A Little Pumpkin Basking in the Moonlight (2)
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When the group that Zhi Guan and Shen Lei had been part of returned in the evening, the two of them walked back together to the part of so Teng Yong Sect that had been given to Elder Baili. Zhi Guan wanted to go to his own house to train while Shen Lei was heading for the dwelling of his fairy to spend some beautiful hours.

Before they had managed to go half the way, they were greeted by a small delegation consisting of Luo Lin who was holding Yun Bei Fen on his arms and Yan Hong Min who was standing five steps behind them, cautiously eyeing Shen Lei.

On a normal day, Shen Lei probably would’ve wondered what was up with Yan Hong Min and maybe taken a look to see whether this person had dared to offend his fairy and was currently trying to get around his punishment.

Today, he couldn’t waste a single thought on that. Seeing Luo Lin with his little junior brother on his arms, he inexplicably felt that his fairy had gotten even more beautiful. Ah, it really was a pity that the two of them couldn’t have any children. The look of Luo Lin carrying around a little cub was really too seductive. Mn, maybe adoption would be acceptable?

Before he could ponder further, the little bunny wriggled around on Luo Lin’s arms and then leaped down, rushing toward his big senior martial brother. "First senior martial brother!" He hugged his leg, looking up at him with big eyes.

Zhi Guan raised his brows and then leaned down, roughly brushing through the little ones’ hair. "Did your second senior martial brother bully you?"

Yan Hong Min stared at his big senior martial brother with his mouth gaping open. This … Wasn’t his first senior martial brother studying the way of the sword? How had he suddenly turned into a clairvoyant?

At that cue, Shen Lei finally looked over at him and raised his brows. So somebody had bullied his fairy’s favorite junior martial brother? It seemed someone wanted to get a beating. He should take care of that … tomorrow. Today, there were more pressing matters to consider.

He stepped to Luo Lin and pulled him into his arms. "Little fairy, did you miss me?"

Luo Lin looked up at him and leaned against his chest. "Luo Lin knew that Ah Lei was out there doing important things. How could Luo Lin dare to miss Ah Lei?"

Shen Lei gave a hum and leaned down, kissing his cheek. Anyway, it was very good to be back where he was able to hold his fairy in his arms.

Luo Lin motioned over at his big and his little martial brother before he threw his second senior martial brother a glance. "Fen’er and I prepared some food for you. You should come over fast."

Shen Lei nodded happily and grabbed Luo Lin’s hand, following him to Baili Chao’s house.

Zhi Guan looked at the little bunny that was still clinging to his leg and then bent down again, picking him up. Apparently, the little bunny had been in a bad mood if Luo Lin went out of his way to cook with. He should be a little nicer to him to make up for whatever some idiot had done.

Thus he carried the little bunny over to his Master’s house, ignoring the person that very reluctantly followed after them. Zhi Guan finally put down Yun Bei Fen at the table and patted his head. "You’ve already done a lot today. You just wait here while we get the dishes."

Yun Bei Fen nodded and then waited as he had been told.

Yan Hong Min slipped onto the seat next to him and pursed his lips. "You really have it good, little junior. I remember when I was young. Zhi Guan only ever asked me to train with him. He never carried me around like that."

Yun Bei Fen looked at him, blinking his big eyes. "Why that? First senior martial brother carries me around a lot."

Yan Hong Min’s lips twitched. This bunny … Was he doing this on purpose? Hadn’t he just complained to him about how their big senior martial brother hadn’t been nice to him? Why did he still need to kick him when he was already down? Well, never mind, the little bunny probably deserved some revenge even if he had taken it unknowingly. Thus Yan Hong Min just reached over and patted his head. "Must be because you’re cuter than I was when I was a child."

Yun Bei Fen looked at his second senior martial brother intently, trying to imagine how cute he must’ve been as a child. He couldn’t really come up with anything. In the end, he just turned back to look at his other senior martial brothers that were currently whispering to each other while getting the dishes.

Luo Lin was flanked by his first senior martial brother and Shen Lei on both sides, feeling very happy while he arranged the different dishes on a plate. Ah, he had found out after their little junior martial brother joined them that appearance wasn’t the only thing that could be used to make a man happy. Food was just as good. If he had known before …

He added a little pumpkin cake to the plate and then glanced at the two men beside him. Normally, he would only cook for Shen Lei when they were alone but this also wasn’t too bad.

Meanwhile, Zhi Guan didn’t care about the food at all. He didn’t need to eat and would much rather go and train for another hour but he was willing to sit and eat for their little junior. He still had to get behind what happened though. "So … What did Yan Hong Min do?"

Yun Bei Fen wasn’t able to hear them but Yan Hong Min’s cultivation base was still high enough to hear them even though he wasn’t training as diligently as Zhi Guan. He really wanted to call out but then he would be giving things away to their little junior and remind him of what had happened. He couldn’t do that.

Luo Lin hummed and glanced at Zhi Guan again, making Shen Lei reach out and pull him into his arms. Luo Lin received his kiss before he finally explained. "Well … He might have encountered the little one at your house when he came over to ask you something and then he might have told him that you were out killing terrifying demons. And then he might have described them in vivid detail."

Zhi Guan looked at Luo Lin, waiting for the point where he would find out just why their little junior was sad about that.

Shen Lei looked from one person to the other and couldn’t help but smile. Ah, in the end, he was still the one who understood his fairy the best. "I guess your little junior was scared that something might happen to you so he was unhappy all day. His second senior martial brother is really too irresponsible."

Yan Hong Min turned to draw circles on the table and pretended that he couldn’t hear any of what these bad people were saying.

Zhi Guan glanced over at him, feeling that he should teach this person a lesson. Why was he always making trouble? He didn’t go over immediately though and instead turned back to Shen Lei. "So … Why are we eating?"

Shen Lei glanced at his little fairy and brushed through the satiny strands of his hair, admiring his slender shoulders below. "I guess someone wanted to take his little junior’s head off things. Well, since we’re here now and everything is prepared, let’s sit down and talk for a while. Maybe we could even tell him a little story so he won’t be as afraid."

Luo Lin looked up, his eyes shimmering. His Ah Lei really was the best!

Shen Lei smiled and leaned down, kissing his cheek. "How about telling him a story about the mission we were on? We don’t mention any demons and no gruesome details, just something heartwarming that he’ll like. Then he won’t believe your second senior martial brother as easily in the future."

Luo Lin nodded. "Mn. Ah Lei always has the best ideas." He craned his neck and kissed Shen Lei’s chin, making him smile.

"I am very motivated to have good ideas. Anyway, let’s go eat now. Zhi Guan, do you have an idea what to tell him?"

Zhi Guan looked at him blankly but still nodded his head. Anyway, he would somehow get through this. It couldn’t be that hard to find a cute story to tell to his little junior, could it?