Disparity 2
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October 12th 1:00 am
The rest guild walks into the suite.

Akira: Y'know yuko, you're actually pretty good at magic girl dancing, I actually enjoyed that session.

Yuko: I have the game at home, it's what originally inspired me to want to dance and join the club at school, ur sorta.

Touma: I best bestowed my mind in the everlasting entertainment of books, oh merciful earth mother, I feel as if my mind will implode at any second.

Akira: Touma, that sounds boring.

Touma: Hmm? Reading is fundamentally important, you do read in video games as well don't you?

Akira: At least the game's text is more exciting than a book! Hmph. I'm gonna go give Toki her necklace, shower, and go to sleep. I want to go questing tomorrow to get some growths in y'know.

She eventually finds the room Toki is in, she is shocked to see Toki laying on Rin's chest, but she doesn't scream to wake them, she places the necklace on a nearby desk and leaves out.

Touma: Did you see a ghost, Akira?

Akira: I saw the sweetest thing ever, but don't worry about it, goodnight now.

She walks to an empty room.

Yuko: Well I'm gonna catnap, not literally.

He walks to another room

Yuko(In mind): That was a terrible joke!

Touma(To us): My oh my, I always seem to be the last person left in the room, I must kindly visit my bedroom, good day to you all.

He walk to his room and closes his door.

8:00 am
House of the Mark.

Most of the Celestial guild are still sleeping soundly but Touma is awake as he is going to go out for an early grind, Yuko can hear the sounds of Touma's movements since he can hear things better being a Felis, he is soon awakened and goes to check on the noise by poking his head of of the door.

Yuko: Hey, where are you going this early Touma?

Touma: Just out for an early grind my curious friend, all of us must reach level 10 if we are to walk past the 10 mile radius barrier.

Yuko(In mind): This is the perfect opportunity for me!! Touma is one of our strongest, he could teach me a thing or two since the monsters are relatively tame right now.

Yuko: W-wait, I'll go too!

Touma: Do hurry, dear friend, I am very antsy for a fight.

Yuko puts on all his clothes and armor and they walk down to the lobby.

Sarari: Please enjoy your day in Frontier Central Square today! We look forward to your return!

When they walk out we see more people in the background that are shadowed as if they knew they were in that building looking for them. Touma and Yuko begin walking to the 5 mile radius.

Yuko: Thanks for letting me come with you to train but can we start with an easy monster please.

Touma: A Striker should be around your range, I'll teach you an effective way of taking them down once we approach one.

Yuko: Wait! Why not tell me now?!

Touma: All part of the training plus you'd get nervous and forget it in battle if I told you now; I will step in and intervene if things get out of hand, do not fear.

Yuko(In mind): It's nice to have him cover me but what with the constant grin?

Yuko: Thanks...Hey, Touma, why are you always smiling even during battle? I've never actually gotten around to ask.

Touma: Hm? Well it's one of the more elegant things you could wear, correct?

Yuko: Hmm, I guess so, if you aren't as timid and weak as me.

Trail forest, 1 mile into the 5 mile radius.

Yuko: I still find it hard to believe that Akira has a nice side with her being so scary and all.

Touma: With due time she'll warm up to you at the current rate you're at but do note that she has also given me a hard time before you came along into our guild.

Yuko: Even you too?? What did you do to annoy her?

Touma: Even I have not an idea in the slighest but it would seem to me as if she has a bit of difficulty trusting new faces for quite a bit for some reason but I assure you if you keep at your pace you'll be on good terms with her soon.

Yuko:  Wow, thanks Touma, I'll take that advice and keep doing what I do I guess.

Yuko looks around the surrounding forested area.

Yuko: Hmm, that's weird, I'm surprised we haven't run into any monsters by now.

Touma: Strange, indeed, could it be that they sleep just like us?

Yuko: I don't know, but it's too silent out here-

A kunai is thrown from behind them, it whizzes by and cuts a bit of the side of Touma's face and he looks behind him.

Touma: Oh? How rude, you may introduce yourselves now.

A guild comes from behind multiple different trees and there's someone familiar with the guild. (1 assassin and 3 lords) (Average guild all level 1 but skill varies.)

