Chapter 20 : The Princess Of the North
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There I was staring with confusion at the stuttering girl in front of my very eyes. Nor have I known or seen her during the whole ceremony and reception. Who in the world is she? Even the hairdressers are bowing to her with respect.


“Uh.. yes? I’m Lenna, and you?” I turned my body around to face her as I sat.


She flinched the moment I answered her question. At first glance, I was clearly suspicious of her for being those innocent girls that are cruel and twisted on the inside. Maybe I have read too many comics or novels regarding that. 


However, my question was left hanging by her looking down on the floor with a startled expression. She was lightly mumbling inaudible words that left me even more confused at that moment.


Or maybe… it might be that…It does make sense if she’s very uneasy.


“I'm sorry for the interruption, you two. But could you could give us some space?” I looked over to the hairdressers and they simply nodded.


“As you wish, Lady Lenna. Please take your time, you as well, My Lady,” Both of them bowed their heads towards me and the anonymous girl.


While they were walking towards the door, I could hear whispers of worrisome tones following behind as they peered their eyes back. I kept my eye on them all the way until they had finally exited the room. Once that’s finished, I turn my gaze to the girl in front of me and make myself smile.


“They’re gone now, no need to be so shy with me,” I forced a chuckle out of my mouth in order to make her calm and spit out everything she has to say.


“U-uh, okay. My bad... I’m not used to interacting with many people around. I tend to talk with them in private,” She replied as she made herself small with her shoulders tensing up and her retracting her head close to them.


Oh, so that’s why, though I’m not so sure about that timid and shy act she’s putting on. And moreover, what made me so suspicious of her is why did she come here to see me all alone? And yet, she still has the courage to walk herself here on her own even though she’s like that.


“Perhaps you have heard of me?” She shyly asked, while I was still puzzled by her question.


“I hate to tell you this, I don’t have a single clue on who you are,” I shook my head, leaving her to make an anxious flat line on her lips.


“O-oh… I see,” Her posture shrank more than what she had done earlier.


But let me tell you, by this far, I may or may not have cracked her true codes. But from her looks, voice, and attire, she seemed like such a gentle and well-mannered girl. Two sides of my head were fighting or not should I trust this anonymous girl who might have come from the Flammia Family. 


Curiosity and sincerity slowly overcome the suspicious feeling that I had moments ago. Guess it wouldn’t be so bad to get to know another girl in this forsaken territory.


“So, what’s your name?” I asked


She lifted her head up immediately with a glimmer in her eyes while still putting a straight line on her lips. Her cheeks were starting to flush red as she looked me directly in the eyes with those Sparkling Amber pupils.


“M-my name is Mira... Mira Flammia. You really haven’t heard of me... At all?” Her voice, in the end, has a hint of anxiety with a touch of her whiny tone.


Flammia, huh? Guess I should have expected that, but what connections does she have with either me or that “stoic” man.


“I’m sorry, but no… This is the first time I have ever heard that name in addition to seeing you in person,” I replied, trying to keep my head away from unwanted thoughts.


“He didn’t tell you? Not even once?” She repeated, this time mentioning someone in her question.


At this point, I had already made assumptions in my head. Flammia... and she looks not much older than me, rather even younger. I didn’t see her at the ceremony nor the reception beforehand. And none from the Flammia Family ought to tell me anything about her. And by what she means by he could be only Alvar, well if you think it that way. But can't say for sure, it could be the Godfather or any men from the Family.


 I began to rewind the scene where I was at the altar tying the knot by ending it with a “kiss” from Alvar. The gears in my head started to stop into a halt, looking back at how Alvar acted with me at those times. Wait, can it be...




...Could I be his second mistress?


A realization clicked on my mind right at that moment.




I was ready to shout out my presumption when the rational side of my mind slapped me across the room of my head.


Nonononono, you can’t just make up random assumptions without knowing the truth first. But it’s the only logical thing there is, isn’t it? Calm yourself down, Lenna. You’re probably gonna look like a dumb person if you just point it all out. 


“U-uh… Miss Lenna? Are you alright?” A voice snapped me out of my mind, reminding me to focus on the matters in front of me.


I let out an awkward and dumbfounded chuckle, “Hahaha, I-I’m okay, really. Just have something in the back of my mind that’s all,” I let out another chuckle as I placed my right palm behind my neck.


FOCUS LENNA, YOU CAN’T BE CAUGHT OFF GUARD LIKE THIS. I looked back at Mira with a made-up subtle expression, although my heart was beating uncontrollably at my hypothesis earlier.


“A-anyways, who do you mean by “he”? Who are you talking about?” I crossed my arms and legs as I tilted my head towards her, trying to pry out what she has in mind.


“M-my... big brother,” She faintly said it, her cheeks as red as a tomato.


“Big… brother?” I repeated slowly, trying to get hold of the situation.


“M-my big brother’s name is Alvar… your.. husband,” She added with a fading voice.







I was instantly on my feet, shocked by the statement Mira gave me. I immediately grabbed her hands and pulled her closer to my face.


“WAIT, ALVAR?!” I was at the point of both shock and embarrassment, ruling out a shout at her.


“E-Eeekk!” She yelped


I began to examine her features. Same colored eyes, unruled bangs, even their long eyelashes are similar. As I was holding her hands in mine, she was literally shaking all over her body. 


“HE HAS A SISTER?! AND YOU’RE HIS SISTER?!” I screeched, repeating the questions all over again out of consciousness.


“Y-yes, I’m his younger sister!” She replied panickly with an increased volume in her tone, frantically bobbing her head up and down.


