Ch 17. Reconnaissance by fire
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My agreement with the ‘Blackstone’ was somewhat beneficial for me. They agreed to let me take all the spoils of the battle and take a share of the rewards. An untold benefit is that I will be able to observe their actions.

While the people themselves were looking nice, I still have a lot of reasons to think that they have something else in mind. The siblings tried their best to drag me to their father, who is, no doubt, not the last person in this city.

I was hesitating if I actually should just refuse to go with them but it all changed after I heard about the quest. The quest was subjugation of a wyvern. All that I managed to find about the wildlife of this world is that all flying monsters that can pose an actual threat are the wyverns. While dragons are much stronger, they rarely show themselves and prefer to use their servants to do the job. Not to mention that they are much more awkward in the air than the wyverns. And to have a better understanding of the wyverns I should 1) fight one of them; 2) know where I can find them. Both can be fulfilled by joining the ‘Blackstone’ adventurers.

“What are you thinking about?” (D)

“This is none of your concern. You need me to fight but I don’t need you. Easy enough to understand?”

[I have a strong feeling that something is not right about them. I should keep my eyes on them.]

For now I should be preparing for the fight. We have only two actual ways to hit a flying target: Marin and her bow, and Lily, probably, and me, probably. One actually capable long-range fighter, and two half-useful mages.

I was told that wyverns nest anywhere they can find mountain ranges. So, I will have to go hiking there.

I expected that mountain trail will lead us somewhere but never did I expect that we will find the wyvern so fast. It was about 200 meters away from the start of the trail, on a stone plateau

[Please, tell me that it can’t breathe fire…]

Luckily it can’t. However, I barely blocked its jaws and now I required assistance from the others.


An arrow hit the monster’s right eye while it was trying to bite me.

Drake is trying his best to distract the wyvern while I aim to hit it.

My naginata missed and I barely avoided hitting Drake, the wyvern had time to prepare to flee.

Stay away from it!” Lily shouted and started to chant.

She created a large chunk of ice and launched it at the monster, it suffered some damage to its wings but what is more important it is no longer capable of fleeing.

Now that the beast is grounded, its death is only a matter of time.

[This battle is going way too easy, will something bad happen soon?]

I was thinking about the worst options while I pierced the wyvern’s side.

The wyvern was cornered and with each strike we were getting closer and closer to killing it.

An enraged beast is much more dangerous than normally it would be, and ours is also cornered. It will fight until the bitter end. That is why my task in this fight is to hold its teeth from our soft, squishy bodies. Drake’s task is to attack if it gets in close contact with me. Meanwhile, Marin and Lily try their best to kill it.


Another hit and the beast falls on the ground, I prepare to pierce its neck while it is still disabled. I was surprised when it mustered its entire strength and leaped at me, if I was a human, I would be crushed.

I was holding its entire weight only with my hands and the naginata. It was getting limp and soon I only had to let it fall to my side.

The entire sight of a small girl holding a 2 ton monster should be… surreal to say the least. Luckily I had enough time to pretend that I am f* struggling with my life at stake, that I somehow mustered all my strength to just hold it. There are people who can handle an entire truck driving over them, am I worse than they are?

Now I finished what I came here for. I have some loot and all that I need is… to test how my aircraft will deal with the other inhabitants of those mountains.

We are standing just outside the city walls. Of course they are trying to convince me to go with them to the ‘father’ guy.

“I said that countless times already. NO.”

In the end I won the argument and they had to go wherever they wanted to go. Without pestering me.

[Something tells me that they will not stop their tries.]

I was alone at last. I can open the ‘Details’ and check what I gained.


You received 1 gold coin, 93 silver coins, 35 upgrade points, 2 skill point, 1 weapon point, 1 steam catapult (Common), 2 Type 99 (AA Gun), Type 99 Cannon (Main Gun), Type 98 Cannon (Main Gun), 3’’/ 40 Naval gun (Main Gun)

[Okay. No comments.]

I actually did quite a lot, did I?

IJN Fuji – CV. Level 1/7. (Upgrade cap 40)

FP – 10

AA – 5

AV – 10

RD – 10

AC – 40

Weapon systems  
Main Gun 3''/40 Naval Gun
Secondary Guns 4 Type 99 Rifle (4 Max)
Anti-aircraft Guns 3 Type 99 Rifle (8 Max)
Flight deck  
Steam catapults

1 - Installed (Epic - Grade 2)

2 - Installed (Common)

3 - Uninstalled

4 - Uninstalled

Arresting wires Installed (Rare)
Rapid deployment. Lvl 2. Tenacity and bravery. Lvl 1. Brave new world. Lvl 2.
Starts battle with 10% aircraft in air. Every 30s shows your pathetic firepower: 5% bonus to FP and AA. On activation: launches special airstrike of A2N, B2M and D1A. Can be activated every 1 hour.

I guess that now I can ignore accuracy issues. It is either I hit something, or I blow it…

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