Pervert from earlier: Hey, you missed with that kunai dummy, but anywho, miss mee?! Huh? Hey, where's the black haired egyptian bitch who choked and humiliated me huh?!

Touma: Well, she was kindly sound asleep in her bed when I last saw, as well as the others, I can arrange for a phone call if necessary.

Pervert: Nah, it's not necessary, but I can let you go free if you hand over that sweet cat girl of yours and we can forget this all happened or else...you wanna die?! Even pros who are low leveled like you guys would struggle against a group!

Touma begins to chuckle.

Touma: Insolence gets you nowhere but killed, you should know that better than I do.

Pervert: We'll make you eat monster shit after we're done with you, then we'll feed you back to monsters! Get him!

(The Assassin dashes forward by throwing three shurikens, Touma makes his lance appear in his hand and deflects all three while not moving, the Assassin pulls his sword out and they both clash weapons, Touma hasn't moved and is standing still while blocking the initial sword swing, but he has a meaner look than usual while still grinning manically.)

Yuko runs off.

Pervert: Alright, you stay here and fight that silver hair punk with the Assassin and we'll go chase after my wife.

The A lord supports the Assassin while the pervert and B lord chase Yuko.

Pervert: Hey man don't hurt her, she looks so soft and timid, I will make her my bride.

B Lord: Understood, cats aren't my thing anyway so have fun..

We go back to the A Lord, Assassin, and Touma's fight.

(The Assassin backs away and the A Lord comes in out of nowhere with a multiple sword swings high and low; Touma is dodging and blocking some swings with minimal effort, he dodges once more time punches the A Lord hard in the face then spins to backfist him after the punch. A Lord drops his sword somewhere (20 hp, critical condition) Touma puts his lance away while the A Lord stands up running at him with his fists, Touma dodges all the punches unamused.)

Touma: Come on. Hit me. Hit me. HIT ME!

(Touma stints the A Lord's arm and drives it up breaking it in an upward "V" then he gets his lance again and drives it across the A Lord's face killing him, he disintegrates. The Assassin comes back in with a frontflip, he will drive one leg down to kick Touma with the heel of his foot; Touma blocks the one leg and grabs it, the Assassin has a blade in his shoe and uses his off leg to swing it into Touma's head, Touma ducks and move his leg down into the leg that's swinging effectively making the Assassin drive the blade of his shoe into his ankle, the Assassin falls to the ground and Touma walks up to him grimacing.)

Touma: What's the matter? A little shoe laced, are WE?! Oh, the lot of you.

The assassin is killed and he distengrates.

Touma(In mind): I haven't felt a rush like that in years!! I need more!!

Touma peers in the direction the pervert and B Lord went and runs in that direction.

Somewhere in the 1 mile radius.

Yuko(In mind): CRAP! What do I do? Here I am thinking I can be something and I can't even defend myself properly from creeps! I gotta do something quick, think stupid mind, THINK!

Yuko gets the idea to climb up a tall tree, he proceeds to climb up a tall tree and sits on a branch to potentially wait for a rescue.

Yuko(In mind): I'm repeating my cycle again, but I should be safe for now. I really hate how weak I am.

B Lord: She's up in the tree! How the hell?

Pervert: She's a cat you dummy! My precious little kitty at least.

The pervert walks to the tree and looks up.

Pervert: C'mere kitty kitty kitty kitty, we don't want to hurt you, I want to take you with me and wed you.

Yuko: AND YOU THINK BY FORCE IS THE CORRECT WAY TO DO IT? I see why no girls talk to you you come off too creepy, y'know. Anyway, I'm not a gir-

Pervert throws a pebble at the branch Yuko is sitting on, it startles Yuko and he falls out of the tree.

Yuko(In mind): I'm dead.

B Lord catches Yuko in a cradle carry and begins staring.

B Lord: Hey, she's not half bad actually.

Pervert: Yeah yeah, hands off now.

B Lord: Just a few more seconds, I wanna peer more into those angelic violet eyes.