“You’re not lying, right?!”


“W-why would I even try to lie?!” Mira wept out





...I want to kill myself right now, I knew I shouldn’t have made assumptions like that. Second mistress?! The audacity that my brain has to assume that this sweet innocent girl was his first mistress or even a two-faced bitch. I want to shrink into the size of an atom right now. 




However, since now I’m married to him…  S-so that means… she's also my little sister...


My restless mind was stopped by the sound of sniffles coming from my front. When my eyes came clear, in front of me was a face with reddened cheeks and crystal clear teardrops flowing down from those glassy eyes of hers. My heart was instantly stabbed and pierced by my self-consciousness with guilt.




I slowly began to grasp on what was happening and also the strength that my hands were literally crushing her hands due to me being shocked.


I quickly removed my hands and stared down at the back of her hands instantly. Red markings on where I was pressing my hand against hers began to surface.


O-OH MY GOSH!! I-I’m so sorry, I went too far. It’s okay, it’s okay, I-I’m not mad or anything, ” I panicked, feeling ashamed of not being able to control myself.


I took her hand carefully and rubbed my fingers gently against the back of it. Trying to relieve the unfelt pain she was relinquishing as of now.


“Owh... I didn’t mean to press it so hard. Does it hurt that bad? Do I need to get the emergency medical kit?” I asked as I gently massaged her palms with my thumbs.


She took a big sniff and shook her head, “N-no, it’s fine. I just felt a little startled…” 


Seeing her sobbed like that reminds me of myself from a few years ago. Instinctively, I scanned around for anything that Mira can use to wipe her tears. Luckily, there’s a square wooden tissue box on top of the vanity table next to me. 


Still holding her hands in my left palm, I stretched out my right hand to grab one or two layers of those thin sheets. 


“Here, you can use these to clean those tears off,” I offered, handing her the tissues in my right palm.


In return, she nodded and I swore I saw a small smile on her face as her right hand delicately took the thin tissue papers. She began to pat her wet eyelids with the tissue, I was engrossed in how such a delicate girl she is. 


“Feel better?” I asked, my heart lifted high up in the sky when I saw a wide smile forming on her face


“Uh-huh, thank you,” She bobbed her head.


“No problem. Mira, was it?”


“Y-yes,” She answered with a much more calm voice


I let out a chuckle and extended my right palm at her, “It’s nice to finally meet you, Mira” As I said those words, I formed a sincere smile at her


Her once sorrow-filled face brightened up in an instant as she immediately took hold of my hand. Almost snatching it into her grasp, her movements were fairly frantic.


“I-it’s nice to meet you too, Miss Lenna!” She let out a squeak in between her sentences.


“I-I’m sorry if I was being like this. I was just so excited and thrilled to meet my sister-in-law t-that also made me feel quite anxious for my first impression,” She added, her melodic voice was enough to heal my guilt-tripped heart.


“Was it… disappointing?” Her self-esteem began to go downhill yet again.


“NO NO OF COURSE NOT!! I thought I was the one who is giving a bad first impression,” I retorted, bursting out a snicker


Unexpectedly, what I got in return was an awkward pause from her. The air just got tighter and more suffocating than earlier. Did I over-exaggerate it? Did I say something wrong? Does she not like me? Was I overreacting?


As I was in the middle of panic, I heard a snort followed by a giggle coming from the front. When I glanced at Mira, she was letting out a burst of elated titters. Emitting sunshine-like rays that could blind everyone who saw this precious bean’s laughter.


“Thank goodness, I wasn’t the only one thinking of it that way,” Her reply brought joy and soothes my heart.


I was so lost in the moment that I simply ignored the fact that I was vexed with Alvar not telling me about her.


Speaking of which…


“How come I haven’t seen you at the ceremony or reception earlier?” I asked


“Well, to tell you the truth, I was being supervised in a secluded room,” She replied, standing in front of me with her hands holding the used tissues.


“Since I’m not allowed to interact with people outside of the Flammia Family. I was under tight security, even if I have already begged that I wanted to see you in person. So I was watching the ceremony and reception from far away. But luckily a close friend of mine let me wander and end up here,” She let out a sweet giggle.


Wait… So she’s telling me that a frail girl like her who is heavily guarded just waltzed into the dressing room as if nothing had happened. Plus, her “friend” gladly took the risk when they knew the consequences of this kind of action. 


This Mafia Family really is something… Maybe a bit similar to the Esmond Family as well in terms of boldness. Considering what Al, Adrian, and Kalem had done earlier. But those guys can handle violence well, but Mira? She literally cried when she’s a “little” startled.


“Oh, is that so? Aren’t you afraid if, in case, they find you missing?” I asked with concern, Mira hanged her head down and quietly nodded.


“It’s true that I would be quite shaken if they managed to find me here,” She tapped the ends of both her index fingers together as she replied.


Then Mira suddenly lifted her head up and gazed towards me with glimmering eyes, “B-but now I can finally get to see and meet you here, Miss Lenna. And I’m very happy about that,” She loosened up her tense shoulders and held her hands together, stretched downwards. 


The smile that she makes complements her plump cheeks just makes my heart go Boom Boom. Okay, maybe her calling me by that title is a bit too ominous for me. Especially since she’s now in fact, my younger sister-in-law. Should I tell her to call me something else? 


When I was in the midst of choosing nicknames as she was glittering away with her smile, I heard two solid knocks on the door. Mine and her focus turned to the door where she came in a few minutes ago, and my mind started to go wild.