A first night and the biggest fright.
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I'm sorry for such a long break. I had some trouble with my main story and my work. The next chapter would be probably posted on Thursday and the prologue arc would be finished. If you see any mistakes, please state them in the comments.

 Vic was left alone with Grace.

 And the last step of the ceremony was the first night of the newlyweds. As they were left alone Vic started to feel shy, while Grace was still drunk. Looking at his wife who had a drowsy face Vic sighed and went inside of the house, taking her into his hands.

 Listening to her incoherent mumble he led her into a room he shared with his parents. Carefully, as if he was holding a precious and fragile ornament, he put Grace on his bed. After this, he took a small rushlight setting it on fire so it could give some light in the room.

 As she was in a half-asleep state with her eyes closed and trembling he sighed. Sitting down on the edge of the bed he started caressing her head.

 "I think we will postpone our first night."

 The room has already been enveloped in the darkness, as the small rushlight couldn't make enough light. Looking through the windows he stared at the moon, glancing from behind the clouds. As he soon fell into deep thoughts he didn't notice how Grace opened her eyes and was gazing at him.

 In fact, she didn't fell asleep, and all this time she was waiting for Vic to act. She wanted to make a last, and a final test for him. And see if he would treasure her, would he force himself onto her or not.

 After feeling his big hand on her head, carefully rubbing her, she felt very comfortable. Remembering how every time she would hit something with her head, her mother would rub the bump, and the pain would slowly go away.

 And so she caught his hand to show him that she woke up, but he ignored her. She wanted to get angry, but after looking at his forlorn look she didn't notice how she got mesmerized by him.

 Finally, as the moon got fully shrouded in the clouds Vic looked away, his eyes went down onto his bed. He saw a girl, looking at him.

 "Oh, are you awake?"


 "Sorry, did I wake you up?" Vic tried to take away his hand but grace sat up as well, taking his hand and nestling her cheek there.

 "No, I felt very good as you were stroking me."

 "I'm glad." a small tired smile adorned his face.

 Grace hugged Vic and buried her face in his chest. "And I think we shouldn't postpone our first night anymore." her voice was growing smaller with every word she said and the end was barely audible.

 Vic felt a surge of happiness from this word, he hugged Grace's shoulders and went for a kiss. That's when he suddenly remembered something.

 Making a small distance between himself and Grace he started rummaging through his cloth.

 Feeling that something was wrong Grace opened her eyes which she closed before the kiss, only to see how Vic was almost tearing through all his clothes. Her lips quickly puckered and she already wanted to curse him when she suddenly saw a beautiful gemstone.

 After Vic saw a dumbfounded face of his beloved, his face has matched the gem, as he was radiating all kinds of colors as well.

 He could finally give her the biggest surprise of her life. A small gemstone was wrapped into a leather strap. And even under a shallow unstable light from the rushlight, it glittered with beautiful purple light.

 "Grace, this was the gift I was talking about. I may not be the brightest one or earn as much money as others, but I love you the most in this world." his cheeks were gradually painted with the color of shyness as he coughed a few times to regain his courage. "And I promise you to give you even better gifts from onwards."

 As he finished talking he was looking at Grace. Patiently waiting for her reaction, but she was in a stupor. Her eyes were captivated by the makeshift necklace.

 A few minutes later her eyes started watering down.

 "OH VIC!" and she suddenly lunged into his embrace. "THANK YOU, VIC! I LOVE YOU!"

 Before Vic could even react to all of this he fell down from the bed, with grace in his embrace, hitting the wooden floor with the back of his head. As he was about to start curse his mouth was suddenly sealed. Grace started raining down kisses all over his face, and the resentment he felt flew away. As they spend some time kissing she finally let go of Vic, returning back onto the bed.

 But instead of putting it on Grace packed the necklace into the red cloth she wore. Wrapping it and putting aside.

 "Why won't you wear it?" Vic was flabbergasted by her actions.

 "It would only interfere with what we are going to do." her eyes that were full of tears just a second ago were now flashing with a seductive light.

 And the reaction her words provoked from the Vice was a strong nod and a loud gulp.

