Ch 13. A short break before the new adventures
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You finished the quest, you received 1 Steam catapult (Epic), 2 upgrade points

You received 1 group of A1N fighters, 7 upgrade points, 1 Type 99 (Secondary Gun), 20 silver coins, 2 groups of B1M torpedo bombers, 1 Type 99 (AA Gun), 1 Ho-103 HMG (Main Gun)

[What is so epic about that catapult?]

Steam catapult – Allows the catapult launching of 1 aircraft per catapult.

Epic: -50% catapult reload time, -50% catapult malfunction chance, -25% g-force impact on aircraft during the launch.

[I take my words back. It’s a really great item. Can I improve it further?]

Weapon upgrades applied

Steam catapult – Allows the catapult launching of 1 aircraft per catapult.

Epic (Grade 2): -60% catapult reload time, -60% catapult malfunction chance, - 35% g-force impact on aircraft during the launch.

IJN Fuji – CV. Level 1/7. (Upgrade cap 40)

FP – 5

AA – 3

AV – 10

RD – 3

AC – 19

  Aircraft groups  
Fighters - A1N Torpedo bombers - B1M Dive bombers
Installed - 2 of 8 Installed - 7 of 16 Uninstalled - 0 of 6
Weapon systems  
Main Gun Ho-103
Secondary Guns 4 Type 99 Rifle (4 Max)
Anti-aircraft Guns 1 Type 99 Rifle (8 Max)
Flight deck  
Steam catapults

1 - Installed (Epic - Grade 2)

2 - Uninstalled

3 - Uninstalled

4 - Uninstalled

Arresting wires Installed (Rare)

If only I had a proper aircraft, not those plywood kites...

The result of the quest was: we got drunk.

Fu-ji~, wanna hugs?” (E)

“No, stay away from me.”

You meanie!” (E)

Correction, they got drunk. I am not getting drunk even after drinking 2 buckets of ale.

The reward was fine and they decided to invest the money into better weapons and to pay for our room in a hotel. My opinion was not heard.

After the two drunkards were done, I dragged them back to our room. Luckily, they both started to hug each other, at least they won’t be suffocating me.

The next morning.

Why don’t you experience this yourself, you cheeky bastard?” (A)


I will make you suffer, little fox. You wait…” (E)


After they overcame the hangover we started to discuss our new endeavor.

“What is our plan?”

“To take another quest?” (A)

“To travel somewhere?” (E)

“Great, let’s  take a quest and travel far away from here?”

“We have paid for our room in advance, you remember that, right?” (A)

“Alright, alright. What quest will you take?”

“Another extermination?” (A)

Go to hell, Albert! We were almost killed a few times this week.” Elina almost read my thoughts. Too much fighting for me.

“An escort mission for a merchant?” (A)

“Then it’s decided.” (E)

“Good luck, guys.”

You are not going?” (A)

“Have you ever asked my opinion?”

“No, we don`t need that. I can just remain with you. I feel a strong desire to hug something warm and fluffy…


“So, your choice is…? Look, I am asking your opinion~!

[Go to hell. Now.]

You will just do it anyway…” I whispered.

“What have you said?” (E)


The quest is simple: escort a merchant to another town. The town itself we will reach in one or two days. The problem is that I can’t use any aircraft or guns.

[Will I receive an additional reward because I completed a quest?]

While I was thinking about the monetary benefits, the idiots were registering the quest and discussing the details.

I had enough time to think about my aircraft logistics, tactics of bombing runs, review the previous operation…

After a lot of time they finally exited the guild’s building.

“What have you talked about?”

You missed us?” Elina was shining. One day I should eliminate her delusions.

“I am getting tired of waiting.”

“Sorry, we had a lot to discuss.” (A)

“What of it I should know?”

“The payment will be better than what is written and we will be provided with food and water.” (A)

Two days later.

When the merchant arrived I saw that the merchant is quite a familiar one. And the merchant’s face twitched when he remembered me. Thank you for the meal back then.

“Hello, I believe we’ve met already.” (M)

“Hi, in which wagon you placed my food?”

He twitched again.

“What do you have for me, little glutton?” (M)

I can say many things. I wonder which of them will make you feel scared and which will anger you…

It might look bad but back then he asked me a lot of questions. From the rumors I heard that some of them really did happen. He really is interested to find out what else I can surprise him with. For now we prepared to board the wagons.

Elina and Albert are sitting in the last of four wagons. They will be our rearguard.

I sat beside the merchant in the first wagon. We will have a lot of time to chat and I will have no trouble protecting him. Or so HE thinks.

[You bet I will miss 99% of my attacks because it will be a bad day.]

I have no worries about this short trip but I will have to keep the guard at night, Elina and I reached this agreement after a lot of arguing.

I already weaned from having no recon so it will be a nice experience.