15. Rescue operation?
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Alan and the beast fell into the ravine too quickly. No one could have possibly imagined a situation like this.

The researchers and the guards alike were stumped. And most of all, Uncle Ben collapsed physically and emotionally seeing that.

It took many hours for the rescue operation to begin. Multiple vehicles of different sizes came to the accident site. Among them were armoured trucks and ambulances and cranes.

The injured were readily taken away and treated. Only a select few could stay on the site.

Among those select people were the mysterious old man, Smith and the young beauty Isabella.

One might even mistake that with all the above fanfare for a rescue operation. This operation was an actual rescue operation.

Although the injured were treated as soon as possible and send away. The main goal of the additional men was to obtain and transport the beast.

Guards or in this case, the mercenaries were offloading their weapons and gears from the armoured vehicles. It was time for executing the next stage of their plan.

Putting it lightly, They needed to comb the whole forest and find everything and anything related to the beast. They may be even required to kill or capture it by any means necessary. This was what they trained for.


The sun was already rising up. And a group of people could be seen on the bottom part of the waterfall. They lowered a long rope into the water.

Groups of divers could be seen mapping out the pool of water. They had found a massive underground cave inside the pond.

It was enormous! Just the right size for an overgrown lizard to hide in.

While the mercenaries searched the forest. The divers were moving up the underground cave. It was hard for them to traverse this submerged cave system.

But for what it's worth, They didn't need to search to find the large holes that the beast could be hiding in.

"Mr Smith, What do you expect to find in these caves. Even if it is important, You don't need to request all the reserve guards to come, right? This is not the first time that we are handling a mutant beast." A young man said politely. He was one of the few young executives of the Life Corps, Charles Bonwell.

"I didn't request your father to send me the reserve troops. I wanted him to send a C grade squad at the minimum. But he sends you and a group of normal people. Are you trying to anger me, kid?" Even though there was a smile of Mr Smith's face. He was not being sarcastic.

"No No, Man. How could I even anger you? The great butler of the Vulcans. We Bonwell and Vulcan families may have some bad blood among us. But why would I want to undermine the company operation because of that? Besides, in a few months, our families would join by marriage. So, we can lay the past behind, right?" Charles said with a smile plastered on his face. He was actually quite excited about marrying Isabella. And his face glowed just thinking about it.

"Don't change the topic and answer the question." Mr Smith busted open Charles daydream before looking at him with contempt. He couldn't stand the wishy-washy young man before. Just imagining Isabella marrying a fool like him made his face scrunch up in frustration.

"I was just about to send everyone I have. But, suddenly the headquarters requested everyone to go there. Isn't that quite funny? So I had to send them away."

But who was he kidding? Mr Smith knew about the request from headquarters. It was not a compulsory order from the headquarters as suggested by Charles. They were only required to assemble if they were free.

Charles was just making others life miserable by sending everyone away.

For Mr Smith, he needed to have the special squad here for security concerns. The beast was large and there were more than at the same place. It could mean that there was a possibility of seeing more of those creatures. It was dangerous for normal people to face them.

That was the exact reason for the creation of the special force of the Life Corps. Each squad was a trained group of people with special powers known as ability users.

Some had superhuman strength while others could eject fireballs out of their hand. Each one had unrivalled skills. And one of the largest group of these superhuman individuals was the special force of Life corps. Only a conglomerate like Life Corps could foster such a large group.

But not a single squad of such group was sent here for a massive discovery like this. Mr Smith was vexed. He suddenly wanted to squeeze the life out of that good for nothing Bonwell.

"Sir, We have discovered something. It is a part of the cave that is not submerged. There is a person there." Someone said.

"What! he is alive?" Asked Mr Smith while rushing towards the diving group.

"Yes, Sir. He is in good condition. There are no wounds or other problems with him. He is just unconscious."

"Then let's bring him up fast."Mr Smith said while moving backwards.

This was exciting news. If the person is what he is expecting. Then it is Alan, the guide that came with them.

Now that he is alive. Then the beast might be dead. This was good news for him.

He could move on with the exploration. It would also shed light into what happened after Alan fell into the water. This could really help him. The exact location of the beast nest was a piece of very valuable news to the Vulcans. More valuable than what Life Corps or the Bonwell thought it to be. There are things at stake here.

While Mr Smith was daydreaming. Alan was trying to win Oscar for the best unconscious man in the world. He couldn't let others know of all the things he had done after he unlocked the system.