 He started slowly taking away his clothes while looking at Grace doing the same. After taking down their outer garments they were left in their underwear. Vic's clothes was a rather simple and clean underpants, while Grace's was a red silk-like cloth wrapped around her chest. And a much more delicate and small underpants then his own.

 Completely forgetting what he was doing previously his eyesight was glued to the skin of his wife.

 Grace tried to unwrap her top a few times, but feeling Vic's intense gaze she ultimately gave up. "Why did you stop? You should get naked first."

 Feeling that his throat was parched Vic nodded and made another loud gulping sound. He took away his underpants, showing his bare manhood that was already in a full-strength to the love of his life. And a few seconds later clarity of mind finally returned to him as he covered himself feeling shy.

 "Ahaha, why are you covering, aren't we going to show up all of our body to the partner?" hearing her melodic laugh and taunting tone Vic felt embarrassed.

 But more than embarrassment, he felt a strong feeling of rivalry. He didn't want to be the one who was embarrassed more. He snorted strong enough that he almost let a two small stream of steam from his nose. Changing his position, he sat cross-legged and put his hands on his knees.

 "You can look all you want, but don't you think you should show me your body as well?" he huffed again.

 Feeling that her plan backfired Grace cursed internally and started taking off her top. After baring her modest chest she saw how Vic's member twitched and she trembled.

 A night's wind was getting through the window and she started feeling cold.

 "Eh, shouldn't we, get covered with a quilt?"

 "Not until I see all of my wife." although Vic also started to tremble he was adamant in his resolve.

 Cursing internally, Grace stood up and took the edge of her underpants. Looking at Vic's eyes that were bloodshot and almost popping from the eye sockets she cursed one more time. With one swift motion, she took the last piece of her clothes away. She closed her eyes from embarrassment and stood still for a few seconds before diving into the bed and covering her whole body with a quilt.

 "Hey, I didn't look at it properly." Vic hugged his love that hid under the quilt and lightly shook her.

 "There is nothing to look at." he heard a muffled reply.

 "There is."

 "THERE IS NOTHING!" a strict reply. "Now if you don't want to spend your time outside, come under the quilt." she made a small gap.

 Feeling that he had no other choice Vic sighed and crawled inside. And as he did so, he immediately felt a bare skin of Grace. Her cold and smooth skin was so pleasant to the touch that he forgot everything else. Quickly he moved closer enveloping her into his embrace. His hands were almost glued to her bosom while his rod after touching the ravine her butt made didn't want to leave it even for a second.

 "Now that I think about, there is really nothing to look at."


 "Why bother looking when you can touch, and it's so pleasant…" as he continued to talk nonsense, getting drunk on the feelings Grace's body gave to him he didn't notice how her body trembled a few times.

 Suddenly she turned around in his hands and lifted a part of the quilt that was covering their heads. The dying light of the rushlight could barely illuminate their faces, red from all the prelude they did.

 "I think I'm ready Vic." with a hoarse voice Grace whispered.

 Thinking for a second or two Vic understood what she meant and climbed on top of Grace. His dick was now resting on top of her womanhood.

 As he took his stiff rod in one hand he tried to poke where he thought the entrance should be but there was no response.

 "Give it to me!" Grace snorted and took his rod into her hands. It gave a rather strong feeling of pleasure to Vic when suddenly an even bigger feeling of pleasure started enveloping the tip of his penis. He felt something soft, sticky, and wet.

 "Move your hips slightly you dumbass!"

 Vic nervously nodded his head up and down. And started pushing his hips forward when he felt how this feeling of pleasure was spreading further and even increasing.

 "Ugh, you're in." Grace took a deep breath. "Listen to me."


 "Now you should push your hips in a smooth motion."

 "But I heard that you would feel painful?" As he looked at Grace her face was growing paler in color.

 "That's why I said I'm ready you dummy." Grace smiled and tried to cheer him, seeing how he was indecisive. "Ready?"

 "Yes!" after nodding Vic thought of something and kissed her. As their lips entwined he made a push with his hips, feeling how he tore through something. He felt at a pinnacle of pleasure right now and wanted to make this feeling grow and intensify. However, he also felt how Grace bit his lip. Looking at her face, her closed eyes were full of tears.

