Ch 16. Those who run from glory always have it follow them
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Yaaay! IDaWRaWiaFW whatever I written,made it in top 500 of fantasy novels. Thank you guys!

Ever since I arrived in this world, I had no great expectations. My knowledge is based on the modern world, the one that I know. And the fantasy knowledge is based only on the novels. I never witnessed any magic. Fantasy world’s buildings are not supposed to surpass the modern ones. I really do doubt that the firearms are even heard of.

Until now, all my expectations of medieval style fantasy were met. But I was getting bored of it. I am a warship in a fantasy world, there are no stronger enemies than me. No adequate challenge.

A few kilometers away I see a settlement in the distance. Even from here I perfectly see that it is big.

[Something tells me that this city is much bigger than what I expected. Is it the time to move from the ‘starting’ point to a more advanced mob zone? I already met an orc, and judging by what they were calling it, it was this place’s boss.]

My confidence was shaken after that fight so I entered a state of long-time reflecting.

“What are you looking at?” A guy patted my shoulder.

“It is bigger than I expected.”

“What is bigger?” (G)

“The town.”

“Do you really think we can just understand what you are saying only after a few words?” (G)

“Not my problem.”

He was trying to start a conversation with me all the time but I really am busy with self-reflections.

“Why don’t you go with us after we arrive? My father will be eager to reward you for your victory.” (G)

“This has nothing to do with me.”

So the orc died by itself?” (G)

[He is so bothersome.]

My current plan was simple. We arrive, the idiots go and look for whatever they want and report to the guild. Meanwhile, I fill my stomach with something tasty. Poor merchant promised to feed me. I certainly did not remind him that he is alive because of me…

“Do you have a boyfriend?” That guy keeps showering me with weird questions.


How about…” He was about to ask a very rude thing but after I looked at him (of course I lit my eyes) he shut his mouth.

Finally we arrived. In front of us there is a huge queue of wagons and people, all trying to enter the city through a large gate. Our accidental companions have unloaded themselves and now I can relax and think.

Sweet fox, how about we go and have some fun? I know many good restaurants.” This bastard started to hit on me out of the blue. Does he really think I am an idiot? Or that I am a cheap w*?

“So yummy!”

Yes, I am very cheap when it comes down to food.

“Fight good means eat good, am I right?” The archer-girl asked me something but I am too busy right now.

Ffatefer” (Whatever)


“*(^%&**^ !”

“*&^%^&*^%% !”

“HEY, WE ARE HERE!” Suddenly the guy shook me.

Dof’t u fee I ‘m eafin!” (Don’t you see that I am eating!) Such a rude person.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t even hear what we were saying…”

I ‘m fewwin u.” (I am telling you.)

This is a short retelling of what has happened.

When I was done eating, they told me to wait a little. That is why I just closed my eyes and returned to reflecting.

“*&^%*(^$^( ?”

“%^*&(%$#&(&&* …”

Why do you keep shaking me each time something happens?

When I opened my eyes I saw another person. A female in a white clean robe was sitting in front of me. If my guess is right she is either a priest or a mage.

“Are you always like that?” (G)

“I am thinking, I’d recommend such an activity to you but you have nothing to think with.

“Haaa?!” (G)

“Nicely done, fox!” The girl in robes said that to me and smiled.

“Is she the reason you told me to stay here?” I asked the others.

“Yes, I get that you have a lot of things to do but at least let us introduce ourselves.” (G)

“I am Drake, leader of the adventurers party ‘Blackstone’ “ (G)

“Marin, I am an archer as you can tell.” (A)

“Lily, I am a mage.” (GiR)

“Okay.” I said that and tried to continue where I stopped.




“Fine. Fuji of the Sakura Empire.”

“You have such an interesting name!” (L)

“What do you want from me?” I am getting tired of this.

“We want you to meet my father. Come on, you killed the Orc King! You should get the reward!” (D)

“Say you were the ones who killed it.”

“Miss Fuji, I don’t understand what is the problem? Our father will be eager to meet with you.” (L)

“So you two are siblings?”

“Yes” (D and L)

[Here comes the headache…]

“Listen, I get that you don’t want that but you will spend a couple of days here, why don’t you give it a try?” (M)

“Alright. The next topic, why don’t you join our party? You are a really good fighter.” (D)

You know me for… 4 hours? Are you crazy?”

“Join us on one, just one quest and see for yourself if this will be alright for you.” (D)

What quest?” I said that while staring at the ceiling.

“I will go and find us a quest. You ladies just wait for me.” (D)

After he ran out of the restaurant.

“Drake might look like a walking problem but he is not THAT bad. And if he praises you then you must be really good. I look forward to seeing you in action.” (L)

“Keep your expectation low. I barely hit anything.

Just like that I agreed to temporarily join the ‘Blackstone’ party.

The second SS will be posted into the same chapter as the first one.