(When B Lord looks back Yuko drives his claw deep into B Lord's face, making B Lord cover his face in pain thus dropping Yuko. When Yuko lands on his butt he shoot a purple energy like needle from out the front of his wrist, it travels to B Lord puncturing through his covered hands going into his mouth where the needle drops droplets of poison as it flies by his throat, and it exits by puncturing through the back of his neck. B Lord goes into shock falling to the ground disintegrating.)

Yuko(In mind): What just came out of my wrist? That wasn't there before in Battle Frontier..

Pervert: What...w-what are you?

A lance pierces him from behind.

Touma: Death.

Pervert: !!!

Touma pulls the lance out and cuts his head off, he distengrates while Yuko looks on in shock at the evil looking Touma.

Yuko(In mind): T-touma!? Is he ok? What happened to him?

Yuko: Touma?

Touma snaps back into his right mind.

Touma: Oh dear, I've really let myself go, I apologize. How are you fairing; are you injured?

Yuko: I'm fine actually; just surprised there's not a single scratch on me.

Touma: I see you leveled up and learned a new move, you're making quite the strides in this game already.

Yuko: Haha, thanks, I'm just still in shock about what just happened, but man you're really strong it's actually pretty scary.

Touma: Umm, haha...shall we proceed back to town? That was a decent enough grind for the morning and we surely don't want to keep them waiting.

Someone in the distance recorded the whole thing.

11:00 am
House of the Mark.

Akira wakes up, preps herself and puts her stuff on, and leaves out of her room to see that Rin and Toki are up already waiting.

Akira: Good morning guys, sleep well?

Toki: Like heaven.

Rin: Haha, yeah I slept fine too, I just felt a constricted is all.

Toki: It's in your head...

Rin: It's real now...

Akira: Cute. Hey, Touma and Yuko should've been up by now; they're morning people.

Toki: Yeah, we don't know where they are either, do you wanna wait a bit longer Rin?

Rin: Mmm, I've been itching to go questing since yesterday...

Touma and Yuko walk through the door.

Rin: Where did you guys go?

Touma: We'd like to apologize for being so late; we we're out for a morning grind session and were ambushed by another guild.

Toki: What, by who?

Touma: By the same debauchee who tried placing his hand on Akira, we dealt with them througly though.

Akira notices Yuko's level up

Akira: You actually fought, huh?

Yuko: Haha, uh Touma really saved my skin back there, I killed one accidentally and gained from it, I got this new move where I could-

He accidentally shoots an energy arrow at Akira, she narrowly dodges it and it flies out of the window, Yuko is panicking.

Akira: I should kill you, but...

She floats down.

Akira: You're lucky that I sorta've warmed up to you, just don't do it again. So are we gonna go questing or not?

Yuko's face is wide with fear.

2:00 pm
Approaching the quest center, they finally find it!

Akira: We really need a faster option to travel....

Rin: We'll get that later unfortunately, but hey walking is better for you.

Akira: Easy for you to say; you walk miles all the time from school even before that teleportation system in Evelyn was installed.

Rin: You'll get used to it and besides you can float unlike the rest of us here.

Akira: Heyy can we just go in already.

Rin: Sure thing kira-pie, after you.

Akira angrily blushes and looks away, Rin holds the door open for them all.

The quest center has two floors: One for recruiting on the 2nd floor, and one for questing on the main level. The inside of the center is both contemporary and medival in design, there are tables and booths for guilds to sit at for preparation or talk and booths to recruit members if necessary, there are posts of new quests on walls with rewards for completing them, those are the smaller quests while the main desk holds the bigger quests.

Random guild member: Woah! It's Celestial guild!

Lots of commotion ensues, they continue to walk forward.

Another random guild member: Say, are you guys here for the 10 mile breach quest too? Even for pros you can't be at such a low level.

Rin: 10 mile breach quest?

They reach the front desk to the quest giver, a smart NPC.

Quest giver: Welcome, Celestial guild, are you all here for the 10 mile breach? It opens today and only a handful have accepted this.

Rin: Actually, this is our first day of questing so we don't know what that is, I'd be happy if you went further into detail about it though.

Quest giver: Just last night yesterday there were reported sights and sightings of three robed beings with masks just within the 10 mile radius roaming freely last night as it appears to have been some sort of bug or glitch as patch notes state her. It has been resolvee as monsters and beings on the outside will not be able to break into the safe zones again, however, the beings within the 10 mile radius will be kept there until they are thoroughly dealt with by the player(s) which is where this big reward comes from.