 The pain from his lip cleared his mind and he hugged Grace. Waiting for her to say at least something.

 "Ehehe, we have finally become one." and after waiting for an unknown amount of time he finally heard her voice, tinted with pain. As well as her face, trying to smile through the tears.

 "Yes Grace, we are finally one, thank you." he tried to kiss her as gentle as he could.

 After this their first night soon came to an end.

 As Vic was hugging Grace that were long asleep. He looked at the red cloth she used to wrap his gift. He knew red clothes were really expensive. It was probably a part of her dowry.

 "You were so beautiful in red." he carefully rubbed her back, touching her with the tips of his fingers.

 "I promise to you, I would work hard enough, and all of your clothes would be of red color."

 After saying this he finally succumbed to a dreamland. With a smiling Grace in his embrace.

 A full year passed since the wedding. Vic was leading a happy life. He finally built a house and earned enough to live separately from his parents.

 He grew up a little and his malnourished body became healthier. He started looking more like a young man, still having a bit of childishness on his face he was now a proper adult. Grace as well changed after a year passed. Although she didn’t grow taller the curves of her body became more prominent. While her face was still girlish when she behaved like a wife she exuded mature charms.

 Living alone positively impacted his nightlife. Also, Grace wasn't too opposed to having sex she was always conscious of Vic's parents. The rare times when they had sex outdoors never satisfied them, only fueled the flame of their passion more.

 So when they moved into a new house they started like rabbits in heat. Vic couldn't be happier about it, until the moment his hips started hurting. Being ridiculed by the fellow fishermen and Jim, Vic started practicing more self-control.

 Overall he lived a steady life of an ordinary villager. Though his little family of two was a bit happier. It was really a miracle when the youngsters were born almost at the same time. Spending all the time together and gradually falling in love.

 And because of that fact, Vic was reigned by Grace harshly. The fears of Olin came to reality as Vic was listening to what his wife would say all the time. It caused Olin to sneak away and drink with Jim more often.

 While the person in question was happy with how the things turned out. He loved Grace with all his heart and so she was loving him.

 He also found some time off work to search the forest once a weak. In the hope of finding something worthwhile, he spent a few hours of his free time.

 The village itself was the same. Since their wedding, there were a few more which Vic and Grace attended in the status of adults and guests.

 Gossips about the son of the city mayor becoming a cultivator came true in the most unpleasant way villagers could've expected. As he needed to show his dedication and present appropriate gifts. Thus the taxes were increased for one season making the life of the village a tad harder.

 Despite all of this, Vic felt that his life was blissful.

 It was one of the usual days for Vic. He was walking back with his catch alongside Jim. Carrying the fish in the earthenware jars on their backs, they kept talking to pass the time.

 "When will you increase your family Vic?" Jim asked while looking ahead with an unfocused gaze.

 "I think it's a bit early to think about it." Vic shrugged his shoulder.

 "You know I thought about what our father said, back at your wedding, do you still remember it?"

 "Yeah, the one about a better life."

 "So I thought that I want my kids and now is a perfect time." Jim's eyes grew more focused and resolute as he talked.

 Vic was doubtful "How come? Taxes are bigger now, I think it's better to wait for a little."

 "Yeah I know, but lately I noticed that our village is dying."

 "What? Our village can't die we have many families living here."

 "But what about children? Last time I went to the market I heard that in the nearest village they have at least 3 kids." Jim hastily went ahead and pointed in the direction of their village "And look at ours, it only has 2 kids at most."

 To his passionate speech, Vic answered with a raised eyebrow "So what?"

 "It means that we all should have more children." Jim beamed at Vic with his usual smile. "You should help me and have at least three kids."

 "Yeah it's all good, but I don’t have enough money even for one." Vic smiled bitterly.

 Jim patted his brother on the shoulder "Or its just Grace telling you that it's too early, hahaha."

 "Shut up."

 Jim smiled slyly "And that’s where my luck comes in handy." he looked at the sides before continuing in a much deeper sound "The last time I went to the city I came to a particular merchant who was in the dire need for some rare fish." he winked to his brother.

 "So what?"

 "Oh Vic, why are you so dumb?" Jim rolled his eyes.

