51. Rainbow Cake
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One morning finds Robin carefully constructing a new cake. To make a reasonable seven-layer cake, Robin has to slice the layers thinly. Rounds of dark chocolate cake, standard chocolate cake, and caramel cake are divided into thirds. In between them, Robin spreads thick flavoured cream in the colours of the rainbow, along with thinly sliced fruit where appropriate—there is taro, blueberries, matcha, banana, persimmon and raspberries. He puts on a white-frosting crumb coating and leaves it in the fridge while he prepares other ingredients for the shop.

Closer to opening time, he returns again the seven different colours of frosting and chocolate shards to decorate the cake.

He’s about to take some photos when his phone buzzes. Robin picks up, his lips curving.

“Hey, Oliver.”

“Robin,” comes Oliver’s warm voice. “I’m outside.”

Robin steps out of the back kitchen, brightening when he sees Oliver with his phone against his ear, sunnies dangling in his hand.

“You’re just on time,” he says as he lets Oliver in. “Come to the back.”


Robin pauses.

Oliver leans forward and gives him a kiss. “Okay, now we can proceed.”

Fondness wells in Robin’s chest. He places a hand on Oliver’s back as they head into the back kitchen. “Hungry?”

“For you? Always?”

Robin rolls his eyes. “This is the new cake this week,” he says.

Oliver’s eyes light up. “Wow! that looks really good.”

“I just need to take a few pictures first…”

After Robin takes some photos, he pre-slices the cake and takes some more photos, showcasing the layers of colours inside. Oliver, of course, gets the first slice.

“Now I feel like I’m missing out,” Oliver says, and takes a photo too. “Can I post it?”

“Sure, as long as you say who made it,” Robin places his hand on Oliver’s back again. There’s something about touching Oliver, and feeling that he’s really right there next to him.

He snorts when he reads the caption on Oliver’s post.

Oliver gives him a puppy-dog look. “Okay?”

“Okay,” Robin acquiesces.

Oliver presses post, and puts his phone back in his pocket. He starts on the cake with enthusiasm. “Chocolate really goes with everything,” he says, cream and chocolate crumbs on his lips.

Robin brushes a thumb over Oliver’s mouth. “Everything?”

Oliver’s eyes widen briefly, and then he smirks. “Am I corrupting you? Better get married soon then.”

Robin’s lips quirk. “I want a proper proposal, old man.”

Oliver pouts. “Why are you being like that? My mum wants to invite you to dinner on Sunday! Can you come?”

Robin tenses. His automatic response is no, but this is Oliver. It’s just meeting his family, and he recalls that Oliver has a pretty good relationship with his mum...

Sundays evenings are not too busy, and he has already processed the application for another worker who will start by then. “Alright.”

“Great,” Oliver says. “Also, I was thinking I should give my mum a short course on cheesemaking. She really liked all the different cheeses.”

“I have some recommendations.”

“Send them over later,” Oliver holds up a forkful of cake towards Robin. “Now open up!”

Robin obediently accepts the offering, deep chocolate and fruity cream spreading across his tastebuds.

“I would transfer the cake from your mouth to mine, but I think I like the cake better.”

Robin pouts, feeling very much like Oliver. He doesn’t know if it’s successful, but Oliver’s lips curve up as he offers Robin more cake.


Meanwhile, on Oliver’s social media, is a photo of a slice of rainbow cake.

Caption: Rainbow cake made by my partner! Get it @matcha&milk today, or else I’ll just have to eat it all 🍰

coffee.love999: First comment!

monica_addams: OMG it looks so yummy!!

li_ya09_1: WAIT. Partner??? @olivercampbell who is this?

viola_not_violin: @olivercampbell

onlyonebed: @olivercampbell whooo tell us

tea4life: @li_ya09_1 I’ve been to @matcha&milk. Must be one of the people there 👀

onlyonebed: OMG

onlyonebed: So gayyyyyyy 👀




It's weird how I had this social-media scene in mind for so long hahaha. Imagine there are many more comments under Oliver's post~