60: First skill book
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'200 + 500 + …' After seeing all those numbers, Ben put his proverbial nerd glasses on and added the points up in his head. Digits flew left and right in his mind's eye as he calculated a precise sum. 'Lost count! There's a lot!' Ok, doing the math himself wasn't the key. That's what his system was for.

4850 points! That's how many Ben saved now!

He couldn't believe he gathered so many in one night. Yet, Ben pinched his eyebrows because it created a new difficulty. 'Should I look for fetish places to scrounge for points over the next few days?' Different people might make different choices here, but it only took Ben several seconds to arrive at an answer: 'no f*cking way.'

The primary reason he went there last night was to see if the system would create an event. He never expected to earn so many achievements, nor for his trip to become an escape from Arkham… Besides, that party last night only happened once in a while. Even if he found something similar somewhere, he could only receive each achievement once, which meant he'd have to run around and soil himself with new disgusting activities every time. He could gain points that way and it might increase his chance of surviving in 4 days, but he'd rather die!

No amount of points were worth it to Ben if it meant being trapped in a tornado of penises and buttholes flying at him from every direction!

After 4 days, he'd still have to continue living. He needed to live being able to look at himself in the mirror!

Ben's will was firm. 'Sometimes in life, a man has to stand up, clench his anus, and say no! I will not take part in your jizz jamboree!'

His eyes glowed with the steadfastness of a single man blocking the gates from a mighty horde of charging c*cksmen...

This was resoluteness! This was heroism! He would die before allowing those brutes to pillage his innocent rear!

'Anyways, going there won't clear my death mission. There were few women there above a 7 and there's another requirement besides looks. That's why despite getting lucky last night with the milf, there was no change.' Ben's death mission was: [Novice Welcome - Seduce a woman within one month or die].

With the milf, Ben didn't seduce her. She seduced him. 'That titjob was like that time I made a new MMO character then a max level passed by and donated me some of their old but OP gear…'

'All right. Where were we? I'll open the store…huh? Why isn't there anything different?' The first thing Ben noticed was there wasn't any new item listed although he gathered so many points. From 1000 to 4850, no new item popped up.

'Maybe the stronger items scale up on a curve just like stats. I don't know if the next one will be available at 5k or 10k. Either way, I don't have time to wait and see. I can gain many treasures now.' With this many points, Ben could buy 4 Mid Level Mystery Boxes!

However, because Fariq was here, Ben needed to go somewhere else for privacy. So, he walked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. He would perform the unboxing on his throne…

Ben only hoped he wouldn't get something large enough to burst through the walls but so far all the items were small. 'Let's go!' Ben made the first draw. A mystery box appeared in his lap and he opened it, closing his eyes to avoid the light...

'A…book?' Ben's palms held a light blue book.

[Squirtle Hydro Pump(Skill Book, Fine) x1]


'There are Pokemon in this?'

After some confusion, Ben's eyes lit up. 'Is this going to give me superpowers?!? I was always more of a Charmander guy but you're gotta start building your squad from somewhere...' He checked the skill description.

[Squirtle Hydro Pump(Skill, Set, Fine) - Entry-level fingering technique to make a woman squirt]

'…I should've known better than to get my expectations up. Though, I'm not too disappointed. Wait, it says Set. Is that what I think it is?'

[Set: Gotta catch 'em all - Collect Squirtle Hydro Pump(Skill), Bulbasaur Seed Bomb(Skill), and Charmander Fire Punch(Skill) to get a bonus hidden Pikachu Sweet Kiss(Skill)]

[Collection Status: 1/3]


'I can follow most of the sexual innuendos, but what does Fire Punch do?'

Ben scratched his head. 'There's a lot going on here. In any case, this is my first skill! And a set skill at that! I don't know if it's any good! Or why it's named after Pokemon! But I'll take it!'

[Would you like to learn Squirtle Hydro Pump(Skill Book, Fine)?]

Ben gave a mental affirmation and soon the book turned into an energy ball made up of light. It then arced down into the toilet and shot into his anus.

"Ow!" It even gave him an electric shock on contact…

'Isn't it supposed to go into my forehead?!? Why the anus?!?'

The system didn't provide an answer.

"You okay in there?" Fariq shouted.

"Just catastrophic constipation…Nothing to worry about!" It was another trauma added onto the long list Ben needed to share with a psychiatrist.

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