Ch 19. Manifest Destiny
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The wyverns were on the brink of extinction. I guess I better not expect too much from their reproductive capabilities. If I want to send my fighters on another free hunt, I better find another mountain.

Elina and Albert had to spend the entire night to pick up whatever they can find. They returned with seven bags of wyvern loot. While I was satisfied, they were enraged.

Listen, you little bastard, we had to spend an entire night to pick up this s*!” (A)

Fuji, do you remember that THIS morning we’ll be escorting the merchant back to our town?” (E)

“You had an entire day to rest and sleep. What’s the problem?”

YOU!” (A)

[I am sorry? No, I am not.]

Two hours later we returned to the city and the caravan headed towards the main gate.

“Are you the fox that was in Miska?”

A group of armored men blocked the caravan’s way. They don’t look friendly to me but I doubt that if I kill them something good will happen.

I walked towards them.

Are you immortal, peasant?” I decided to risk.

How dare you?!” One of the men shouted at me.

“You dare talking back? I may be patient but even the patience of mine… has its limits towards the peasants.” I was not intimidated.

“Ugh… May I ask what is your name?” He started grinding his teeth.

“Why should I say that to a low-born?”

My… apologies…” They appear to be shocked by my back-talk. My try to put on a noble’s façade was somewhat successful.

“Why you dared to stop MY caravan?”

We didn’t…

“I wonder if I should just kill you all on the spot? You dare to defy me?”

“…” My luck is not eternal…

Without saying any more words, they ran away as fast as they appeared. For now I was successful.


“Nicely done. I couldn’t do it better myself.”

“Drake, what a pleasant surprise.” My face grimaced with irritation.

“Let’s just say, those are not my people. No need to look at me like I am your sworn enemy. I am here just to give you a letter.” (D)

“I have no time for this.”

Just read it.” (D)


Whatever is written in this letter, I feel that I got into another trouble.

Retelling the contents in short… it is an invitation from the king. Retelling the contents in their meaning… either I appear there, or I am in a BIG, DEEP S*HOLE.

“To hell with him. If he wants something, then let him come to me.”

“W-w-w-WHAT?!” (D)

I am already in trouble, let them do whatever they want. If they want to try my weaponry, let them come.

Fuji, I… you really better go!” (D)

“Whoever will come to me with a sword, from a sword will perish. I have no issues with the king but I am tired of being made a jester. I want to live for myself. If he wants to see me so much, then he will go to me. I will not deliberately go somewhere I don’t want.”

Drake was dumbfounded, I just told him that I don’t think that the king is more important than me. He really is not. If we follow the character’s lore, I am from another country. If the king has some issues…

He clenched his fist and quietly said

Fuji, I am sorry but if His Majesty will want you brought to him, I’ll have no way to protect you.

“I already said that I won’t be an easy target to capture.”

“Farewell, Fuji. I hope that even if we meet again, it will not be in such… depressing situation…” (D)

With this we finally left the capital.


It took us a lot of time and effort to reach Crystal Town and when we (Rogues) reached the hotel where we are staying, after the door was closed I said to them.

“Do you know that I refused to meet the king? And that somebody searched for us?

Please, tell me that you handled everything…” Elina paled immediately.

“I guess that ‘duke’ person started their move. For now I made them go away. The king, however…

“Fuji, you are an idiot…” (A)

“What are we going to do?” (E)

“I think it’s better if we go away from here. I suggest we travel somewhere far away from here.”

Accepted!” (E and A)

We made another decision we might soon regret but for me this has no meaning. I can go wherever I want.

My possessions are only my naginata and kimono. All my money is safely stored in another reality.

Elina and Albert had a lot of things to pack but because they are fellow adventurers (Poor as beggars and have so much things that it is possible to pack them all into a purse) they managed to pack them fast.

We spent our (their) entire fortune to buy camping necessities, for example two tents, a small pot and a lot of dried food.

Just like that, the ‘Rogues’ set on finding a better home. I guess I will find a nice spot and build a nice Japanese house there.

However, I have an unfinished business…