68: What girls need
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'So she wasn't good at math…' Ben was back at the bar alone after the last obstacle chose not to show her work…

'I always try not to be sexist…They say women are worse than men at math, but I still gave her a chance and how did she repay me?' Ben shook his head. 'Get woke, go broke…'

He didn't let it get him down too long. Looking around, he noticed that there were still many beauties in this crowded bar, chatting or dancing to the current hip hop track. There were two girls that looked like college students near the window and Ben decided to approach them…

The opener went well and he joked with them. Then, it was time to clear the obstacle. 'Third time's a charm. I won't make the same mistake.' He put his arm around the obstacle and said, "I've heard women are better at English topics than men. I used to doubt these kinds of claims, but now I'm not sure. What do you think? Would you agree?"

The obstacle thought about it a second, then nodded. "It's true," she said with a smile.

That's when he handed her a crossword puzzle…


'Liars! All of them! What are they teaching in universities now?!?' Ben was furious. He tried various approaches but these girls didn't seem interested in any academic pursuits... Sighing, he rationalized it, 'Fine. It's my fault for demanding too much of them…Let's take a step back.'

A few minutes later, Ben was conversing with two new women. Things were going well except the obstacle was blinking a lot because she didn't understand why Ben kept talking to her like she was a toddler. That's when he handed her construction paper and a box of crayons...


'Is creativity dead?' Ben was alone again, scratching his head. 'Wait...I must've gone too far dumbing it down. I'll try to correct course.'


Two girls by the stairwell were laughing at Ben's jokes.

In the middle of a chuckle, his expression turned serious. He locked eyes with the obstacle. "What is real and what is just our perception of reality?"


Ben was lying face down on his arms at the bar. 'I don't know anymore…I've tried everything. Sigh…Maybe I should just stop talking…' Things weren't going well for him. Even a Justin Bieber remix was stabbing his ears at the moment, but Ben was not one to quit. With the failures noted down, he scrapped his entire prior approach and decided to take a whole new strategy.

A short while later, two girls ordered drinks at the bar and Ben dove in. Opener, chit chat, everything was merry. Ben glanced at the overweight obstacle, and having learned from his mistakes, he kept his mouth shut. Instead, he only handed her a lollipop…


'She ate the damn thing, and even snatched the whole bag! But she still pulled her friend away! Ungrateful…' Ben's entire plan B rested on those lollipops…

'F*ck it. If all the girls in the club starve tonight, they'll only have that obstacle to blame…It seems I have no choice. I'm going to have to bust out the expensive goods…' As a poor student, he didn't want to do it, but Ben had no choice.

Two girls at the edge of the dancefloor were swaying while sipping their drinks. Ben approached them with a dancing maneuver and joined them without resistance. He mixed dancing with flirting and was soon blended into their group. As the girls giggled, Ben's eyes became serious. He didn't need to guess the right moment to address the obstacle because the music made it clear.

"Move bitch, get out the way

Get out the way bitch, get out the way

Move bitch, get out the way

Get out the way bitch, get out the way."

Ben peered at the DJ booth. 'Of course, it's him…' It was the same DJ from last time. He stared at Ben with a grin, nodding at him…

Ben ignored him, instead focusing on his next move. Although Ben didn't understand what girls needed to occupy their time, he felt confident the obstacle would love the next thing. That is, unless American culture was a lie. He grooved to the rhythm of Move Bitch by Ludacris…as he inched closer to the obstacle with a smile…

She was having a good time as she watched Ben approach with something in his hand, but it was difficult to make out what it was in the low light. As she watched him grin like a clown while waving his hand around, making the object dance along with them, her smile faded away. 'Why does he have a Barbie doll???'

Sensing her unhappiness, Ben didn't stop the doll's dancing but instead decided to double down. He took out something else and made it dance in his other hand. It was a Ken doll…

Ben watched the obstacle's reaction to observe what satisfied her. Realizing it wasn't enough, he made the dolls kiss…

'Still not enough?' Ben's eyes became sharp. That's when Ken started to dry hump Barbie…

The obstacle stopped dancing…

'Sigh…It seems this woman's a pervert…Fine, have it your way!' He proceeded to remove the clothes from Barbie and Ken…

The obstacle's face became cold…

'I can tell she won't settle for the vanilla stuff…' Ben gritted his teeth. Without remorse, Ken bent Barbie over. Barbie tried to resist but Ken didn't care…That's when he entered her…dry…

The obstacle only crossed her arms and knitted her brows…showing obvious dissatisfaction.

Ben's eyes widened, showing a hint of fear. He couldn't believe the obstacle's frigid heart. 'Hey, hey…Let's not turn Barbie's r*pe into a murder…'

There will be an R-18 in a few chapters.