Rin: Uhhh, we need a moment to think.

Akira: Huh? The first thing to come to mind when I hear "beings with masks" are Savinjas; we'd get shredded to cubes in our current state unless we grind, it helps that they only move around the night so there's time.

Yuko: S-s-savinja? Oh look at the time I have to use the bathroom.

As soon as he walks off Akira grabs him by the collar and pulls him back.

Akira: It's a group xp and brass reward idiot, we can finally buy things and get closer to leaving this safe zone.

Yuko: But Savinjas are scary and they'll be more terrifying now that we're in the game for real! Besides we're still low levels.

Toki: Sure, Savinjas this early is an insane thought, but we could use this reward boost from it as well; we can grind until 8:00 tonight, by then we should be at least level 7-8.

Rin: Toki's right, if anything, we'll keep you safe just don't reek of fear or they'll go after you first; I'm gonna accept this quest for us now.

???: Well well well if it isn't the famous guild 2, good afternoon Celestials, here for the 10 mile breach?!

(Guild rank #300) (1 Archer (Zoner), 1 Cleric, 1 Sorcerer, 1 Lord, 1 Paladin.)

Rin: Yeah, who are you guys?

The guy who asks that falls on his head in shock then gets up.

Lord: Right, you're too good to know who we are, but not for long, this quest will surely bump our ranks as we were placed #300 unfairly. Hmm...how are you guys still #2 if most of you are still level 1 on day 2 (Yuko and Touma are level 2. Rin is nearly there, growth can mean xp build.)

Lord: Unfair baloney.

Touma: Instead of complaining for a change, prove why you're worthy of one on the fiel-

The other Paladin walks to Touma's face.

Paladin: Now, listen here you silver hair freak, you think because you're nearly the best guild you can talk to us anyway you want?! We're one of the best too; we don't need the talk about teamwork and strength that crap is tiresome! Get in the way and my sword goes directly into that smiling skull of yours.

Touma: My oh my, there's not a need to pick for a fight here; there's no ill-will in my statement, we want everyone to be their best.

Sorcerer: We'll be overtaking number 2 real soon, if we cross, I'll be happy to take on that miss in the elegant egyptian clothing.

Toki: Uh, do you guys have experience with fighting Savinjas? You know they are tough right?

Lord: Sure, attack patterns may be a bit different darling, but they're still the same enemy from Battle Frontier, adapting is our speciality, is it yours?!

Toki: !?

Rin pulls one Tenebrosity from his scabbard and points it at the Lord.

Lord: Oh, you don't like us? Fine, fine we'll leave, oh and by the way watch yourselves out here! Heh.

Guild #300 walks off and everyone continues with what they're doing.

Rin(In mind): Are weapons truly prohibited in these cities?

Rin puts his sword away.

Toki: Uh thank you, Rin.

Rin: No problem, can we get to grinding now? We have a couple hours.

They agree and they walk off to the 5 mile radius.

8:00 pm
5 mile radius

Rin: HYAA!

He kills a Striker.

Rin: Phew! Alright, that should be enough for all off us, we should fair a bit better now.

They walk through the dark woods and pass the five mile radius to get into the 10 mile radius.

Yuko: Man it sure is sketchy out here.

Akira scares him from behind and he turns white and jumps, she laughs.

Yuko: NOT funny!

Akira: It always is, you jump just like an adorable little cat getting scared.

Touma: You two are enjoying more of each others time I see, it nearly brings a tear to my eye.

Akira grabs Touma's ear and drags his head down to her mouth.

Akira: I love all of you now shut-up, got it?

Touma: I understand clearly, mademoiselle.

Toki: Hmm. This map has a pin on where the Savinjas are located, we're not nearly there yet.

Rin: Just stay sharp, anything could happen right now.

10 mile radius forest path.

The guild that taunted Celestial guild earlier are walking through a dark forested area on a trail.

Lord: Hmm, why the hell do these Savinjas keep changing their position like they're running from us?

