57. Matcha Avocado Bubble Tea
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It’s late at night by the time Oliver leaves work. It’s spring now: the nights are still chilly, but at least it’s not raining as often.

While there are still people walking down the street, the shop Matcha & Milk is empty but for the very adorable barista behind the counter. Oliver glances over the new seasonal promotions, especially the seasonal fruits.

The barista—Robin—looks up, spotting him through the glass front. Oliver holds back a pout, unable to surprise his boyfriend.

The inside of the shop is warm and sweet.

“How may I help you?” Robin’s eyes crinkle, the corner of his lips smirking.

“Hmmm.” Oliver leans over the counter and pulls off his sunnies. He looks directly into Robin’s eyes. “I want a standard size matcha avocado bubble tea, no ice, half sugar, with added brown sugar mini tapioca pearls and diced strawberries.”

“That’ll be zero dollars,” Robin says.

Oliver pouts.

Robin’s smile broadens. “How about the cost of one kiss.”

“Oh, alright,” Oliver faux-grumbles. He leans over the counter and meets Robin’s lips.

“No need for a receipt,” Oliver adds.

Robin snorts, and turns around to make the drink, moving this and that, building up the layers and colours of the bubble tea.

Oliver relaxes, tilting his head with fondness. In the quiet, the sound of the radio picks up.

“...And now for the new hit single released today by Melbourne artist XXX, it’s a sweet love song that does not discriminate on gender—” comes the voice on the local radio.

“...Can we stay together forever? Can we kiss each morning hello? ...

Oliver flushes as the song starts playing. It’s odd hearing someone else sing it while in Robin’s presence: the produced song sounds different from the acoustic version Oliver sings to Robin. He’s even more embarrassed when Robin turns and looks at him, smiling.

“I realised…” Oliver swallows. “That I haven’t said the L-word to you yet.”

“Lollipop?” Robin’s eyes are bright, lips with hint of a smirk. He places the completed drink in front of Oliver. “You don’t need to say it, you literally wrote a love song for me.”

Oliver buries his face in his hands. “I did that, didn’t I?”


“Uggghhhh…” He’s so fucking embarrassed!! Thank goodness there’s no one else around. Except Mia probably knows exactly who Oliver had in mind when he wrote the song...

“Oliver.” Robin’s voice is soft, and Oliver grudgingly looks up. “I. Love. You. You and your silly sunglasses brighten all of my days. Now please, drink. You’ve become a dessert connoisseur, and I highly regard your opinions.”

A shy smile grows on Oliver’s face. “Yeah?” He picks up the cup and slides in a big straw. Right now, the drink has three different colours: the brown boba at the bottom, the pale green of the matcha and avocado, and the red-pink of the strawberries. It smells sweet and delicate. After a quick mix, Oliver takes a sip.

The grassy, familiar flavour of matcha comes first, paired with the smooth creaminess of the avocado. The mini tapioca pearls add a burst of sweetness and texture and chewiness, and the brightness of the strawberries stops the drink from being overly fatty and sweet and instead makes it extremely moorish.

Oliver hums in enjoyment. “It’s good. Of course it’s good.” He holds it over for Robin to take a sip too, sharing the same straw.

"Hmm." Robin smiles. “It’s so adorable to watch you,” he teases. “I could stand here all day.”

Oliver blurts out, “Then why don’t you move in with me? I mean, only if you want to, I’m not saying you have to, but it’s easier for you to commute from my place, right? And then we can sleep together every night—”

Robin laughs, a happy sound that sends Oliver’s mood flying.

“Of course, I accept.”

Oliver leans over the counter, drags Robin closer, and kisses him soundly.



The End!!

[and now onto some epilogue scenes!]



They've both come such a long way!!! Thank you for everyone for reading all the way to here~!!! ❤️

While this is end of the main story, I have some epilogue scenes after various time jumps coming up next, so we'll see a bit more of Robin and Oliver~ (but also some other characters. Like Lark. Lots of Lark haha)