65: Squirtle Hydro Pump (R-18)
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Ben knew what was at stake. "If Squirtle can finish her off, she might just drain my poke balls…"

"Hnn…" Annabelle still had a helpless expression, waiting to see what Ben would do next.

Getting a comfortable position laying next to her lower body, he didn't disappoint her. With the knowledge of the Squirtle Hydro Pump in his brain, Ben's fingers got to work.

First, he rubbed the outer part of her pussy to warm her up, but she didn't need much. She was already very wet. Then, he inched his index finger inside…

'So warm and tight…Will my dick fit in here?' This was Ben's first time touching a woman down there. His heart couldn't help but speed up, and his finger kept pace.

"Anng…" Annabelle grasped Ben's bedsheet with her right hand.

Back and forth, he used his finger to stimulate her tight hole. As it grew wetter and wetter, Annabelle's breathing became heavier and heavier. Soon, Ben loosened her up enough and inserted a second finger.

"Unnn!" Annabelle leaned her head back on the bed and gazed at the ceiling with her mouth open.

Ben swallowed when he noticed she still wore her sexy long brown boots, now very visible with both her legs hanging high in the air. As his fingers kept using the technique, her back kept arching, making those sexy legs move in repeated motions back and forth.

"Huu…huu….Nnnn!" Annabelle's moans were turning into screams as Ben's fingers accelerated. Both her hands were now gripping onto Ben's bed in desperation. The pleasure was too intense...

[Target's current arousal level: lustful(+1)]

Ben was gazing at her beautiful pussy, his fingers playing it like a musical instrument. It was so wet now that the juices were dripping off the bottom of his hand. With increased pressure, he rubbed his fingers back and forth on the g-spot inside her, stimulating it…faster…harder…until…she couldn't take it anymore!

"AAAHHNNNN!" Annabelle started shaking! Out of control! Her sexy long legs were twitching in the air! At the same time…she squirted!

Clear liquid shot out of her pussy! The first spray covered Ben's arm. He removed it because he knew Annabelle would be very sensitive right now. But that didn't stop it! The second spray shot out and covered the wooden floor! She was still quaking!

A third!

A fourth!

This aroused Ben as much as surprised him. He wondered if it would be a good idea to buy one of those yellow signs that said "Caution Wet Floor" so no one slipped in the future...

The bottom of Annabelle's white dress was now moist. Her legs had lowered, now hanging off the bed...lifeless. She gasped for breath, face and body exhausted, no energy to move. "Wow…that…was amazing," she whispered.

Ben smirked. 'Welcome to Squirtle Squad…'

As he looked around at the aftermath, he worried Annabelle might become ashamed. "Don't worry, you don't have to be embarrassed."

She glanced up at him. "Why would I be embarrassed?" Then she smiled, "Now that you showed me something so magical, I should return the favor…' She sat up with a sexy smile.

Ben gulped in excitement. 'My time has come! Squirtle, great job. You can return to the infinite darkness and silence now…Diglett, I choose—No, wait, he's evolved since I took that pill. Dugtrio—No, I don't have three dicks! Fuck it! Onix, get your ass out here!'

Ben moved forward to Annabelle, visualizing what was coming next…but then he noticed she was looking to the side at a chair…

'What's she looking at?' he wondered. He became concerned when he saw her face drop…

Following her gaze, he discovered what she was staring at…

It was Ben's drawing…covered in her love juice…

"Nooo! My magnum opus…" she cried out.

Ben had a terrible prediction for what this meant. 'Nooo! My magnum dickus…'

He scrambled for a save. "It's fine! Looks even better even! This is how they paint in Europe!"

Annabelle kept shaking her head. She didn't listen to him, instead darting over to the chair and picking up the construction paper. She stared at it with great concern as she examined the damage... Then she muttered to herself, "I can fix this…I have the restoration tools at home. If I go now, I can salvage it!"

Ben didn't know what the right move was. He stood there frozen, still half-aroused and not in a clear state of mind. He tried to come up with ideas but they were all a jumbled mess!

Meanwhile, Annabelle already put on her coat. She held the paper close to her chest like it was her child! As she stepped towards the door, she remembered something and turned around to face Ben. "Thank you for the artwork. Also, that was very interesting. I enjoyed your water show…"

Despite her concern over Ben's damaged "masterpiece," she still blushed and revealed an alluring smile when remembering the experience. "It felt good too…but I have to go…"

She leaned in towards Ben and gave him a peck on the lips. "I'd like to see your show again…I feel it may bring me artistic inspiration…and hopefully more…I'm going, bye." She turned and walked out the door.

Ben was in shock... 'Why does it have to be so damn ironic? …Is this karma for the artwork? I don't understand…'

He stood there speechless for a full minute. "No, it's my fault. I relied too much on the Squirtle Hydro Drain taking her down...Damn! I should've guessed she was a grass type!"


After a while, he realized something. "Shit! I should follow her! Maybe I can go to her apartment!" He sprinted outside and even rushed down the stairwell to avoid waiting for the elevator…but she was gone. He texted her, but when she replied, she was already getting off the subway…

Ben was back in his room now, sitting on his bed, depressed. "That damn subway is too fast. Team Rocket motherfuckers…"

He looked down and realized he could take out his frustration on someone weaker. So he yelled at his little brother. "Why am I the one doing all the work?!? Some brother you are! Where were you? Huh?!?"

Helpless, he sighed. "I guess it is what it is…" He looked at his floor. 'I better clean this duck pond before Fariq gets back… On the bright side, this date wasn't without a harvest.' Ben couldn't stay upset for long, because when he opened his system screen, he discovered two interesting things.

First, his skill…using it unlocked some new system details…

Second, there were achievements! Reward points! That meant more loot! For Ben, that was a mental orgasm!


*Please read note below.

It takes a long time to become a Pokemon master. Just look how long it took Ash Ketchum…Did he complain? Yes…but he’s a little bitch...

Why did I write it this way? Because this is how it goes with girls in reality. While Ben is still learning, he's going to make mistakes. As the plot progresses, he'll make less, and the system will give him more useful help. Of course, that's if he doesn't die in 4 days. Then the system would jump to Beluga or Antonio.

If Ben was more experienced, Annabelle wouldn't have left. He would've foreseen the possibility of that happening and not put the picture there. Also, her whole exit was a sh*t test, yes--a sh*t test. There were some unorthodox things Ben could've said to get her to stay. Anyways, there won't be any more blue balls in the near future. I promise...