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“Waking up somewhere”

When I woke up I found myself lying in a grass. This was too weird. I never expected to wake up in such an interesting place.

I looked around myself and found out that I am in a forest.

I wonder if this some sort of a joke. Of course, I should make sure that whoever did this obnoxious action, did not leave me here only dressed in my undergarments.

I am dressed in my favorite one-piece dress of sky-blue color and beside me located other pieces of my dressing, such as my wide-brimmed hat and boots. It appears that I was lying on my cloak.

For now I should start searching around to find where I am.

“Oh my, I really am far away from the home?” I was curious to find out if I can find the way back.

I kept walking, I might doubt that by only orienting myself with a compass I will find my way out of the forest but there are no other ways.

While I was wondering around, I encountered some of the local wildlife.

Hello, mister wolf. Perhaps we should just pretend we didn’t see each other?” I don’t feel secure while the wolf stares at me like that.


It is going to be bad. It doesn’t want to discuss this matter.

It started to walk, it tries to flank me?

Hey, mister wolf. I really do doubt that this will have any good consequences for you…

It doesn’t listen to me.

[Oh my… do I really have to do this?]

Finally I decided to summon my gear.

Pieces of my hull appeared on my sides, the main guns started tracking the wolf’s movements.

Suddenly, it started running towards me.

My apologies…” I murmured.


It was killed with a burst from a machine gun.

“Flower picking”

I had to sleep in the forest. I was scared to sleep in such a wild place but what actually surprised in the morning is that around me were only craters. Did somebody try to bomb me?

[Oh my, this is very bad… If someone tries to kill me then I should be in the open, where I can easily maneuver.]

The next day I finally managed to walk out of the forest. What I found was a large, picturesque paysage.

What is the first thing that comes to one’s mind after seeing such a view?

[How regrettable, I would be happy to have an easel with me.]

If I can’t spend some time painting then, why don’t I go and pick some flowers? I wonder how many circlets I can make.

I continue to pick more and more beautiful flowers. I may not recognize any of them but they are still beautiful. I should ask Lady Shangri-La what those flowers are.

Now that I have a lot of flowers, it is the time to start making the circlets.

[It is so soothing…]

“Hey, what are you doing here?!” An unknown sir said that to me with a loud voice.

His appearance is very unpresentable but I must not act unladylike because of it.

“May I ask why are you asking me that?”

Did you not hear? There is a dragon somewhere here!” The person continues to use their loud voice.

“My apologies but I am concerned that you might be mistaking. Why would there be dragons?”

“Yesterday there was a loud roar of a dragon and the flames of its breath.” He said that and pointed towards the forest.

[If only I had a fan to cover up my blushing. Something indeed tells me that… ]

12 hours ago

Fuuu, miss maid, it is too early…




Just… five… more… minutes…



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