Ch 18. Conquering the skies
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I could’ve just immediately returned to my hiking activities, I mean wyvern extermination…

Instead I decided to pick up my porte… I mean friends.

“So, what are we going to do?” Porter A asked me a weird question.

“Of course we are going to slay some wyverns.”

WHAT?! WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THAT BEFOREHAND?!” Porter E was a bit surprised.

Fuji, you know that we will die, unlike you” Porter A tried to dissuade me.

“You are here not to fight.”

“Then why are we here?” Both of them asked the same.

“To carry the loot.”


It took us an hour to reach a flat place. The goal was to just have a better view, in artistic sense. I easily could launch planes from any point but I would like to have my eyes pleased while I wait.

I started to launch the fighters. All 8 A1N biplanes were in position behind my catapults.

I tuned the catapults to be less powerful , because of that they are reloaded almost instantly.

Normally I need about 30s to launch 1 plane, now I launched 1 plane every 10s, or I could launch 2 planes simultaneously. And I should not forget about my angled deck. I am actually becoming a super carrier. I only need better aircraft.

I started to plan my air combat tactics.

I came up with a standard tactic of attacking in pairs. The leading fighter will draw the attention of a wyvern and the following will be attacking. The difference is that I only use 2 pairs for this. Which means an entire flight remains unused. And this flight is also divided into two pairs, which stand by at a higher altitude near the fighting pairs. In case things go the wrong way, they will come to assist. I highly doubt that an animal like wyvern is capable of fighting an aircraft. Especially doubtful that it can perform aerial combat.

The first attack is about to begin.

A biplane with red markings was flying above the mountain range. Its pilot is attentively looking around and tries to find the enemy. His war started a long time ago, when he was sent by his Master to search around and now he is about to enter an actual battle, the battle for air superiority.

“Red 2, this is Red 1. Enemy at 10 o’clock. Be ready to carry out the plan.”

“Understood, climbing.”

The small biplane is only armed with 2 machine guns and is incapable of damaging any strong opponent. Their Master ordered them to be ready in case their guns fail to penetrate the wyvern’s hide.

He will be the first to find out if they can fight the monsters, or if they are not worthy of their Master’s genius.


A torrent of bullets flew at a poor wyvern. With a terrifying scream it started falling and fell onto the ground. Red leader immediately sent this information. Now he will wait for the Blue flight.

The Blue flight has another first task, they should provoke a monster and engage it in a dogfight.

I am happy with the results. The wyverns are very vulnerable to gunfire, even my rifles will be devastating to them. My fighters are getting engaged in a dogfight. For now I see a big issue with that.

The wyvern could just stop on a spot or turn almost immediately.

[Horizontal fight is out of the question, vertical attacks are going to be more efficient.]

I decided to try out my theory. And soon the fighters started to attack the wyvern almost without any chance for it to retaliate.

[The wyverns are slow to accelerate but maneuverable. Their climb rate is as slow as their acceleration. I guess that I can just let my guys handle the wyverns.] I imagined their tactic to be more vertical-based and they started to regroup.

After I was done with a few more tests, I ordered the fighters to start free hunt. Each of 4 pairs will just engage by themselves. The slaughter began.

Soon I had to turn off ‘ding’ notifications. There were too many of them.

Every few hours I was resupplying my fighters, only to send them off into a new fight.

While the boys were doing their magic, we (Me, Elina and Albert) were chatting, eating and playing cards. They don’t know that soon I will give them a map, and send them to collect my bountiful harvest of wyverns. Poor porters. PP?

Only when the sun set I recalled my aircraft.


‘You received 5 gold coins, 130 silver coins, 41 upgrade points, 1 weapon point, 1 skill point, 1 group of B2M torpedo bombers (Changes all other TB), 1 group of A2N fighters (Changes all other F), 1 Steam catapult (Common), 3.9’’/65 Type 98 (Main Gun)’

Too much… Just… too much… Perhaps… I should?

IJN Fuji – CV. Level 1/7. (Upgrade cap 40)

FP – 10

AA – 10

AV – 20

RD – 36

AC – 40

  Aircraft groups  
Fighters - A2N Torpedo bombers - B2M Dive bombers
Installed - 3 of 8 Installed - 8 of 16 Uninstalled - 0 of 6
Weapons systems  
Main Gun 3.9''/65 Type 98
Secondary Guns 4 Type 99 Rifle (4 Max)
Anti-aircraft Guns 3 Type 99 Rifle (8 Max)
Flight deck  
Steam catapults

1 - Installed (Epic - Grade 2)

2 - Installed (Common)

3 - Installed (Common)

4 - Uninstalled

Arresting wires Installed - Rare
Rapid deployment. Lvl 2. Tenacity and bravery. Lvl 1. Brave new world. Lvl 3.
Starts battle with 10% aircraft in air. Every 30s shows your pathetic firepower: 5% bonus to FP and AA. On activation: launches special airstrike of A4N, B3Y and D1A. Can be activated every 1 hour.