Sorcerer: It is a weird phenomena for them to do such a thing, nonetheless, stay on your toes.

Archer(In mind): I'm at the worst possible disadvantage!

Cleric: It's so creepy out here, I'm surprised monsters haven't used this to their advantage.

Paladin: The brainless bastards better think twice before they do it too, they'd be dealt with swiftly.

Lord: Hmm, the Savinjas, they must fear us, they aren't on the map anymore, but there's something ahead standing on the path ahead.

They walk a few more few seconds and see and oddly built/shaped creature with huge forearms and hands, it has a cute face.

Paladin: What the hell is that thing? I've never seen that monster before.

Cleric: I haven't either but its face is so cute though.

Lord: Whatever it is, cute or not, it's still a monster so shoot it please.

Archer: With pleasure.

(The Archer takes aim with a poison tipped arrow to shoot it at the monster; the monster grabs the arrow with it's huge hand and launches it x2 as fast and it strikes the archer's stomach knocking him back and putting him into critical immediately.)

Lord: What the hell!?

The monster's face turns into something horrifying ugly and charges them.

The Paladin jumps in front of it with his shield and is being pushed back with monster biting at the shield and all around.)

Paladin: Urrrrg. Damn this thing is strong looks like I have to get serious too.

(The Paladin gets his footing and stops getting pushed backed. The sorcerer conjured up a spirit warrior to fight with them and it goes to attack it by jumping behind it, when it goes to attack it with its weapon, the monster makes spikes comes out of its back impaling the spirit multiple times and it vanishes.)

Sorcerer: What?! How about this wretched beast!

Lord: Take him away and heal him, we'll deal with this!

Cleric: Be safe!

The cleric grabs and carries the Archer with an ability and they run off.

(The Sorcerer hits the monster with some dark magic that attacks the surface of the monsters skin, but it isn't potent enough as this angers the monster. The Paladin goes to stab it in the chest fast since it's freaking out over the magic, but the monster breaks the paladin's shield pushing him away from it. 

(The monster makes another charge at them again with the paladin also running in both trading hits for a bit beforing clash holding each other, the Lord jumps into the air from behind signaling to the Sorcerer who shoots more magic which angers the monster more. The monster puts one arm back and lets a fierce punch fly at the stomach of the Paladin, the punch with massive force breaks through the armor hitting him in the stomach making blood spurt out of his mouth.)

(He gets launched up into the air in the direction of the Lord who is behind the unconscious flying Paladin, the Paladin falls down with Lord from a decent height. Effectively the Paladin with it's heavy armor falls to the ground with the Lord crushing him which almost kills him.) 

Sorcerer: COMRADES!! (In mind): Why is my dark magic not working?! Could this beast be resistant to magic without a scratch for it to enter? Tch.

(He shoots more of the same magic since he initially was gonna use it for the Savinjas, firing a ton of it at the charging monster the Sorcerer places a barrier in front of him which stops the monster for a bit. The monster punches and frantically bites at the shield with the condensation of breath coming on the barrier, the Sorcerer is grunting trying to increase shield strength but it's broken. He gets grabbed, the monster in one hand then begins crushing the Sorcerer as if he were a stress ball which kills him eventually as he screams drown out the sounds of bone shatter. He distengrates and the monster runs in the direction of the Cleric and Archer, but leaves the Lord and Paladin to die slow to tick damage.)

We go back to Celestial guild.

Toki: That's strange, the Savinjas were just on the map a few moments ago.....umm there's something else headed our direction and it's headed quickly too.

Rin: Alright, guys, prepare yourselves!

The Cleric is barely in view of the Celestial guild and she notices the Archer is missing, she is shocked and keeps running toward where Celestial guild is walking.

Yuko: Hey, I think I see someone running to us in the distance.

The Cleric can see people in the far distance of the night as she starts shouting far for help; her shouting is cut short when she is stabbed by something through the stomach while running. She looks down seeing that she's blood is flowing down her stomach are then she stumbles over before completely collasping, something picks her up to carry her forward.

Yuko: There's something else too? Weird shape...

They all get shocked.

Toki: That's the Cleric from guild 300! Why is that thing carrying her in a cradle hold.

