Interruption in the woods.
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 "Viiiic!" the voice of a young girl resounded in the forest. She once again called the boy, coming closer to where he was. "Viiic, where are you, our parents will scold us if you don’t come back." By the tone of her voice, it was obvious that she was upset.

 Hearing the voice of the girl getting closer young boy took away a large leaf that was covering his face and propped himself up from the grass. He looked a bit malnourished and veiny. His skin was slightly tanned from spending time on the sun. He got a head full of messy brown hair and a smiley face. Overall he looked just like every other youth in his village. Standing up he stretched and yawned, dusting off his worn-out clothes, he went in the direction of the voice.

 "Viiiic, if you will continue to ignore me, I will tell your parents that you are slacking off again. I bet your father will beat you up. And I won't help you." giving up on searching him the girl pouted sat down and started saying everything she thought would help.

 At the same time, Vic was walking closer to her in high spirits. All the time he spent in the forest finally paid off.

  They lived in a small village near the big lake. It was called "Moonlake village". In the name of the moon-shaped lake and had around two hundred villagers.

 Men were fishing to feed their families and there were almost no exceptions to this rule. Hunting was a lot more dangerous as there was always a chance to stumble upon demon beasts. And any other job to earn money needed teachers, to pass down their knowledge. So most of the time this village was cut off from the world. Exceptions were when villagers paid taxes to the governor or went to the city to trade.

 And a few months ago it was him and his father who went to the city along with some other villagers. While his father was trading in the market square, Vic intercepted someone talking about treasure hunting. At first, he was just interested in the conversation. Like every other boy from the village, he dreamt of being a hero, finding treasures, saving damsels, and being famous. But soon he heard them talking about the forest which was near their village and apparently there was a treasure.

 Being a hot-blooded youth, the more he listened to them the more he wanted to find it.

 And finally, after so much time wasted instead of earning his share to eat. Many beatdowns from his father and lectures from his mother and brother he finally found this treasure.

 "I bet Grace will be speechless when she sees it." He sped up and started jogging to where he heard the voice.

 Soon Grace got tired of shouting and her voice was now quieter and she started talking to herself. "Stupid Vic, why can't you be a little bit more responsible. Stinky Vic, if you want to be punished then don’t involve me. Why you can't learn from your brother." she sat down leaning her back against the tree.

 Vic was already near her when she started cursing him. Hearing her badmouthing him while he tried so hard for her, bothered him. And he decided to play a little joke on her. Before taking any actions he examined the girl.

 She wore almost the same garment as he was, but hers used softer cloth and had some ornaments here and there. She was half a head lower than Vic. Although she was young she already had a woman's figure, round hips, and protruding chest. Her skin was a lot brighter than his. Overall her appearance was like any other girl from their village.

 "Vic you dummy, how long are you going make me wait for you." while grumbling to herself Grace suddenly heard the bush near hear trembling. Thinking that it was Vic she stood up and walked closer to it.

 "Vic, do you know how long I've been waiting for you? You know that my mother will punish me for this, why are you so slow?" she looked over the bush but it was now completely still. "Was it a bird or some wild animal?" She felt uncomfortable so she examined the bush a bit more but still found nothing.

 "Alright Vic, if you don’t want to be a good man I'm gonna return alone." muttering to herself she decided to come back. But as she was about to go home she felt how someone grabbed her calf and growled.

 "Kyyyyah" She screamed at the top of her lungs turned around and kicked the thing with all her might. However, instead of whimpering or another growl, she heard a man's cry.

 Turns out it was Vic who grabbed her and now he was lying on the ground and holding his nose. "Nice kick Grace. But it would be better if next time you would hug me instead of kicking."

 "Oh gosh, Vic sorry I didn’t know it was you." she patted her chest to calm down and then squatted down to help him stand up. "What were you doing down there, I was calling you for so long."

 "I wanted to punish you for badmouthing me." he flashed a silly smile but immediately winced from the pain and started rubbing his face.

 "That’s what you get for always joking around. Now stop rubbing it, let me look at it."

 "I guess it's only natural that the one who injured me, should treat me."

 To his remark, Grace blushed and started looking at Vic's face. Although she kicked pretty hard Vic was lucky enough and his forehead took the brunt of it.

 While she looked him over to see if something else was injured he stared at her. She had long beautiful hazelnut colored hair that was gathered in a big braid. Freckles were covering a part of her nose and cheeks. Coupled with her brown eyes and light skin it gave her a youthful appearance.

 When Grace was done with looking Vic over she noticed that he was staring at her dazedly. She blushed once again, looked down, and started fiddling with her hands.

 "Stop staring at me already. We should hurry back home"

 "Yeah I know, we can go home anytime, but I want to look at you a bit more." feeling energetic after his success in finding the treasure, Vic decided to flirt with Grace while they were away from their parents.

 "After all it's not that often when we have time with just the two of us." he took her hands in his and came a bit closer.

 "What are you talking about, we have plenty of time together cause you are always skipping your work in the forest." despite sounding angry Grace didn’t free her hands nor walked away.

 "You are really pretty today Grace," Vic whispered to her ear while tightening his grip on her hands.