 "Hey, I'm not dumb, I'm quite smart, it's just you who likes to talk in riddles." Vic refuted

 "Yeah, because you are smart you let your wife be the one in charge," he smirked.

 "And what's wrong with that? I love Grace and she loves me, so what is wrong with this?" Vic stopped in the middle of the road.

 At first, Vic was brushing off any jokes and remarks about his relationship with his loved one. But as they increased in numbers he started reacting to them more sharply.

 "Nothing, nothing, relax Vic."

 "Hmph" keeping an angry face Vic started walking once again "So, would you tell me what it's all about?"

 "When I listened to this merchant it turned out that he needed the fish that I caught that day. Selling it to him I made quite a profit." he showed with his hands the size of the money pouch.

 "Good for you."

 Seeing that Vic was still angry Jim's smile was gone.

 "And the money came in time." Jim took a deep breath "My wife is pregnant."

 "What?! Are you serious?"

 "Yes, I noticed that her stomach started growing a little bit bigger and we went to see a midwife. Turns out she is pregnant."

 "Whoa, brother, congratulation, have you told father already? I must prepare a present for my nephew, or it will be a niece."

 The envy that he felt from Jim's earnings, anger for mocking him. All the negative feelings were washed away with this news. They spent the rest of the way, discussing this news.

 "Don’t you smell anything weird?" asked Vic.

 When brothers came closer to the village they smelled the smoke.

 "Someone started a fire?" Vic turned his head to inquire from his brother.

 "I don’t think that anyone would let such a fire start." Jim rubbed his chin "Everyone would have put out the fire as soon as it starts. I think we should hurry up in case something serious happened."

 They quickened their pace. Coming closer the smell of smoke grew heavier, with the smoke came some fetid stench.

 The liveliness from before was gone. They quickened their pace even more and now we're almost running. Coming through the familiar road they walked many times, they soon became somber.

 Outskirts of their village were covered by dense smog, greatly reducing visibility. Vic felt how all of his intestines clenched. His intuition told him that it wasn’t anything good.

 Still, he tried to allay his fear he asked Jim "Maybe fire started in the forest?"

 When Jim was about to answer him they suddenly heard a scream. Not wasting a single breath of time they dropped whatever would slow them down and ran as fast as they could towards the village.

 When they finally came close to see the village, Vic was terrified. Almost every house was on fire. Bodies were lying on the ground with large cuts on either their back or front. Some of them had burns that covered half of their bodies. Each body was someone he knew and each and every one of them had a horrified look on their face.

 More screams were coming from different parts of the village but Vic couldn’t hear them. He stood at the entrance to the village, trembling like a leaf, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Who would want to kill the villagers, what for? Why will anyone do such a cruel thing to poor fishermen?

 He stood there not believing in what he saw until he was slapped hard on the cheek.

 "VIC! Get a grip Vic, listen, run towards Grace, and check if she is alright. I will come and pick up my wife, then we will meet at fathers house and get ourselves from this mess!" he cupped Vic's face and looked him straight into the eyes.

 "I got it." his eyes grow focused once again and he nodded.

 "Good, now go!" Jim shouted and ran towards his house.

 Vic followed his brother's plan and ran to his own house at top speed. While he was running he saw more lying bodies with the same wounds and some people crying over the bodies holding them. Some of the houses were burnt black already. He also saw some shadows on the roofs but he didn’t pay any attention to them as he was focused on finding Grace.

 Whilst the village wasn’t large while running right now Vic felt that it was bigger than the city. Coming back to his house he had a fortunate encounter. Grace's parents were already there.

 After hugging his wife Vic told them to come to his father's house so that they could flee from the burning village. He grabbed an axe in case he needed to fight and the four were once again on the run.

 Olin met them halfway, just like Vic he carried an axe but in his hands, it looked more intimidating. At last, they gathered together and now were nervously waiting for Jim.

 At the same time as Olin was arguing with the parents of his daughter in law, Vic was asking Grace what happened. She said that she didn’t see anything till half of the Village was on fire. And when the fire started spreading she was too scared to do anything and hid in the house.

 As he was comforting Grace he didn’t notice how three shadows flew at them.