72: Never give up your dream to deliver cream
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With a heavy feeling in his heartnuts…Ben watched Lia pull away.

Even though she gave him the kissing signal, she was still playing coy. "I have a boyfriend…" Despite saying that, she gave him a provocative smile…

Ben's eyes thinned. 'Sh*t test…' In response to her, he shrugged. "I have a mug with a stegosaurus on it….his name is Steve...since we're talking about things that don't matter."

She giggled and slapped his chest again. Now that they were closer, he moved in to kiss her again…and she rejected him...again.

Lia shook her head with a naughty grin. "You're bad…but I can't…" However, she continued, "I'm with my girlfriend Sarah here. She's my boyfriend's sister. She can see…" Lia pointed through the glass wall to a sofa where a raven-haired girl sat and stared at them, very interested in their conversation. It looked like Sarah didn't notice Ben try to kiss Lia because the angle blocked Ben's body and a waitress was taking her order. Yet, Ben was aware that if he tried again now, she'd see for sure.

'How can I get her to ignore us?' Ben's mind raced to come up with ideas…but he didn't find any good way. His face became tense. 'Am I going to lose this chance?'

All of a sudden, his ears perked up as a new song came on--"Count on Me" by Bruno Mars. Ben peered at the DJ booth and observed Theodore walking over to Sarah, and saying something.

Then, she took off her jacket…and screamed! She discovered the chocolate covering it! She rushed to wipe it off with napkins from the table.

Theodore glanced in Ben's direction and gave him a quick two-handed point with his index fingers. Then he climbed back into the DJ booth like nothing happened.

Ben's eyes threatened to tear up… 'Brostradamus...I'll never forget this...'

Despite the surge of emotion, Ben focused. 'No time to be sentimental. I can't let Theo's Snickers sacrifice be in vain…'

Ben took a breath and his eyes became sharp. He knew he didn't have long. He grabbed Lia's hand…

She blinked in surprise, but didn't resist, having also noted Sarah not paying attention…

'What to do?' Ben knew Sarah would soon look back over to them. The shot clock was counting down…


'We can't leave the bar. Lia probably won't come and her friend will stop us regardless.'


His eyes scanned the bar for ideas.


'There's the bathroom but there's a line now. If I try to bring Lia there, Sarah will discover us.'


'Somewhere else in the bar?' He continued searching.


'Upstairs?' He glanced at the entrance.


'Still blocked! Sit down and play hide the pickle under the table?'


'No good! Her friend will interrupt us. Somewhere hidden? Behind a group or a chubster?'


'No! Sarah will text and Lia will respond. That'll kill it!'


It was down to the last seconds. Ben's eyes sharpened. 'I'll find a way!' In the crucial moment, he remembered his ancestral heritage.


As a true gamer, Ben scanned the environment for geo-effects! His eyes focused on something! 'There!'


Sarah frowned, staring at her Gucci jacket. 'Phew. I got it all off...Oh crap, I forgot to keep an eye on Lia!' She gazed at the smoking section…and relaxed. In the corner, there was Lia's figure.

Ben wiped the sweat off his forehead…He had pulled Lia to a shallow nook in the smoking section that could hide a bit more than one person. This way, her friend wouldn't freak out that Lia left and they'd have some privacy. 'To Sarah, it should appear Lia's leaning on a wall alone, but we don't have much time before her friend becomes suspicious. Time is pussy…'

There was also not much space. 'What can I do here?' Ben's brain ran a slideshow of all the potential cum-fu moves…

After a thorough analysis, he found the KO attack. 'I'll master Bruce Lee's one-inch thrust…'

Ben spread a confident smirk at Lia. "Looks like she can't see us now…"

[Target's current attraction level: attracted(+1)(+2 drunk bonus)]

That's when Ben understood that bold maneuvers showcasing one's resourcefulness could also build attraction.

Lia's red cheeks and unflinching stare betrayed her interest. Despite that, she was a troublemaker at heart. "Tch…So—"

Before she could finish, Ben initiated operation counter c*ckblock…and sealed her lips with a kiss.

Her eyes broadened. Something slippery entered her mouth, exploring wherever it chose, and...she surrendered. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

Ben pulled her in closer. He relished the pleasure of Lia's tight body pressed against his, but he never lost sight of the situation. He was here for a greater purpose—to achieve his dream to deliver cream...

His hands twitched in anticipation. 'If I conquer this unknown terrain, I'll upgrade from a mere explorer to a real cumquistador!'

It was time to Pocahontas.

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