64: Famous dating sim technique (R-18)
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“I-I can have it? Really?” Annabelle’s eyes became bright.

While “Can’t Buy Me Love” from the Beatles played in the background, the two sat side by side on Ben’s bed. He couldn’t help thinking how cute that look of hers was.

He reassured her, “Take it. This artwork is very compatible with you. Your destiny is on the same path. I can feel it…”

“But…you must’ve worked so hard on this…”

“Just a flash of inspiration. I get them often enough, and it’ll be even better with you around as my muse.”

Annabelle’s cheeks turned red, but she held the construction paper to her chest, treasuring it. It seemed like she wasn’t used to getting gifts.

‘Good job brain, you’re killing it…’ Ben was rolling well with Annabelle’s earlier surprise reaction.

[Target’s current comfort level: close(+1)]

[Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the Achievement: Too Close for Comfort(common) - Reach the close comfort level with one woman]

[Distributing reward: PUA Points + 100]

Ben’s eyebrows raised. ‘Wow, is this the famous dating sim move: give a present for familiarity? Beluga and Antonio were right; Don’t buy or give them anything nice, but you can give them something cheap or homemade as a joke. In this case, she thinks it’s a priceless artwork, but I made it, which means it cost me 0 and made me look like a high-status artistic genius…’

[User has unlocked Favorability sub-system: Arousal]

[Target’s current arousal level: normal]

‘Oh…’ This was the third favorability sub-system Ben unlocked. The name was descriptive enough about what it tracked. ‘Getting comfort to close must’ve been a requirement to unlock this… Well, better strike while the kielbasa is hot…’

Ben shifted closer to Annabelle, forcing the side of her thigh to press against his. She didn’t resist. He took the picture from her hands and put it down on a chair next to them. Then, he touched her chin and turned her head towards his.

Her apple red cheeks set off her shiny skin and glowing blue eyes. He didn’t need any kissing signal this time; The system statuses and her inviting body language were clear enough. With no hesitation, he went in for the kiss.

Her lips tasted sweet, like a nectarine. She closed her eyes, resigned to letting Ben lead the way.

While kissing her, his hands explored her body. His front hand traced her hair…down her exposed far shoulder and arm…her hip and slender waist…and her smooth thick thighs. Her skin was incredibly soft, like caressing a creamy cloud…It was addicting, but Ben knew he couldn’t stop the train this early.

With his other hand, he brushed her hair from her neck. When he pulled his lips away from hers, she kept her eyes closed, still lost in the sensation. Ben kissed and tasted her bare shoulder, moving up, until he was kissing her neck...noticing how her hair and skin smelled of fresh rain and pine trees…

“Annhh…” she moaned.

[Target’s current arousal level: stimulated(+1)]

He was targeting the erogenous zones of her skin. From her neck, he moved up to her ear, kissing it…licking on the flexible edges, and nibbling on her soft earlobe.

“Mmm…” Annabelle’s breathing became heavier.

While his kisses occupied her focus, with great reluctance, Ben took his palm off her velvety thigh. He trailed it upwards along her lower body, feeling her smooth stomach, and at the end of his trip…a massive handful of her amazing breast.

‘Whoa. My hand can’t even hold one of these…’ Ben needed to focus 110% to not rip her clothes off while squeezing her incredible chest. ‘F*ck. Her tits are so huge and soft…’ While continuing to tease and blow hot air into Annabelle’s ear, he slid his hand from her breast, over the top of her dress, and underneath it…Now, it was in direct contact to her tits over her dark red bra. Her dress strap slid down her arm, displaying them for Ben’s viewing pleasure.

He stopped playing at her ear and brought his eyesight to those massive meaty mounds in front, squeezing and playing with them at will.

“Ngnnn…” Annabelle bit her lips, enjoying the sensation of Ben manhandling her.

He narrowed his eyes. ‘Bra, don’t blame me. You need to go so I can live…Die to me!’ With not so dexterous fingers, he yanked down her bra, forcing it to sit under her breasts, exposing those marvelous bosoms to the air!

Annabelle’s face became as red as her perky nipples as she gazed away.

Ben’s hands jumped on those jugs, caressing and squeezing them to his heart’s content. Then, he licked his lips. ‘Lions eat first!’ Like a savage beast, he dived head-first after his prey!

‘Nrnn…uhmm…’ Annabelle moaned as Ben sucked on her tits without holding back.

[Target’s current arousal level: horny(+1)]

Holding both of her breasts tight, Ben alternated licking and sucking every inch of them, while she moaned in pleasure and coyness. His tongue didn’t leave any part of her huge tits unexplored, leaving traces of saliva everywhere...After a minute of this, Ben’s eyes gleamed. ‘It’s time…’

One hand slid down along her waist, once again gliding over her buttery thighs, inching inwards…inwards…until he reached it…

Ben’s eyebrows raised. ‘She’s not wearing underwear!’

That surprised him, but he didn’t hesitate. He couldn’t stop his pursuit. Moving his fingers, he touched what he was looking for. Warm and wet...

‘Haaan…’ Annabelle’s heavy breathing reached Ben’s neck. He turned to her.

While leaning back with her elbows on the bed, her half-open lustful-eyes locked gazes with him, as if communicating, ‘I can’t stop you...Do what you desire...I want it!’

As Ben fingers touched her warm love juices, he knew the moment was here. ‘It’s time for my killer move…’

Ben’s gaze became sharp. ‘Squirtle! I choose you!’

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