62: Bendingo on a date
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*Slap* *Slap* *Slap* *Slap*

Ben speed-bagged his new shlong side to side against his legs... The assortment of helicopter maneuvers would have put any air force flight demo to shame…

On paper, this was a standard check of aerodynamics and durability. Off the record...this was a baby shower for his new baby arm…

'My shlong's upgraded from a shledium! Shlorts can only bow and worship like stormtroopers!' Before the pill, Ben's manhood was only average size. Now? Porn star status!

His bananaconda evolved, becoming a dragon soaring through the heavens!

A phoenix risen from the ashes!

A white tiger that could provide an extra dose of medicinal tiger penis!

'Ok, I can't celebrate forever. I've been slapping for 20 minutes already…I'm still a little worried about those side effects.' He didn't feel any different, but it would always be a concern. 'Well, nothing I can do. Hopefully nothing happens. What's more important is not only did I gain firepower, I've gained confidence!' With that thought, Ben received a stat upgrade alert.

[Manliness: 5(4+1) - You're a big penis carrying around a body]

Ben's manliness went up a point from 3 to 4. With the extra point from the Black Tungsten Ring, it was now 5. Reading the message, he shrugged. 'Bodies are heavy, which means my big penis is strong. Thanks for the compliment!'

He smiled. 'You can't stop me with that anymore. I've got big d*ck energy now!' Ben wasn't sure if he gained the stat point from them d*ck gains or his increased confidence, but it was a welcome boost either way.

'All right, I need to start my day. I'll go to the gym, then hit the streets and do some approaches. I also have to send Miyuki a next day text.' The next day text: a message Antonio advised Ben to send the day following dating any girl. If he didn't send it, the girl might think Ben was too aloof or didn't like her. The text didn't need to be fancy, a simple "how's it going" and some back and forth playful banter.

Then, Ben's plan was to message Miyuki tomorrow for a date so he wouldn't seem needy. In a normal case, he might wait a few more days to schedule a second date, but he was running out of time.

After all that, he would go to his important scheduled encounter—a date with Annabelle, the big-breasted blonde artist from the park.


Ben checked the time on his phone. 'I should show up 5-10 minutes late, but not much more or she'll leave. Not too late, but never first.' Antonio advised Ben that if a woman he hadn't already slept with many times ever saw him waiting for her, she would give him a big minus in her subconscious. A man could arrive 1 minute early, but the woman would picture him having been waiting an hour, nervous and scoping out the location.

A woman's tendency was to imagine men with normal looks or status doing pathetic things, regardless of reality. In fact, it was for good reason, because many low-value men did weak things like that. Women wanted men who were busier than them, which is why Ben wanted to send the proper signal by arriving second.

Plus, the anxiety from waiting would arouse Annabelle's emotions. While Ben was walking over, she texted him asking his status, but he never responded. That led to her wondering if she was being stood up, which Antonio said would make her more excited when Ben arrived.

Knowing Annabelle was an art student, Ben told her to meet him outside an art exhibit hosted by NYU. Being a student, he could get them in for free. 'The best dates are cheap dates…' He knew the key to wealth was saving from a young age.

As Ben walked up, his heartbeat accelerated when he viewed Annabelle standing outside. She wore a white dress, showing off her large cleavage which he could see even from a distance. Her long blonde wavy hair hung loosely on her dark green jacket's shoulders. Above her high brown boots, her smooth thighs were exposed. Ben couldn't help staring at them.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed Ben and turned to him. Her bright blue eyes entranced him. They were still wide in curiosity from staring at the art through the glass display. Like their last meeting, she wore no makeup, nor did she need to; a natural beauty to the core. "Hi," she greeted with a light smile.

"Hey." Ben stepped in, exchanging a kiss with her on each cheek.

"Oh…two kisses." She raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"It's what they do in Europe."

"…I didn't know you were European."

Ben responded with a confident smirk.

He wasn't…

Nor had he ever been there…

But that was her interpretation and Ben was under no obligation to correct her… 'Assume and you will put that ass of u on me…'

"Let's go inside," he told her and walked in, holding the door for her.

Several minutes later, they were inside gazing at an abstract piece of art. It was a modern painting of a large ocean blue square.

"How would you interpret this?" Annabelle asked him.

Ben swallowed. He knew nothing about art. '…Art is subjective right? I may as well say something obscure and puzzling so she'll just let it pass.' He turned to her. "I see the sea crab army defending their home against the naga queen's legions. It's an epic battle of survival."

Ben turned back to the artwork. 'What the hell did I just say?'

After that explanation, Annabelle squinted, glancing between Ben and the painting several times.

'I'm dead,' he thought.

"My…god…you're right…" she said.


"There." She pointed to the painting's corner. "The naga queen's left army is attempting a flanking maneuver…Will the crab forces be able to resist? Morale is in the seaweeds…" She sighed.

[Target's current attraction level: interested(+1)]

Ben rubbed his neck. 'What's happening?'