The monster is in view with its cute face as it holds the Cleric who is bleeding severely from the stomach, she takes a lifeless look up and sees the cute faced monster.

Cleric(In mind): Whatever stabbed me, it seems it wants to help. Sweet creature must have been startled; the others must be on their way back.

Toki: Its face is pretty cute.

(The monster snugly holds her closer to it so can to lick the side of her face, its tongue is extremely rough though and when it does this it distorts and lifts the skin of the side of her face. She screams in pain as this happens, the monsters face suddenly changes, it grabs her by both legs, spreads them both far apart, and begins to pull with his big hands and forearms. Screaming still, the monster rips her down the middle like paper tossing her individual halves toward the Celestial guild to see the hangling flesh and insides.)

Everyone: !!!

The Cleric's body disintegrates as the monster begins to laugh.

Touma: Ooo, ugly beast. I believe guild #300 was unfortunately killed by that, since they were the few minority to accept this quest.

Toki steps forward and whips her sword around, the monster gets a view of the three girls (Thinks Yuko is a girl.) it sees them and begins to salivate.

Toki: What kind of a sick creature are you to think that kind of harsh punishment was funny...i'll show you funny when my blade smash right through your skull!! It angers me to see any form of bullying; none of guild #300 deserved this..

Rin: Toki, I'll fight with you.

Toki: Heh, thank you Rin, but this might be the only time I say no.

Rin: Toki?

Toki: If we are to get out of the safe zone, we all need to reach level 10, Akira also needs more levels, don't worry I will never hate you, also I have personal feelings about this.

Akira: Right, I'll support you Toki, go get him.

Rin(In mind): I'll intervene if things go south.

(The monster charges forward but Toki swings her whip sword across downwar which cuts into the arm of the monster, it cuts even more when she drags it back to her making the monster looks at its wound soon getting angry. It shoots decently sized porcupine like needles at her from its forearm, but Toki jumps swinging her sword around her to block all the needles. 

(She swings her sword downward toward the monster while still in the air, the monster grabs the sword despite it cutting through its p pulling the sword blade down toward it and puts its fist back as it awaits the descending Toki who is being pulled down with the sword to be punched by the monster. Before comimg into range Tokie returns the sword to normal releasing it from its palm as she is almost the near ground blocking the punch with the blunt fave of her sword.)

Yuko: T-toki sure is strong.

Rin: Yeah. (In mind): Her movements are beautiful....huh?! What was that?

(Toki unblocks off guarding the monster by backstabbing it in the chest while still she is slightly in the air, she drags her sword down to open its chest a bit more then kicks off of it flipping forward landing where the guild stand.)

Toki: Alright, Akira, he's all yours.

Akira cracks a smile whil she rises a bit into the air with a lool of evil intent, her four wing butterfly cape raises, and her eyes start to glow purple.

Akira: Goodnight! 

She sends two purple hands to go widens it chest further exposing its beating red heart, she stabs through it from a far with a finger needle sword type magic move then she cast some locusts to fly inside to it eat its insides, it disintegrates.

Yuko(In mind):....

Akira: Easy. Hey we're level 7 now!

Toki: Maybe I should have finished it off but hey only three more level ups to go!

Akira: I'm feeling a bit fatigued after all this grinding too.

Toki: I'm feeling it too, that's not good.

Rin: That's strange, this fatigue stat wasn't here before, but of all times they could have added it, it's added now...

Touma: We didn't have any money for refreshment either which is truly unfortunate.

Toki: The Savinjas just appeared on the map again.

Rin: You two can head back to town if you want to rest, you'll still get the reward but just not as big.

Toki: No way! I understand you want us safe, but I won't leave your side, plus this a good way manage fatigue a bit.

Akira: Yeah, we're here for each other, no Savinja will scare us away.

Yuko: Can I go home, haha?

Akira bonks Yuko on the head.


Akira: It sure as hell didn't sound like one!

Inside the 10 mile radius still.

Toki: These Savinjas won't sit still...I don't think they know we're here but we're behind them.

Rin sees a centipede crawl across the ground and he shrieks in fear.

Rin: C-C-CENTIPEDE! K-kill it please!

