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I am truly glad that some of you liked the use of that flower.

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Aditya Pratha carefully made his way through the dense foliage as he led his experienced team of seasoned [Warriors] on their latest hunt. Their previous one had netted them a Tri-Horned Antelope, a rather profitable find. The creature’s Remnant had manifested in its horns, two of which had been sold while the third had been moulded as his spearhead clutched in his hand.

Leaves and branched crunched under their feet as the team of 4 waded deeper into the forest. The trek would have been a more difficult one if not for the presence of their archers. With the [Perception] Attribute unlocked, the 2 archers guarded their back. While he led the way, banking on the reach his spear offered. This left their only swordsman in the middle.

A cluck of a tongue. Then another and their team came to a sudden. Archers concentrated only for a moment before their heads turned to the left. Their next prey had been found.

Sure enough, deep footprints were found pressed into the soft ground.

Following the tracks was not a difficult task for their group of aged men; for this was a skill they all had to learn in their youth as few [Warriors] walked the tracking path in a small region like theirs. 

As the sun’s light began to dim, Aditya sighed. His increasingly milky eyes would fail to pierce the approaching darkness, much like the swordsman. Thus, there was little both of them could do except letting one of the archers take lead, despite the disadvantage it placed the aged man in.

However, the danger turned out to be worth it, for they found their target while the sky was being painted red by the evening sun. It was an Earth Bison. The creature was twice as tall as Aditya and just as wide. Its powerful muscles were visible through its black, leathery skin while two gigantic horns rose from the sides of its massive head.

Aditya’s worn heart raced and he slowed his breathing in response. This was a Tier 1 monster whose Remnant was known to materialise in its skin. This made Earth Bison's leather extremely suitable for armours. However, this also made it dangerous as Tier 1 monsters had access to at least 4 Skills. Combined with its powerful body, an Earth Bison was an incredibly fearsome target.

Aditya hesitated as blood raced past his red ears. The whereabouts of his son were still known. In such circumstances, if something were to happen to him, then his clan would never rise. His dream would crumble and die.

He breathed deeply. He couldn’t allow his mind to go down this route. Not at this time. Nothing would happen to his talented son. He must trust the kid. His boy would return to raise his clan. Kiran would. He knew his son.

Aditya breathed deeply.

Besides, if they successfully hunted this beast, perhaps their stagnated Levels would rise once again. If he defeated the Bison alone, he was sure to Level up. However, doing so would be suicide. One on one, mortals were no match for immortals. However, Aditya was a [Warrior] that dared to dream. And it was this dream of his that had made him reach Level 21.

Thus, the decision to hunt was an easy one for them, for they all dared to dream.

Once the hunt was decided on, it didn’t take them much time to finalise their strategy, a testament of their teamwork. As the archers spread out, Aditya and the swordsman stalked forward. And as expected, the monster sensed their approach. But by then, they were within 10 meters of the massive Bison. The herculean monster’s nostrils flared as its attention focused entirely on them, which provided one the archers with the opportunity to take aim to shoot.

The shot arrow arrived before the massive bovine could react and hit just below its mark. It bit under the mammoth Bison's eye and the monster roared in pain before angrily turned to its attacker but then the second arrow arrived. And although it missed its mark, it still bit into the creature’s massive neck.

However, instead of charging at its attackers, the huge immortal activated its Skill which caused its leathery skin to darken before it raised his massive head and bellowed. The sound of it was deep, angry.

Aditya’s worn heart raced while his knees threatened to buckle under the effect of the titanic monster’s Skill. Goosebumps erupted on his skin and chills ran down his body as the vibrations of the sound moved through his flesh. The Skill ended and Aditya was left shivering. However, it wasn’t the time to let fear take over and the aged moved.

The swordsman raced along with him.

The incredible Earth Bison charged and Aditya activated his only Spell, [Boost], to add his 11 points of [Endurance] to his 14 points of [Agility] at the cost of 11 MP/sec. [Strength] wasn’t his friend and he didn’t need it to be. Leaving behind the running swordsman, he aimed at the bison’s left leg.

His spear made contact just as the bison’s massive horns grazed his chest and he used his momentum to use his spear as a pole and jump over the charging monster. As he landed, he made sure not to check his wound. If he did, then his brain would catch up to the pain that he should be feeling.

Meanwhile, as their archers shot arrows after arrows at the hulking monstrosity, Aditya charged back to aim at one of its hind legs. Meanwhile, the swordsman continuously dodged to keep the monster busy. As Aditya's spearhead dug into the monster’s thick thigh, the massive creature bellowed in pain to use its fear-inducing Skill once again.

Aditya’s heart raced. His body grew hot. His palms sweated as the sound hit him with full force. It wouldn’t have affected him as much in his youth but with age, where his will had grown stronger, his flesh had grown weaker. Thus, as sweat leaked from his palms, his grip loosed and his spear slipped from his hands.

It remained stuck in the huge monster’s flesh while Aditya’s momentum carried him forward as the gigantic Bison jumped on its front legs to kick with its hind legs.

The incredibly powerful kick caught Aditya in his chest and its impact instantly spread to shatter his ribs. Aditya collapsed and the monster’s hooves came down once again on his bloody chest with such force that they pierced through his flesh to strike against the ground underneath.


[Multiple organs shredded. Death imminent.]

His Remnant materialised in his eyes that dared to dream.


Within a desolate desert, inside a dilapidated shop, on a simple chair, a youth seemingly slept.


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