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 The next day, Vic woke up, and the first thing he did was to kick out everyone from his room. He wanted some time alone to rearrange everything that has happened to him.

 Looking around, he saw the same room he has seen for almost a year. Slowly dragging his eyes from one corner to another, he sighed.

 Standing up proved to be still somewhat difficult, however, after a few tries, he managed to do it. Looking down at his more than the frail body, he shook his head disapprovingly.

 The next thing he did was to disrobe and look at his body. Throwing all of his clothes away, he carefully inspected every nook and cranny, and in the end, concluded that this was his body. He knew every tiny scar, even the most minuscule abnormality, didn't surprise him.

 "What has happened to me?"

 Slowly putting his clothes back, he tried to remember how did he end up here.

 Still, nothing came to mind. The thoughts that were plaguing his mind the most right now, were those about him being almost assassinated.

 "Have the personality of this boy influenced me this much?" Vic shook his head with a self-deprecating smile. He went through much more than being shown the visions of something.

 Yet every time he felt how something would tug at his soul whenever he thought of the Gu clan.

 "Wang Xifeng…" he said the name aloud.

 She was the one who changed his mind. And she was the sole love and refuge of Gu Kun. Since his mother died, no one gave him more love than she did.

 "Should I just accept my fate?" Vic lied, back into the bed.

 He struggled so much against his fate, eventually achieving a part of his revenge. And now he was given another chance, yet what he wanted to do? He didn't know, and the more confused he became, the louder visions of the Gu clan became.

 "WANG XIFENG!" a few seconds after he shouted, she appeared in his room.

 "You called this servant, young master." she bowed as soon as she walked closer. Though she did it to hide her red and swollen eyes, Vic still managed to see it.

 "Wang Xifeng, I want my food and medications delivered to this room, three times a day, and let no one interrupt my rest.

Anyone who enters my room will be kicked out of the mansion."

 "Young master…"

 "You included, now go, I want to rest."

 "I obey." she bowed even deeper and went out.

 "If only I knew what to do with my feelings," Vic muttered to himself falling into the darkness of sleep once again.

 A whole week passed since the day the young master has regained his consciousness. The thing that made Gu Zan relieved was that he stopped asking for Wang Xifeng to be around him every day.

 However, the good news stopped there. Since then, Gu Kun was even more absentminded. He was daydreaming a lot before this assassination attempt, yet right now, he was spending his time in the courtyard, staring blankly towards the horizon.

 In addition, he couldn't find a single trace of an assassin, leaving his master potentially vulnerable.

 Today as well as all the days before, he was guarding his master's bedroom, enveloping all of it with his senses. And just like all the days before, his master was standing mindlessly.

 "Hmph, I shouldn't let that rascal heal the young master. Because of him, the young master turned…" as Gu Zan muttered curses towards the doctor who managed to bring Gu Kun from the world of the dead, he stopped himself in the middle.

 It was because his young master suddenly started moving. Walking towards the door, he suddenly opened it.

 "Gu Zan, I know you're hearing me right now, bring Wang Xifeng to my bedroom."

 The order of his master made him furrow his brows, but he couldn't do anything other than obey.

 A few minutes later, Wang Xifeng made her way towards the chamber of her master. Her cheeks tinted with rosy color as an indication that she hurried to come here.

 "Young Master, your servant, is here." she bowed down deeply towards Gu Kun, trying to appease him.

 "Good, Gu Zan, I want you to make it so that no one would hear me and Wang Xifeng." Vic looked over the young girl before shouting with his face moved upwards.

 A few seconds later, the Voice of Gu Zan resounded in the room. "Young master, I'm afraid I can't carry out this order."

 "Shut it, you can do it, you have enough power, and your cultivation is high enough."

 The brash and strong tone of his master took Gu Zan surprised. He never talked like that. Gu Kun was very timid as a child and as he grew up this trait of his character was prevalent. His voice was soft, the only times he talked loud was with his maid.

 "Young master, what if there is another assassination." his voice trembling slightly, he tried to plead but to no avail.

 "It doesn't matter, what I'm going to talk about, is more important than my life,"  Vic said this while still looking upwards. "Now, if you don't want to get punished for disobeying the orders, you better do what I said."

 Closing his opened mouth, Gu Zan moved his lips in a silent curse at his young master's sudden whim.

 "Gu Zan obeys." Appearing near the doors of the bedroom, he bowed towards Vic and closed the door.

 "Now, no one will interrupt us Xifeng, follow me." saying this Vic went towards the courtyard.

 Though the weather was mild and the sun was shining down Wang Xifeng still felt an indescribable chill deep inside.

 "Young master, if this servant somehow made you displease, this servant asks for forgiveness." as she went towards the back of her master, she tried to set the pace of their conversation but was soon interrupted.