 The blush from her cheeks spread to her ears and now her head was even lower "What are you saying. What happened to you today?"

 Vic slowly hugged Grace and seeing that she wasn’t resisting his advances he decided to try his luck even further. Whispering to her words of love he carefully held her in his arms. After a while, Grace's head was completely buried in his chest. And she hugged him back tightly. While Vic was inhaling the scent of her hair.

 "You know you hit me really hard."


 "And now it hurts."


 "And I think you should pay me back, don’t you think so?"


 Grace raised her head and just as she was about to open her pretty lips Vic interrupted her. Knowing what she wanted to say he decided to get ahead of her.

 "I mean, do you know why I spent so much time here?" after seeing here silently looking for his answer he smiled.

 "It was for you, Grace."

 "Me?" Her round eyes flapped from the surprise.

 "Yes, I spent so much time here looking for a gift to you." when he mentioned gift her eyes sparkled. Their village wasn’t prosperous and most of the time they could only trade for necessities. Any mention of gifts and presents invoked a strong reaction in boys and girls alike.

 "Gift, what kind of gift can you find in this forest. The only things here are berries or mushrooms." although feeling skeptical about it she still focused all her attention on the boy who was standing in front of her.

 "Of course it's not this." Vic frowned to her words. "It's much more incredible than you can imagine. Right now it's on me do you want to see it?" he patted the inner pocket oh his hemp shirt.

 "Well let me see it and I will say if it was worth your time."

 As she was about to reach out to Vic's pocket he only hugged her tighter making her unable to move her hands freely.

 "Vic, what are you doing? I said I want to see it let me go." she struggled to free herself but to no avail. How could a young girl escape the clutches of an experienced fisherman?

 "Hahaha, hold on a bit. I did ask you if you want to see it but I didn't say that I will show it."

 Hearing his gloating  Grace started struggling even harder but soon she got tired and fumed with anger in his arms.

 "Grace, you know I like you, but that doesn’t mean I will forgive everything you do." putting on the most pained face he could make, he continued "You know you kicked me really hard and it still hurts."

 Grace turned away her head.  "Humph, it was because you scared me."

 "But you badmouthed me, although I spent my precious time and got beaten so many times to get you a gift. I was hurt, so I decided to joke around a bit." he sighed "Look I'm sorry for this little prank, but do you actually think that with me in this forest there will be anything that can harm you?"

 Hearing this Grace calmed down. Seeing this Vic felt victorious. He decided to strike the iron while it's hot. Loosening his arms he started slowly rubbing her back.

 "Grace, I think we're both to blame." under his constant soothing Grace felt relaxed.

 "I'm sorry Vic."

 "Apology accepted, but I think that you owe me a little bit more than that, of course, if you want to see your gift." Vic smiled craftily.

 Grace rolled her eyes to his proposal "Fine, so what do you want me to do?"

 "Let me think for a bit." he deliberately made a pause and sounded like he was thinking really hard.

 Seeing him like this Grace loosened up, she thought that he wouldn't think of something inappropriate but his next few words proved her wrong.

 "Than, how about you give me a kiss Grace?"

 "What? Vic, we shouldn't have intimate relations before we are married." She furrowed her eyebrows.

 "Grace, WE ARE getting married in a few weeks. And a little kiss won't harm you."

 "No, we can't. My mother said that I shouldn't let you have your way with me." she felt completely astonished. Even though Grace knew that this moment would come sooner rather than later, she still felt shy and wanted to abide by her mother's teaching.

 "If you let your man do everything he wants to then he wouldn't treat you dearly, thinking that you are easy. If he feels like he achieved something, conquered you, and overcame the obstacles he will feel the most satisfied."

 Remembering what her mother said Grace was feeling reluctant. On one side, was her desire to see what Vic prepared for her, and on the other side was her education.

 "C'mon Grace stop putting on an act I know you want it too."

 "Wha… what are you saying? I don’t want anything like this." she blushed.

 "Oh, and I heard something different from sister in law. I heard that you asked her to teach you how to kiss."

 Vic smirked and started massaging her back. "I also heard that you wanted her to teach you about the night deed."

 After saying these words he felt that Grace's back grew taut. He looked at her face and saw that even though she was as red as an apple she still glared at him with a gaze that could kill. Feeling that if he continued to push this matter he would get nothing Vic decided to take a step back.

 "On the second thought, I think that sister in law was joking with me. Aha-ahahaha."

 "Yes, I think so, after all, she is very playful," Grace said through her tightly clenched teeth.

 Vic waited a few minutes for Grace to calm down before trying his luck once again.

 "Grace, you always compare me with my brother but did you know that he and sister in law kissed before the wedding? He told me that they even did the deed before marrying. And I'm just asking for a little kiss."

 Grace felt that he would not stop before getting what he wanted, after all, he was always the more stubborn one in their pair. Unable to bear any more of his blabbering she finally gave up.

 "Alright, Vic I will give you one kiss in exchange for your forgiveness and gift, alright?"

 "Are you serious?"

 "Like I have a choice, I know that you won't let me go. And we already wasted so many times that we will be punished anyway, so I might as well get my gift." she shrugged in Vic's embrace.

