being such a monster. I will accept that.

What the people don`t understand, they start to fear that. What the people fear, they want to destroy. What they want to destroy, they hate that the most.

[Yes, it is a logical choice… I will overcome my sorrow, and they will not be obliged to hide their hatred.]

They are standing behind me. I don`t want to face them.

“You know, that I indeed was near your comrades that day? I didn`t help them even though I was close.

“Knowing how bad you are with that spear?” (A)

“And that I found that village and knew about what was happening before we arrived?”

“I heard a weird sound while I was fighting there, you helped them. You cannot be blamed for that.” (E)

Such a childish reasoning. You are two naïve fools. Why do I like you two so much? Still, I don`t want to face you.

“Hey, little fox, whatever you are thinking, at least stop crying.” (E)

Never did I cry.

“Exactly, that ‘waaaaah’ was your war-cry.” Go to hell, you clown.

Fight or flight? I have no courage to face them but I don`t want to separate from them.

[Be strong, Fuji.]

I jumped up with all my might, and right in the air I launched an aircraft. Now I am airborn. With each second I separate myself more and more, both from the ground, and from my friends. Now that I am flying a kilometer above I am free.

I set the plane to circle around the area. I am not going anywhere. I am only running from seeing them right now.

[You are a strong coward, Fuji…] My self-mocking only begins.

I continued to cry, until I fell asleep.

[So warm…]

Why is that so familiar?

Did I sleep-crawled onto the engine?

Oh… Now I get it.

Too hot. Stop hugging me, Elina.

“You have a lot of things to explain. Sleep well, because now I won`t let you run away, you little fox.”

Why don`t you explain to me why the hell am I here?

“After you started flying we had a lot of time to discuss. Coincidentally, after we finished that, your flying machine landed. And there you were, curled up in a seat.”

I barely separated myself from her chest. Now I managed to only sit on her lap.

I can begin the interrogation, right?” She started to sound much more intimidating. I pushed myself back into her bosom.

“Good girl. First, why the hell do you have 3 tails?”

“What? I only have two.”

“I know that. Count them yourself.” 1, 2, … … … 3.

[Let`s test that now.]


YES! The foxfire is much bigger. And I can make even 3 of them. I turned my head and smirked at a certain someone.

You have something to say, little fox?” Okay, I take my words back. She is much scarier than the fires.

“Don`t know what happened.”

“I guess you don`t know how it happened but you should be knowing why it happened.”

“Did I never mentioned that I am a demon fox?”

“… You are joking. Right?...”

“You think?”

“What are you two shouting, can`t you just let me slee… sorry to disturb. Elina, can you finish the breast-feeding faster?” Commence the first test fire in 3, 2, 1…

I-I am not! It`s just…

Why are you blushing?” A great opportunity to distract her and run away.

Sit. Down. Right. Here.” Actually, coming to think about it… her lap is not so bad… right?

[Remember for the next time, that she returns from the kingdom of distraction faster than I can run away.]

“…” Why is she looking at me like that?

Fuji, do you want to… you know…

If it`s running away – yes.

Why am I even asking…” (E)


STOP RIGHT NOW!” I am as red as a strawberry syrup.

It is not that bad actually…” STOP. JUST STOP.

“Test your own medicine, you little ba… Ahhh!” You wanted that? Itadakimasu!

I got it! I am wrong! Let go of my nipple!” You awoke the beast. A fluffy little fox to be exact.

After the things calmed down we started to discuss our next course of action.

“So, we will continue the quest even after all of that?” Albert was sitting near a pot and kept stirring whatever was there.

“We now have the great fox with us. Why should we stop on what we accomplished?” Elina was sitting a bit further from him, on a couple of wolf furs.

“Maybe we should be going already?” Said this humble me, turned into her hugging pillow.

First I will feed you the soup, than we will be going.”

Yes, mother.” S*, I am in trouble.


Yes, mother.” Just kill me already.

So good…” She is melting…

Why the F* did we become a father-mother-fox family?

A lot of painful memories of spoon-feeding later.

“It`s time to go, you two.” (A)


Why the F* am I still being hugged?

“Yes, let`s go!” Elina is the happiest human in the universe.

“Can you put me down on the ground?”


I should have just runned away while I still could.