 "I have no qualms with your loyalty, nor Gu Zan's. Nor do I have any troubles with this assassination. What I seek is an answer." Vic turned to look at the girl, who tried to answer his demand, intently.

 Though he saw her a lot already, he still couldn't come up with the reality. This girl that reached adulthood churned his insides. He was used to looking at all kinds of women in his previous life, yet not even once he has met someone like her.

 White as jade skin and long dark hair that reached her waist. Her almond eyes, black like the darkest of nights, yet they were big and clear. Her nose straight and small, while her lips were full and plump yet thin.

 All the people from the Gu clan, as well as everyone else he has seen, were of a different race, the race he has never seen before. In all of Zeya and the countries that surrounded it, he has never seen people like that. Yet here, he has never seen anyone that looked at least remotely similar to the folk back at Zeya.

 "Ask me any question, young master. As long as this servant knows the answer, I will give it to you." Wang Xifeng walked towards Vic to join him in the courtyard, amidst the small flowerbed.

 "I want to ask you a rather simple question." Vic looked at the sun before switching his gaze towards Wang Xifeng. "What for, should I live?"

 "Yo-young master?"

 "I have no reason to live, don't I? As I can't cultivate, my family doesn't need me. There is no dream or purpose I pursue. I'm not living but existing, a wretched being. Wouldn't it be better for me to leave the world of leaving and join those in the underworld? I know that there are people who wait for me."

 Looking at the eyes of her master Wang Xifeng could see a deep apathy and readiness to die.

 "Young master! Young master… no… you can't do this." she shook her head left and right, trying to drive away these words.


 "You still have a family, even if you think that they don't need you, I know they love you." she held her hands close to her heart. "Even if you think you aren't needed, there are those who cherish you. Those who want you to continue living." hot tears started streaming down her face "Can't you live on for them?"

 Vic's hands move on their own as he cupped Xifeng's face and tried to wipe out her tears, yet they continue trickling down. Her eyes, glistening radiantly on the sun.

 "Is it presumptuous of me to ask the young master to continue living?"

 "For my family…" with a heavy mood, Vic repeated what she said.

 Family, it was a wonderful thing. He lost his family long ago, stolen from him rudely by a will of a cruel fate. He wanted to pursue them in the afterlife, yet he got a new one. Should he leave his old self and start a new life for the sake of this family? To devote himself to the ones with whom he spent so little time.

 Gu Kun was the name of the boy whose body he occupied. And as he was leaving this world, his lingering attachments were left to Vic. And right now, these attachments were fiercely fighting with Vic's desire to die.

 The lingering remains, inflamed by memories were steadily gaining upper hand, taking over the consciousness of Vic, forging a new personality and a new man.

 "I ask you to leave me be for today. Let no one enter my room." Vic slowly released Wang Xifeng's face and turned around.

 "Young master…"

 "Now go. I want to be alone."

 Obeying to his orders, Xifeng bowed deeply and left the room. Passing Vic's order to Gu Zan, she soon shut herself inside of her room, just like her master did in his own.

 It wasn't the first time Wang Xifeng cried, but it was the first time she left the side of Gu Kun and looked so hollow. This wasn't a simple matter. Gu Zan tried to think hard about what happened there but couldn't come to any meaningful conclusion.

 As two of his closest servants were each occupied with their trouble Vic was ruminating, sinking deep down into his memories. He spent a whole night doing this. When he finally came up to a conclusion, it was already morning, and he fell asleep from fatigue.

 The next day he summoned Wang Xifeng.

 "Xifeng, I thought a lot about what you said, and I've come to a conclusion." He sat cross-legged on top of his bed while wearing a thin undergarment. While his body was cleaned by maids the bedclothes were changed as well.

 "Your servant listens and obeys."

 "From now on, I will live by as Gu Kun, a third young master of clan Gu."

 "I'm honored to hear this."

 A gentle smile made it's way up to Gu Kun's face.

 "I will do everything in my power to protect and return this love they gave me."

 "Young master…" Wang Xifeng returned a smile of her own. "I'm glad."

 "However, I as well want to increase my family by one member." he hardened his expression. "In fact, I think my love for this woman is even stronger than the familial love I feel."

 "I'm sure she would be pleased." Wang Xifeng trembled while her expression dimmed, the smile she had losing all of its lusters. "I'm going to notify this lady this very moment.

 "Xifeng, we both know who she is."

 "Young master?" she looked at Gu Kun, completely puzzled.

 "I've got two orders. Listen well." Gu Kun extended two fingers. "First, you should find the one who healed me and saved me from death. I owe him many things."

 "This servant obeys."

 "And second, from now on, you will live with me in this room. No bargaining is accepted."

 "Ah!" Wang Xifeng tried to hide her mouth that was agape from the shock. Seeing this, Gu Kun chuckled. How long has it been since he saw someone he loved make a reaction like this?

 "You will learn that my love is quite heavy."