Ch 14. Another fight with an ancient enemy
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“I still don’t understand, why you decided to become an adventurer?”

“I was just bored, there is no other reason.”

You were bored, and then you found something which made you interested?

The merchant was asking me more and more questions. The last of them has no exact answer.

“I like teasing those two, they are funny. The job itself would be just a routine without that.”

We travelled for 1 day and it is the second morning. By the evening we should be in the town. We didn’t encounter any threats until now. Suddenly, the horses became anxious. I grabbed the naginata and prepared myself.

“What, did something happen, girl?”

“An ambush. Stop the horses.”

I leaped towards a bush. Something rushed out of there, and then was followed by the other attackers.

[I am getting tired of the goblins…]

My first strikes were as useless as they can be but soon my luck showed itself.

The height of an average goblin is 1 meter; they have very skinny body so if I hit them properly, they will be dead for sure. They appear to be small fries but my research, however, showed that they are adapted for combat. With their crude and rusted weapons they appear to be harmless but if there are a lot of them they will be deadly.

My slash hit a group of them, either they were cut in half, or had their bones broken.

I tried launching my foxfires at another group. I better not to tell the results. It will be too disgusting.

While I was preparing for another strike, the goblins overwhelmed me and started to hit me with whatever they had. No damage was suffered. I hit them all while spinning and scattered them around.

While the naginata is not the same spear or pike, if it pierces someone it will be very… painful?

“What do you think about it?” I asked a goblin who struggles to pull the blade out of its stomach.

Another slash killed a few more of the enemies. There are not too many left. Nothing I can’t handle myself.

Hold on!

We are coming!

Oh my, what a great timing. I really need your help.

Thank you for your assistance.” I said that in monotone voice, while cutting in half another goblin.

[Why are you even here?]

When I was distracted, one of the bastards dared to hit me in the back. It thrust its sword with such strength, that it benе after hitting my armor.

When it faced me, I decided to just look at it. It is so scared that I want to let it die. Very, very slowly.

“Master, we have a problem.” A butler entered his Master’s room.

“What happened now, you idiot?” A fat man asked him while holding back his wrath.

“The security team we dispatched to protect our village, they returned. They reported that the village was slaughtered!” (B)

WHAT?! Who dared to attack my lands?!” (M)

“They said that the village was attacked by a group of adventurers. One of them was a beast.” (B)

Then find them, I want to bring those abominable murderers to justice!” Master said that with a disgusted expression. However, deep inside he was smiling, no longer he needs to find the culprits for the murder, he already has them.

His rivals were trying to provoke him to attack their lands. Then the king will have to do something, possibly against him. If he can prove that the adventurers were hired by one of the rivals than he will have all the reasons to send his own army to attack those puny nobles. Their land will be a fine addition to his fief.

“Please, we are VERY sorry! Can’t you just forgive us?” (E)

“Come on, Fuji, you were too fast for us.” (A)

[You either arrive faster, or don’t show up at all.]

Instead of answering them I shouted at the merchant.

“We should move, I expect that there are many more and they will come here!”

We boarded the wagons and the merchant tried to rush the horses but still we are moving too slow.

Occasional goblins, who dared stepping on the road, were pierced with the naginata.

I am sitting on a horseback and use the naginata like a lance. I might’ve looked like a knight, if I was in armor, not in my kimono; if the horse was not dragging the wagon; and if there wasn’t another horse to my right.

We must hurry and get out of the grove.

The number of people who want to have side stories is slightly higher. Side stories will be released either after actual chapters, or when I really doubt that I can release an actual chapter. First side story series will be about HMS Delight in the same fantasy world. Fuji and Delight are in different timelines so, no they won't meet each other in any way.