52. Rabbit-Shaped Steamed Buns
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In the large meeting-turned-work room, Oliver’s concentrating on typing on his laptop as others around him work equally quickly.

“Hey,” Mia says, as she walks over, hand on the table. “I’m going to buy lunch, do you want anything?”

Oliver looks up and shakes his head. “I have lunch already.”

“You, preparing lunch?” Mia says with exaggerated surprise.

Oliver grins. “Robin made it for me.”

At that, Mia rolls her eyes. “Of course. I saw your picture on social media. Very devious.”

“Devious? Who, me?”

Mia and a number of others leave to buy food. Eventually, everyone regathers in the meeting room with their lunches, while Oliver has easily taken out his from the office’s fridge and reheated it.

He lifts the lid and smugly shows Mia and his other colleagues the rabbit-shaped steamed buns inside.

“Omg, cute,” Mia says. “How is that fair?”

“Is your boyfriend as good as mine?” Oliver says proudly. He’s riding on a high, a burst of joy every time he tells someone else about Robin. He smirks at Mia. “Has your boyfriend ever packed lunch for you? I’ll give you one,” he adds generously.

Mia narrows her eyes. “If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you were trying to get to me.”

Oliver just smiles. There are two flavours of buns: one is savoury with a filling of minced meat and mushrooms, and the other is filled with custard. It’s almost a shame to bite into the soft pillowy buns with their little eyes and ears and tail, but the taste more than makes up for it. He pulls them apart to reveal their insides, and takes great pleasure in eating buns made especially for him. Even better, he knows just down the road, Robin has the same lunch.


That night, Oliver sends a certain picture of himself to Robin along with the words, Thank you for lunch today ❤️.

Robin immediately video calls back.

“What was that?” Robin says, as he puts his earphones in.

Oliver smiles back teasingly at his phone. “What is what?” he says, holding the phone a bit further back so that Robin can see more of him. “I just wanted to say thank you.” He rests a hand across his bare skin.

Robin clears his throat. “I don’t need a naked picture of you for something like that.”

Oliver chuckles. It’s hardly a naked picture—it only showed Oliver’s chest after all. But…He slowly pans his phone camera downwards towards his boxers, and slides his other hand over his bulge.

“Wank off together?”

No!” The background behind Robin changes as he moves...under the blankets? “You realise that I live with my parents, right?”

“Hmm.” Oliver teases himself, and he hopes the camera catches how he’s hardening under his boxers. “Just be quiet? I wish you were here.”

After a long moment, Robin has an expression of defeat. “I see. We should have another date night. Tomorrow.”

Oliver gives a pleased smile. “Done. But you know I am going to wank after we end this call.”

“I know,” Robin’s tone has a hint of embarrassment.

“And I won’t judge you if you wank off to my photo,” Oliver adds.

Oliver,” Robin chides. “Why would I when I can have the real you?”

Oliver bursts into a smile. “Whisper sweet nothings to me, Robin.”

“You’re incorrigible,” Robin mumbles, just audible across the phone.

—And that’s how Oliver scored a second weekly date night with Robin.