Akira: It's just an insect-

Rin: You wouldn't say that when that thing crawls on you with its scary alien dark color and multiple synchronized legs squirm across your sensitive skin, that's truly terrifying.

Akira: Like this?

Rin jumps behind Toki and trembles with fear

Rin: You're not from earth!

Akira: Hehe, I'll throw it on you.

Rin begins screaming and Toki looks at the map again.

Toki: Hey the Savinjas are coming our way now.

Rin remembers what he told Yuko about not to fear in the vicinity of Savinjas, he gets a "..." expression and they continue to walk.

Akira: I love doing that to get Savinjas attention.

Rin: Y-you're evil.

Akira: Then don't say one of my secret nicknames then.

Touma: Please do stay on your toes, they could attack from anywhere now.

Yuko: Yeah, they'll attack me first because I look timid.

Touma: With that attitude they'll cut all 9 of your lives in a single swipe.

Yuko shakes under his skin.

Yuko: You're supposed to be comforting me!

Rin: Don't worry, Yuko, we've got you covered.

Yuko: Yeah yeah.

They keep walking and hear what sounds to be a blade running across tree bark and audible creepy footsteps all around in the distance, it goes silent, they all stop and begin looking around vigilantly.

Rin: Just stay calm, Yuk-

(Suddenly Savinja(A) appears creepily out of nowhere from the trees and blazes at Rin with its sword, Rin manages to pull out one sword to block the initial strike, now they are face to face with swords blocking one another, the other two rise creepily from their shadows on the ground, the rest of the guild backs up, the other two focuses on the rest of the guild.)

Toki: Rin!

Akira: Toki! We can't get to him yet, stop acting rash!

(Savinja(B) creepily appears in front of Toki and kicks her to the side somewhere, she rolls and bounces across the floor and gets up, Akira quickly dashes to go support her to fight Savinja(B) on the side somewhere.)

Rin: Toki! 

Savinja(A) is pushing Rin back while they still block each others swords.

Savinja(C) takes Touma and Yuko.

Touma: So, how are you gentlemen on this fine night?

Savinja(C) stares creepily.

Touma: Ah, silly me, it's too early for high level beings to start showing up. Well warrior of fear, come!

Savinja(C) blazes toward Touma with his sword and they clash weapons and begin an intense fast paced battle.

Yuko: So that's a Savinja up close. Terrifying. I probably would have died before he even blazed at me; but I can't sit here and watch them risk their lives for a reward and to protect me, I have to do something for once!...I'll help Touma out if there's an opening!

Rin, who is still in that initial clash, is trying to figure out how to back away from the first Savinja.

Rin(In mind): They're low level, but these things are way tougher than ever from the last game, I have to back away or I'm dead...now!!

(Rin manages to jump back and the Savinja swings through from it and dashes while he's about to land, Rin lands and begins to do multiple back handsprings in different ways while still going backwards with the initial one kicking away a sword strike, Savinja(A) is running on him while he is doing this, Savinja(A) is swinging and twirling his sword all around him while running at Rin who is doing his handsprings still, Rin finishes his last handspring and jumps high into the air, he makes both swords appear in his hands and falls down fast with his swords facing downward in his hands, Savinja(A) jumps out of the way and Rin stabs the ground and gets up huffing and puffing.)

We go to Savinja(C) who has Touma and Yuko.

(Savinja(C) is about matched with Touma as they are still fighting fast and dodging, soon Savinja(C) catches Touma off gaurd with a jump back spin kick to the head, Touma falls to the ground.)

Yuko: Touma!!

Touma gets up nonchalantly.

Touma: Oh dear, how careless of me, pretty good of you to catch me off gaurd, but-

(Savinja(C) blazes at Yuko, Yuko gets terrified and falls backwards, as he falls backwards he unknowingly had his arm to shield him, Savinja(C) only cuts some of his arm sleeve armor, Yuko lands on his butt and shoots an energy arrow at Savinja(C), it punctures through its lower abdomen and it begins to make terrifying sounds of pain.)

Touma: My my Yuko, you really are improving aand you saved my skin. I am proud of how far you've progressed, we should move and discuss this later though.

Yuko: Uh, right!