 "Oh, em, yeah. So I can kiss you?"

 "Yes, you can kiss me one time, my future husband."

 "And, what should I do?"

 Even though Vic wanted to have an intimate relationship with soon to be his wife Grace when it actually came to the thing, he didn’t know what to do. He started feeling shy.

 Grace rolled her eyes. "Humph, so much talk, you just do it like this."

 Taking initiative from Vic, Grace hugged him tighter and pressed her lips against his. When they felt each other lips they felt electrocuted. It was an absolutely new sensation for both of them.

 Vic was overwhelmed by this feeling. The feelings of girls soft lips pressed against his were enjoyable, to say the least. At first, he just stood there being hugged by the girl he loved but after a few seconds of standing like a tree, he hugged her back.  Enjoying this new feeling of pleasure he suddenly felt Grace's tongue licking his lips and even trying to pry his mouth open, going as far as licking a front part of his gums.

 Completely losing his mind in the process of pressing their lips against each other he didn’t know what just happened and tried to ask what she wanted to do. Forgetting that they were still kissing Vic opened his mouth and felt her tongue that still tried to lick his lips with his own. Due to him opening his mouth so suddenly, Grace's tongue that still tried to open his jaw met his. When their tongues entwined for the first time in their lives it felt like they were hit with lightning, they hurriedly went back to each other mouth and ended the kiss.

 Finishing their first kiss due to the shock of what they did, they started panting looking at each other face. Vic's face was completely red and so was Grace's. They just kept gazing in the eyes of one another to try and convey their feeling. A few silent seconds later, they once again started kissing. Held out emotions finally burst out with their desire for each other being overwhelming.  Not fearing anymore of entwining their tongues they both opened their mouths right at the start trying to lick each other insides and exchange as much saliva as they could.

 They continued this cycle of kissing and then getting mouthfuls of air a few more times before Vic started to get a hand at this. Even though Grace asked his sister in law for advice in kissing, Vic still had a handicap. Being the fisherman he had a much bigger lunge capacity than Grace thus nullifying their difference in the experience he soon started toying with her, exploring the insides of her mouth while she moaned in pleasure in his embrace.

 He wanted to feel even more pleasure and give more pleasure to his loved one. He didn’t know what to do so he just let his instincts go wild. While he started sucking on her tongue Grace closed her eyes in pleasure and his hands gradually moved down to her buttocks. He started slowly massaging them while watching her reaction. Even though her garment was on, it felt like the most enjoyable thing in the world to hold onto.


 With his waning reasoning, Vic felt that he was stepping over the line he shouldn’t cross, but judging from Grace's reaction she wasn’t intending stopping him. Her warning that she would give him only one kiss was already forgotten. Feeling her fingernails digging in his neck and back he decided to return the favor and squeezed her buttocks.

 "Mmh." Although Grace felt pleasure from the sudden squeeze she wasn’t ready for this mentally so she tried to back down. But being so closely entangled she stumbled and fell down with Vic.

  "Woah! Grace, are you alright?" Vic opened his eyes after falling and saw the position they were now. They were both laying on the soft grass with Vic on top, he checked Grace if she was uninjured before noticing her condition and smoldering gaze.

 Grace's clothes were disheveled, she was breathing roughly with her chest heaving up and down. The top of her clothes started rolling uprolling up, showing him a piece of her skin. Her hair was ruffled and a few strands were clinging to her perspiring brow. The redness from her face has long ago spread to her neck, and her eyes were glazed, her gaze filled with love and lust for Vic. Her lips were swollen, blood-red in color, wet with their saliva. Vic was completely mesmerized by her look. His blood boiled seeing the girl he known for so long in such a state.

 The teachings her mother said all the time have flown away long ago, Grace was now thinking of nothing more than pleasure. Feeling uncomfortable with saliva on her lips she licked it with her tongue.

 When Vic saw it the last bits of his reasoning snapped.


 "Mmh Aaah."

 His hands roamed all over her body before going under her clothes to grasp her mounds. Even though Vic gave her butt a good squeeze before the feeling of groping her breast was as good. Her well-toned ass was more meaty and bouncy while her modest chest was softer. Enjoying the softness of her breasts Vic started sucking and kissing the nape of her neck while Grace moaned and clasped his head to prolong the pleasure. Vic then moved down to her clavicle and up again raining down kisses all over Grace's face.

 "You are mine Grace, my Grace." the more Vic felt her body the more he craved it. 

 "Ahh, Vic, mhh, I love you."

 "Me too, I love you too." he kissed her deeply and started undressing. His clothes were very simple, made of simple shirt and pants, both held by one wide sash. His heart pumped loudly and his hands trembled while he impatiently tried to untie it.

 When he finally got rid of the sash he looked down at Grace who also started undressing. She already bared her chest displaying two hills with two little pink pearls on top. Vic's throat was parched from seeing it so he gulped audibly.

 "Vic, my everything is yours, take me," Grace whispered and then cupped her face to hide from embarrassment.

 Hearing this Vic almost went mad and was about to pull his pants down, when suddenly he heard someone screaming his name.