Ch 20. The hunter and the prey
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“Where are we even going?” (E)

“Somewhere, I have no idea. When we get far enough I will launch scouts.”

“I am glad that you enjoy travelling, girls, but could you PLEASE take some stuff off my back?” (A)

We had passed the gate safely and were going wherever I wanted. The roads would be dangerous so we decided to avoid them if possible.

I stopped only after the town was completely out of our sight. I summoned the flight deck and prepared to launch 1 scout.

While A2N fighter has better characteristics, it lacks in one that is much more important for me. It has no bombs. I have a serious doubt that I will be fighting wyverns often that is why for now A2N will be mostly scouts and escorts for my B2M bombers.

The biplane taxied to the first catapult’s hook and after it was connected, I loaded the catapult.

In 2 seconds the aircraft was shot in the air, like an arrow shot from a bow. The fighter was almost immediately accelerated to its top speed and started climbing.

While I was waiting for the results, the ‘Rogues’ quickly set up the tents and campfire. They might be thinking that I am just searching for paths, settlements and enemies. I think that I'll search for a certain group of people. My companions do not need to know this fact.

I was about to recall the plane to refuel when it discovered a peculiar group of people somewhere in a grove.

“You two, wait here and don’t go anywhere. However, if you are attacked, then run away as fast as you can.”

“Hey, where are you going, little fox?” (E)

“I shall tell you later.”

“Why not take us with you?” (A)

“You really better not to know.”

Why do you always make things complicated?” (A)

“As I said…”

“Yes, yes I get that you want us to stay here, why?” (E)

“For your own safety.”

“It explained us nothing…” (E)

“Fine. Just stay safe and return as fast as you can!” (E)

“What, are you going to…?” (A)

“Better to just let her do whatever she wants… we won’t dissuade her…” (E)

“I am glad that you got that.”

“If you will not return safe and sound… I will never let you get out of my arms. Ever.” (E)

With the main issue being resolved, I should hurry and find the targeted group.

I am running at my maximum speed, I never stopped, even for landing the plane. I must hurry to make sure that the group will not have a chance to get assisted.

I rush out of the bushes towards an open space and immediately spot the group of 3 people.

They are all armed with swords and shields. They all wear a metal armor. And they all have an emblem suspiciously similar to that of the people who tried to stop me in the capital.

I suspected that soon they will find where I live and try to attack me. I never feared the king because he will have no actual issues with me, unlike those ‘knights’. And now I have a perfect opportunity to interrogate them.

I use my speed and momentum to attack them before they can react. I cut off one’s leg and with the pole knocked down the other. The remaining knight managed to block my attack but now he is in a huge disadvantage. I might have to just attack him until he gets hit but I might accidentally kill him. This will be very bad for me.

[What is the best way to knock someone unconscious without killing them?]

I summoned my gear and…


The knight was knocked back a couple of meters after he got hit with 100mm shell. It was just a dummy shell with a very small amount of propellant. Now, they all are ready to be captured and interrogated.

I walked towards the guy without a leg.

“Will you talk?”

“Screw you, b*!”

Un-der-stoo-d.” Without additional time wasting I kicked him in his face. Now that he is down I prepared to test how sturdy his armor is.


“One last chance.”

“Never, you go… AAAAAAAA! NOOOO! NOO!

I hit each spot that might be useful to test. I did it slowly and in a such order that he will not die until I am done. The faces of the other two became pale as sheets. They should be more prepared to talk with me.

I turned my head towards them after I was done.

“Who is next?” And smiled.

You think you can scare us?!” One of them tried shouting at me but it looked more like a bleating of a cattle on its way to the slaughterhouse.

“Well, he died before I could finish all my tests.

They both looked much more cooperative after I announced that I am not done yet.

What do you want to know?” Was the first question after I approached the second one.

“Who ordered you to come here, why and where they are.”

“His Grace, Duke Frenet of Caliga ordered us to find a fox-kin who is accused of mass murder in Miska village. I don’t know where he is, only where his mansion is located. It is…” He spouted everything.

“Anything else to add?” I turned towards the third knight.

H-His Grace said that we are to capture you and drag you to him. I-I heard he wants to use you for covering up of the slaughter. A-also the mansion is well-guarded and stores some rare artifacts!

“Good. I guess you both deserve fast and painless end.”



Should I go there for a friendly visit?