Haunting Screams 4
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"Anyway, I have moved forward for quite some time and fought more than ten bats  , but there is no mansion in sight..

"Skreee... skreee..

"Shut up!"


The sound of bones breaking was heard and the bat couldn't be more dead as he had his head stomped in.


Jack raised his leg that was covered with bat blood and wiped it in the ground . The blood on his shoe only increased the terrifying apperance of  'Dead Man Walking'.

"I always love this part! Let's see if  I got anything good."

He opened his battle log to see if he had gained anything from killing the bats.

[Killed 'Vampire Bat'...


Killed 'Sonic Bat....


Killed 'Vampire Bat'...


15 XP

4 Gold

'Bloody Edge'...


"Niceeee! I gained  an item and leveled up at the same time. 

It seems that although I'm not doing as good as I thought I would do ,I'm still  doing quite good. Although the bats don't give me that much XP as they are not that strong compared to me, but compared to the slimes they give items , albeit not that high quality ones.


After seeing his battle log he opened his inventory to see some new additions.

"Besides 'Bat Teeth' and 'Bat Claws' which are just normal  drops of no use to me the other two drops which are items are quite decent.

           Bloody Edge
A thin short dagger created with the wing bone of a vampire bat.

Laceration: If someone is cut or stabbed with this dagger it will cause ' Persistent Bleeding ' for 30 seconds.

Restrictions: Only works on beings made of flesh and blood and on those with Endurance below 20.

         Screeching Flute
A small flute created with the tooth of a sonic bat.

Effect: All beings within a 5m radious will fall into a 'Dissoriented' state for 3 seconds .

Restrictions: Only works on beings who have a sense of hearing or their Endurance is below 10.
Can only be used once.

"These are quite some nice effects for items that come from mobs, but the restrictions make up for it.

The ' Bloody Edge ' is a very thin dagger made of bone which means that it will break easily if used against something hard or repeatedly and the ' Screeching Flute ' is only a one use item .

Hmmm...I wonder if something changed. The descriptions of the items has become more detailed compared to the beginning. Is this some sort of patch up or update on the app.

Hahahaha, that would be quite funny...."

Jack's laughter resounded in the dark lonely path illuminated only by dim moonlight and as if in response to that laughter  a shadowy structure was beginning to appear.

"Hmm.... what is going on!?"

Jack stopped laughing and watched in curiosity and worry as the shadowy structure of a building that looked like a 2D drawing started to take shape. The shadowy structure started to become more and more detailed like someone was drawing it on the spot and soon enough it consolidated into a two storied mansion . 

"That was quite..the show.

So it seems that I have finally gotten back on track and arrived at my destination.  Fighting bats is fun and all, but I have come to fight more stronger opponents."

Jack approached the mansion with steady steps and high vigilance.

"Please be something that won't kill me !"


A bat screech was heard in the background as Jack stared at the big rusted iron gate before him. The gate which was about 5 m long and 3 m tall looked worn down and old ,with rusty spots all over, but it still had it's previous majestic look. The delicate metal working that was required to make the gate was definitely a indicator of the owners wealth.


Now that's  what I call a gate, but it seems that the owner needs to learn about modesty. This just screams like some rich dude flexing . "

After inspecting the gate for some time he was in a dilemma.

' Should I just in from the front gate or should I enter from another way?


As he thought he looked at the outer wall surrounding the mansion.

' The wall is not that tall being no more than 2.5m tall which is a piece of cake for me....

"Hehehe, a cautious one indeed."

"Yeah yeah....


As Jack was thinking about his next move two voices sounded near him making his heart stop. He imediately retreated backwards , but didn't see anyone near him.

"Hehehe, scared are you? Well, you shouldn't be."

"Yeah yeah...

"What...the...fuck !"

Jack couldn't believe his eyes. The voices that he heard were coming from the gate or more exactly from the handles of the gate.

' Why me! Why.....

The old gate had two handles. One of them was in the form of a goats head and the other in the form of a rats head.

 From the second time he spoke Jack understood that the goat head was the one who frightened him and the rat head just said 'Yeah yeah'. 

"Hehehe huahahaha *cough* *cough*...

"Yeah yeah....

"Shut up!"

'The goat head got upset.'

Jack didn't make a move and just observed the two heads talking to him , but didn't respond.

' The goat one has the voice of a man and the rat one the voice of a child.

What does this mean?'


Answer me damnit!"


Jack got out of his stupor and looked intently at the two heads/or handles and then just turned around and walked away.

"F*ck this shit I'm out!"

"Wait wait wait wait....

The goat head shouted as Jack was leaving, but Jack didn't pay it no heed.

' Yeah, this is to weird for me, so NO THANKS.'