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So, recently edited the first 25 chapters of the story. Most were only edited for grammar, but a few while I was going over them had some far more major fixes. The most consequential of these fixes was to chapter 14.

Originally, in chapter 14, it was mentioned that corruption introduced by order-type magic is what converted fey into demons. I have removed all mention of this magic corruption mechanic.

The magic corruption mechanic is something I used back in "Second Life as the Sister of a Goddess" (The 1st draft of this story, which was posted previously as a different series.) I thought that whole magic corruption thing was a good idea at the time, but this version has been developing in a very different direction. The different direction it has developed has resulted in demons instead being created by the fears and dark imaginings of humans instead.

Due to this alternate version of creating demons, I decided to eliminate the magic corruption idea. I had still made mention of it in chapter 14 though, and now this relic of the previous draft of this series has been removed.


Another chapter that was edited quite heavily, although not quite to the same level of consequence as chapter 14, is chapter 19. In this chapter, I decided to introduce Kiiria a little earlier than I had originally, and in a more personable form. Her mentions in chapter 20 have also been refined a little bit to reflect her earlier introduction.