We go to Savinja(B) who has Akira and Toki.

(Savinja(B) is having a harder time closing in because he is being zoned by magic and Toki's long whip sword; but Savinja(B) also notices them getting fatigued so he keeps running around.)

(Akira is dashing around trying to zap him and catch him with her dark magic, Toki is also moving around getting it to come out of places it hides with her sword.)

Akira: Ugh, just when I thought these damn things couldn't get even more annoying!

Toki: Just focus, Akira, we need to end this quickly..

(Savinja(B) disappears and reappears as they've slowed down alot, it appears right in front of Toki again and kicks her very hard into a tree putting a dent into it) (Toki 40 hp, unconscious).

Akira: Toki! Alright you bedsheet wearing foot! I'll make you regret that!

(Savinja(B) turns its attention to her and dashes, Akira is fatigued, she places a shield in front of her but it is instantly broken through which causes her to fly back, Savinja(B) dashes toward her, Akira crosses her arms in front of her to shield her, Savinja(B) cuts her golden wrist braclet and follows through with a hard kick, this cause Akira to roll and bounce hard across the floor, from her hazy pov we see Savinja(B) stare creepily for a bit then it dashes for the final blow, Touma appears last second blocking with his lance blocking from behind while he looks down at Akira laying on the ground.)

Touma: Miss me? Hmm, seems our Savinja friends are tougher than we've imagined.

(Akira gets on all fours and stands, she grabs Savinja(B) with her purple hand and raises him in the air and away, Savinja(B) struggling to get out decides to throw its sword at her, she catches this with her other purple hand and launches it back at Savinja(B), it stabs into its abdomen, she turns Savinja(B) and its side and makes the sword go inside diagonally and makes the blade stab through its face from the inside, she places her other purple hand on Savinja(B) and wrings him like a towel on both sides breaking lots of things in its body, she makes the sword go through its face and out, she makes the sword rotate fast like a fan and pushes Savinja(B) into it, it's chunks disintegrate.)

Yuko looks shocked.

Akira: What? I said he'd regret it.

Yuko: Uh I'll carry Toki, let's go back to Rin.

Toki slowly begins to regain conscious as They soon approach Savinja(A) and Rin.

(They are in an intense sword fight, but Rin is starting to barely hang in there, Savinja(A) front kicks Rin, Rin flies back from the kick and Savinja(A)'s eyes glow red, it dashes for Rin and cuts diagonally across his chest, but not deep enough.)

Rin: !!!

Toki(In background): Rin!!

He falls back and flips over to kneel looking down with a sword stabbed into the ground he is huffing and thinking, he looks at Toki and his friends who have scrapes and scratches.

Rin(In mind): I've failed to protect them. No, what am I saying, I should be happy they are alive, I put them in this situation and we're almost out for the most part. Gotta kill this Savinja, how? (Rin 30 hp, near critical.)

Toki: Rin! I'll support you!

Rin: Toki, you're hurt.

Toki: Rin it isn't your fault, you told us to head back but we are just stubborn sometimes, you're my wrench and I am you're gear, always remember that.

Rin: Thank you Toki, you're a beautiful person, I will handle him though.

Toki blushes.

Touma: Indeed, those Savinjas are quite stronger than the previous game.

Rin: No kidding, he almost made cold cuts out of me, but..

He dashes forward and they intense sword fight more.

Rin: You're getting predictable!!

(He slashes the Savinja a couple of times then tells Akira to launch Savinja(A) high into the air, Rin jumps up into the air and grabs the Savinja's leg swinging it around then throwing it to the ground where it creates a crater in the ground from being thrown. A red speck is seen falling to the crater, it sets the Savinja's body ablaze in devastating heat as it screams.)

Rin: Phew. I'm happy you guys are-

Toki hugs him hard.

Toki: I'm happy to see you too.

Rin: Ow! Can we get healed first, please?!

Toki: I'm not letting you go until we get back to down.

Akira: Cute but let's get out of here to claim our reward now.

Touma: You all are in no condition to fight, Yuko and I shall lead the way!

They begin walking to town.

Mischief: A monster of weird shape with huge form arms, it has the ability to make its face appear cute but all who fall for this are in for a surprise.