Epilogue 3: Ube Waffle
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Oliver never could have imagined that Robin’s sister would start a group chat with him, Robin and herself.

Lark Quan: Hey Oliver! I’m going to be in the city tomorrow morning. Do you and Robin want to grab brunch with me? I was thinking of this place [link]

Oliver Campbell: Sure, Robin says yes too.

The morning of their brunch, Robin leaves first to prepare for the shop opening along with his pastry chef, Chloe. In the late morning, Oliver heads to the shop, greets Chloe, and tugs Robin out.

“You forgot your sunglasses,” Oliver says, hooking Robin’s pair on his shirt.

“I’m not nearly as famous as you,” Robin says, smiling.

“Hey, morning!”

They both turn to see Lark striding down the street, carrying a filled plastic bag. She stuffs the bag at Robin. “Go put this in the fridge,” she orders, “Mum was worried you’re not eating right, so she made extra.”

“Yes, mum-number-two,” Robin says, rolling his eyes. He quickly heads inside and returns again, empty handed. “Now lead the way.”

Oliver ends up walking alongside Lark, who asks him questions about the kinds of instruments he can play.

“I suppose you can play the piano too?” he asks her.

She grins, glancing slyly at Robin. “Compared to Robin, yes.”

Robin just rolls his eyes in response.

Lark shows them to a waffle cafe, and orders three plates: ube waffles, strawberry waffles and chocolate waffles, and has the waiter bring out three extra plates. Under Lark’s command, the waffles are divided into three. Oliver can now totally understand Robin’s food-sharing behaviour.

Oliver’s most curious about the ube waffle. It’s a purple sweet potato waffle, and it’s topped with white chocolate sauce, vanilla-ube-swirl ice cream and purple, white, and yellow taro balls. The outer waffle is crisp, and the inside soft and a bit chewy. The taste of ube is sweeter than taro, with a much richer purple colour. He shifts to the strawberry-topped waffle for a touch of brightness, and to the chocolate-covered waffle for that sweet, slightly roasted taste.

“Ah! I forgot to take a picture of the food,” Lark laments, staring at the divided, half-eaten waffles between them. In the end, she takes a group picture instead and sends it to the group chat.

“You know what’s worse about Robin moving out?” she asks. “That I don’t get free dessert anymore.”

“Let me pay,” Oliver says.

Lark shoots his offer down, and shoots down Robin’s offer to split the bill too.

Once they step outside, Oliver slips his sunglasses on again, and makes Robin put his on too.

“I don’t need it,” Robin says.

“But now we’re matching,” Oliver says.

He turns to Lark, only to find her having taken a photo of them. She smiles knowingly, and a moment later, a number of photos pings in the group chat on Oliver’s phone.

And when Oliver sees the photos, he can’t help but look at the expression on their faces. He’d never realised just how he looks at Robin, nor how Robin looks at him. Oliver reaches out and holds Robin’s hands.

“You look cute,” he tells him.

Robin’s lips press together as he glances between Oliver and Lark.

“You do, little brother,” Lark immediately agrees.

“That’s because you’re both obligated to say that,” Robin says.

Robin,” Oliver says affectionately.

Lark looks between them, a sly smile at the corner of her lips. “When should I expect the wedding invitation?”

Oliver blushes. “As Robin’s sister, you are truly evil.”

Lark laughs. “Very good, minion of mine!”